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  1. If we are to continue our progress, what is the next position to be improved? Obviously taking into account everyone is fit, the most glaring must be an update on Harvey for the first team, and Kelle for back up. These seem to be the most urgent, and if we are going to spend in the Jan window, where it will be directed.
  2. Any one who thinks that Spurs will sign Gray, really should not be allowed on a football forum.
  3. he is a must, even when riccy and chestnut back, he will be in team
  4. this is the thing with the bbc, they want to be all modern and correct. Well just fck off then, and stop robbing people of 150 quid a year. We have you tube and numerous similar places for entertainment now. And iptv Just go.
  5. Ater reading from the start of thread, got to say the predictive ability of the forum collective leaves a bit to be desired
  6. this is the ref who pulled Peroz for a non existent foul in the 87minute at Anfield last year. Peroz was just about to put Vardy through clear on goal while the score was 1-1 It var don't do for us, he will. We all seen it last night in Manure match
  7. if you get a touch on the ball and then with follow through allowed to make contact with the player? The rule needs to be clarified to negate claims of cheating, or bias.
  8. That is a good read, if you can last past the garbage at the beginning about the Vikings. The writer has talent.
  9. why has 30 seconds and 1 min both got 2 options Do you mean between?, that would be fair.
  10. Gray has his work cut out trying to regain his place from this kid.
  11. was the Rice Bowl final played at Filbert Street
  12. Seems to be Sunderland bound, as long as the takeover goes as planned.
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