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  1. Hi Everyone Thank you for everyone that voted..... It was a tie between 94 and 96! So we went for 94 for this week's episode! ADded bonus... we were about to press record and the governor of California put us on lock down! Listen, like and share..... And as always thanks for the continued support.... We may not be in Leicester.... But our hearts are blue!
  2. We just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what they think the greatest LCFC final was..... Were planning on doing a rewatch for this week's podcast!
  3. Episode 7 just dropped! Inspired by Big Nige’s Hornets, we look back on the great escape team of 2014/2015. Please download, rate, subscribe, and share with your fellow foxes! You can find us on all the usual places and at the link below Cheers! #usfoxes #lcfc https://t.co/H5W9sNMAdz
  4. https://the-us-foxes-podcast.pinecast.co/episode/d39ef7082e1340e2/don-t-call-it-the-canine-derby-please- Episode 5 of the US Foxes podcast is live. We talk wolves, man city, a potential Chicago get together and the 1988/89 season! Spoiler - we weren't that great that year! Appreciate everyone who takes time out to listen, subscribe and review! Thanks everyone!
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