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  1. I hope you are joking, Elon Musk is worth 40 times the whole capital worth of dodge coin.
  2. don't think Nacho is starting, City odds been shortening all morning
  3. Remember years ago?, each week the pools man came around. and you gave your coupon and 5 shillings, saying "this is the week". Every week Saturday afternoon come 4.45. it was always next week. Deep down, however much we want him to succeed. Kelechi is that pools man.
  4. yep, his first touch was an attempted 4 yard pass, which showed great vision and technique. Unfortunate it went out for a throw.
  5. Can you imagine starting with Kelechi as our only striker on the pitch?. WE would be a laughing stock.
  6. When Cags came on, like being on holiday as kid, pssed it down for 3 days, wake up 4th day the sun is out.
  7. bit like football then, team that scores first most of the time win
  8. still behind Tesla last few months
  9. well whoever scores first will be odds on to go to win, so yes, pretty obvious whoever scores first will likely win. Praying it is City who score first.
  10. thing is in football, nothing is a given, but top 7 for Leicester is as near as it gets
  11. Vardy is loathed by opposition fans in the week leading up to, and usually for a few days after. After this 9 or 10 day spell, he has as as much respect, if not more than any other player from oppo fans. If you trawl other fan forums you can easily see this.
  12. You missing the point, any gets a niggle you play the other 2 any needs a rest you play the other 2. Any 2 from 3 is a brilliant position to be in for the team, you don't need a guaranteed starting 2, that situation is for lesser teams.
  13. I am sat here well past halfway of a 18 pack, and I read your last word as parcel
  14. All the silly, stupid, disappointing, below par performances, against West Ham, Villa, Everton can be put to bed. We would take them all again to be a clear second to Livarpool, and beginning to pull away in the top 4. I am pretty confidant we can do it, and not alone in this opinion. Asian forward odds issued in advance of last weekend matches have seen us shorten over 4%, in spite of utd scoring 6
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