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  1. I keep an eye out on a few collectors websites, as there are a few websites selling original "vintage shirts". The early 90s was an era when they were first mass produced and sold, so ones from the 80s are worth quite a bit. I have seen the bukta originals selling for about 200 quid before. They have only increased in price and will continue to do so, so you might wanna hold on to them for a bit.
  2. Hi all. Over the years I have bumped into a loads of Leicester Fans in Perth - so I thought I'd drop a line on here to see if there are any City Fans in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, who are keen to join 5 a side football after xmas? It is on Wednesday Nights, outdoors and is in Wanneroo. It is masters, so over 35s only I'm afraid - Season lasts for about 12 -15 weeks depending how well we do!! Let me know if anyone is keen. Team name is Leicester Old Boys!!!
  3. Regarding April qtr, I think this means the year was divided Hi, I've been researching my family tree- as far as I can tell, April qtr means he was born in April, May, June of that year. Seems like not always recorded accurately, so hence divided the year into Quarters, i.e, Jan, April, July, Oct quarters. I may be wrong though!!
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