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  1. No other club has grown their commercial activities during the pandemic like Spurs, huh. That's interesting. I'm wondering if that bit at the top which is cut off refers to how Spurs has also treated its staff during that same period. The furloughed staff at the 8th richest club in the world will have their wages paid for by us (tax payers money). You know while Levy and co' will continue to financially benefit from that commercial activity. Spurs deserve Jose.
  2. True. It was more that total lack of link up when it mattered and final finishing. Interesting watching both games, where ManC felt like it was facing a very focused and organized wall but doing everything it can to penetrate. Liverpool looked sort of clueless at times, struggled to really create any threat and in the end just kept putting in crosses. Real were there to be taken I think, it's just Liverpool couldn't. I can see them losing or struggling to get all three points from Leeds, Newcastle, ManU, WBA and maybe even Burnley. WH, Chelsea and us are better teams at the moment imo.
  3. This wont be liked by many . 1994 (I think) and this is the track that reminds me of Glastonbury that year (yeah not Blur, Manics, Bjork or even Orbital that just smashed it) as it seemingly got blasted from every sound system we passed.
  4. If I'm being honest I preferred Mars Volta to At The Drive In but still two great bands imo. Cracking live band. Caught them at Rock City, very good.
  5. A lot is talked about their defensive problems but their forward players reminded me of watching the Brighton game at the weekend. No way they make top four.
  6. I wonder if this is a pre-emptive move for the summer transfer market coming in for Grealish. Get a good manager lined up might persuade Grealish to stay. If he goes then there's no way they'll be going to the "next level" with or without a new manager. It's a bit hard on Smith either way as he's turned Villa around from last season.
  7. Who needs a drummer when you can tap-dance! Loved this band, saw them in live at the Rescue Rooms and laughed when the girl I was seeing at the time looked at me confused when she realized what they were doing. I laid on my back, let the punk record spin The stomping guitar, it was shooting out stars It all went to my heart, yeah some rainbows in the dark
  8. Wasn't Everton tipped to finish top four? I'm sure I even heard some ex-Liverpool pundit say Everton were the team they were most afraid of beating them to the title this year lol. Brighton had a half decent striker they'd we winning this, easy. All that money Everton has spent, supposedly world class manager, bit average aren't they.
  9. This band should have been massive imo. Brilliant live. Turn against this Land was a crazy good album. Bounced around the US for ages during the mid-2000s and this was the album I'd turn up loud whenever I was missing home.
  10. My favorite Bamboos track with the wonderful vocals of Megan Washington
  11. I don't know, I absolutely hate golf, if my work told me I'd have to trudge around a golf course dressed like a tit all day it'd be a nightmare.
  12. I hope it does. It should. But it's how they respond to those three players that's more important. You want a Roy Kean in the dressing room. Somebody to properly dig them out. Shock them into getting with the program. Then move on. It's much healthier that way imo.
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