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  1. I'm sorry but I'm rather disappointed with the reaction here guys, this was supposed to be a light hearted bit of banter in the midst of a global epidemic. Instead I have been challenge on my pronunciation of the word Manchester , made of fun of because I cant spell attack and been called a racist for using the work Turk. This is an open challenge to anyone to come up with a good chant because quite frankly the atmosphere has been poor at KP recently and I'm extremely jealous of spurs new stadium. So come on you amazing lyricists, come up with a good one.
  2. Hi Rob, I understand your concern, however I feel with any great song lyrics there will always be times where we have to adjust how we say a word to get it to fit. I felt these lyrics were a great way to fit in H***y M*****e's name into the song. However I am open to any suggestions, just felt another song about jack grealish would be a bit boring. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, just been spending some time in quarantine creating songs we can sing down at the KP. Came up with a good one to the tune of Clocks by Coldplay. Hope you enjoy. Freiburg sold him to the blues For 20mil we couldnt lose Wins every header in the box Our super turk, our super fox singin With Jonny at the back And jamie vardy in attach Maguire f****d off to manchester Our turkish king was Harry's heir, Singing Soyyuuuuuuuuncuuuuuu woahhhhh soyuuuunnccuuuu woah
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