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  1. You know, the money involved in football is obscene. Totally and utterly obscene. But the players are just young lads being offered ridiculous money to play a game we'd all love to have played professionally. There's a lot of charitable work that goes on and they should be applauded for this.
  2. Are you having an honest political debate or supporting the Tory football team in this thread?
  3. Think I'm going to pick this up later. Either when they realise the whole game in one package (hitman style), or when the price comes down - doesn't seem worth dropping £50 on part one when I've already played the original and there's no multi-player to date it.
  4. PS5 vs XSX will be interesting. XSX is more powerful and should have the edge graphically. PS5 though is getting rave feedback from developers. The speed of the SSD and throughput from there appears to be a game changer for world design. The tempest 3D audio and haptics and special triggers they've using in the controllers mean they've gone for other areas of improvement (immersion and speed) which the devs are suggesting makes PS5 the better overall system. Time will tell. I've got my PS5 pre-order in though. Apparently PS5 has all been bui
  5. Looks like there won't be a transfer window until the season is finished, as the governing bodies are looking at when any window would be. Wouldn't be possible until people can move around freely again anyway. Quite boring imagining a summer without transfer rumours though!
  6. People are very disingenuous with politics. It's easy to pick a couple of shadow cabinet members and post a moment in time (or in the case of Lammy, quite a few moments in time) where they've looked stupid, but doesn't everybody look stupid sometimes? I mean, I can't think of a single member of the cabinet that I couldn't find multiple entries for - and imagine how long it would take to get through Boris' entries. But it isn't about moments in time - or it shouldn't be - it should be about a clear political vision and the capacity to deliver that vision. Idealistic possibly but it really is de
  7. Stupid rule changes all the time. The top of your arm under the sleeve is your arm, not your shoulder. It really isn't that difficult. This one in particular really winds me up. As clear and obvious as it could possibly be. They clearly looked at the wrong one.
  8. I live in Birstall too. Just got well carried away ordering online from one in Sileby so I'll let you know if it's any good when it turns up. Is Glenn Lewin butchers.
  9. Charnwood Brewery provided me with ales earlier today, I set up deliveries with the wonky veg company a couple of weeks ago (not sure if they've still go spaces or not) and I've been told about Brookes Butchers in Loughborough that do deliveries. I'm not sure if it was one night only or a regular thing but there's a pizza company - Raphael's Wood Fired Pizza - that was selling boxes of dough, sauce, cheese etc so you could make their pizzas at home DIY style.
  10. 10/10. Tbf too easy for actual City fans really.
  11. It's arrived! Best thing to happen so far this week.....can't wait
  12. He's a player that isn't at his best right now but he plays with a big smile and doesn't lack for effort. Can't say fairer than that. And we all know that when he does find his form again he'll be a top, top player.
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