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  1. One thing wrong with that theory I'm sure you see the flaw.
  2. I am disappointed in Kelechi, you would think after being around Vardy for over 2 years, he would have picked up on Vardy's tenacity, endeavour and chasing down. I realise all players are different, but not even a little of Vardy seems to have been garnered
  3. nnickn

    David Brooks

    At the end of day, Brooks is just another Gray, Barnes.
  4. yep, but the industry is always about clubs dying, and being replaced.
  5. doesn't make sense, you have not thought it through. A team can only field players for a total of 990 mins pergame. You are right when saying fringe players at big clubs will get more mins, but it will also mean that starting players will get less. Swings and roundabouts for me, but it will mean higher wage bills to k eep up, so in that sense it will favour clubs who have unlimited. For what it is worth, I think we may well be more favoured than Arse Or spurs, but obviously for ManC, Chelski its a no brainer.
  6. Everything is easy in hindsight. I am sure BR is kicking himself for not bringing Morgan on when we scored in injury time against Watford. Would have got us in Champions League.
  7. you are taking issue with a quote on the 2020 season, and replying with stats for 2019/20. Another poster has given you a link that over the 2020 season we gained 2 more points than Watford, who were relegated. Would that not be classed as a relegaton battle?
  8. Six matches to get out the way, the lower the pot, the better for City. Get it out the way it means nothing, no player of the quality we need is going to say "ooh look, Leicester are in the Uefa cup, I will go there instead of Arsenal." Much as City have done brilliant this year, in the end we blew it, set us back 3 years minimum. Another thing, if they don.t get their fingers out and persuade Zaha, we will struggle for top 6 next year.
  9. If we are paying Madders 110, and Vardy 130, we are absolutely raping Vardy Having said that, what the fck do they do with it all?
  10. exactly, this year Everton finished 12th, before Christmas they were touted for relegation.
  11. I know one thing, in a couple of years if City have to sell him ( for whatever reason), they will get more for him than Barnes and Gray put together
  12. I don't understand what you are saying, if our2020 season was the norm for a football season we would be in a relegation battle.
  13. Surely we have great chance to get Zaha, if he is moving from Palace but staying in prem. How many possibles is there for him? Us, Spurs, Everton, thats about the lot.
  14. Too many not good enough, we better hope City have more than a good window.
  15. I probably attended every game Lineker played for City at Filbert st, at the time I thought the same as you urban fox, remember being absolutely gutted when he left. But lets get real, Vardy is so far ahead of Lineker as a Leicester legend, it doesn't even bear comparison. In10, 20 30 years City fans will not be yearning for another Lineker, instead of another Vardy, that's for sure.
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