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  1. It's those pesky other teams!!! Why don't they just accept our superiority and god damn sexual prowess and roll over?
  2. What, Frasier Crane? It's not that anybody wont take the opportunity, but how we manage it. Like somebody said, Ranieri did an excellent job in the run out of the season managing expectations, deflecting while keeping the team's motivation up. I don't think anybody can predict what the second half of this season will look like. Chelsea aren't going to roll over for us, Kante is still Kante (even though Chelsea have mismanaged him imo). I can see Werner suddenly finding his scoring boots, which will annoy the life out of me. I don't rate Lampard as a manager but they're still a tea
  3. I thought he was on-side or at least very close. I think VAR would have been getting the lines out. Did Perez even look up as he ran through? I only wonder because he found himself in a valid spot as a striker to shoot so maybe he was caught with tunnel vision. Vardy had a mare of a game (at least in shooting terms) but I'm betting he was fuming. It would have been a goal on a plate and good to keep his stats ticking over.
  4. Granted it's not as simple as I made out. Maybe Perez will pop up and score a couple, Nacho could....hahaha nah (sorry I have so little hope for him tbh)... Barnes has scored a few. But we've seen how toothless we sometimes look without Vardy. Lots of impotent back and forth. Last season showed us if a few of our players are injured and Vardy isn't on it we can get into a bad rut. But my point about the importance of Vardy is more to do with how ambitious our club sees itself. If we want to continue to compete for the top 5, consistently in Europe then we HAVE to have a striker who'll drop 20
  5. While I agree we have a better team I'm not so sure we couldn't hit 14th without Vardy. There's a 17 goal difference between us and Vardy has scored 11 of them. That's before you take into consideration how Vardy assists and creates space for other players to get in position to score. I wouldn't have much hope Nacho filling that gap. Wolves are only 3 points away for 8th. The whole table and season is weird imo. It feels like ManU was sitting down there not too long ago, now they're top. The loss of Vardy is a problem we as a club are going to have to face at some point. If we really have ambi
  6. Do we need a warning? It's not exactly something we (or Wolves for that matter) shouldn't already know. It doesn't matter how good the rest of the team is if you haven't got somebody who can regularly score you're going to struggle. It's whether you invest in some kid in a hope they become what you need them to be in a couple of years or you pay out big for a known quantity.
  7. Yeah why does that bug me so much? He doesn't have to wear it, but if he does, wear it properly!!!
  8. At his best Pereira beats JJ. When that form returns, who knows. I'm presuming people on here will be fine for out right side to be open for exploitation while he finds that form? What I think people ignore is the great relationship JJ and Albrighton have built over this season. That for me is invaluable. They've both made each other better players.
  9. While I agree on its own it literally changes nothing. They're heavily tested. They're in clubs that have to follow strict rules (as long as they keep to those rules). The problem IMO is "messaging". It's why seeing a team celebrate in the dressing room ISN'T a good look and didn't sit well with me. While most of us will see it for what it is, many will see it as another green light to continue not taking this pandemic seriously. The same people who rushed to Anfield to celebrate their title win. Or same fans who congregated into crowds to see Crowley, Chorley after the FA cup... "We are in it
  10. I think Fulham can drag themselves out of the relegation zone. They've got two games in hand. But SU are gone imo. If Brighton just double their current score (and we're not even half way through the season) then SU will have to find 24 points. 8 wins in 20 games. Just not going to happen. WBA aren't much difference though they have a game in hand. So I think it's all about that 18th place between Fulham, Brighton and Burnley. All struggle for goals. I disagree about no real quality in the bottom 8. Palace, Wolves have some good players. For some reason Palace's defense has been l
  11. None of the stuff spoken around Bielsa is really his fault. He spoke well of Crowley and rightly said they deserved what they got from their second half performance. I don't think I've ever heard him say he's some managerial genius. Pep' and Leeds fans banged on about him as being some tactical genius and the pundits who're lazy and rarely do their homework just ran with it because they love to build people up so they can knock them down again. We're no different. Has BR ever said he's just given a tactical masterclass. And yet it's an accusation some of us seem to bash him with given hal
  12. Hoopla10


    I always feel sentimental when a local lad that's come through our academy has to be moved on. He's often spoken fondly in interviews how much he loves playing for us. And yeah while they all say that I still feel like he meant it (sure I'm a romantic sod). But if he's not playing it's better for him to move on and progress his career somewhere else. If we can sell Nacho (who I have no sentimentality towards lol) and clear space (and wages) to focus on getting a striker I'll be happy.
  13. I agree. I can see him buying a couple of players. Didn't he buy Schlupp from us when he was at Palace? Then they'll work on long ball tactics and set pieces in order to nick points. He'll ruin the team and make them a bunch of cloggers which many (players and fans) will absolutely hate but he'll get results. I honestly think this is his toughest job. Would have been better to go back down, reassemble and come back stronger and with lessons learnt (like Burnley did) than hire Allardyce.
  14. Sure why not divert vaccines away from front line workers currently risking their lives and mental health keeping our health service running and saving lives so a bunch of privileged over paid men who kick a ball about for a living can get it.
  15. I'm shocked at Southampton's odds. I might drop a couple of quid on them. They're only 4 points off the top and beat Liverpool in their last game. Why are their odds worse than Chelsea? Not by a little, but a LOT. Chelsea are three points behind them in the league with an unproven ex-Derby manager.
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