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  1. Hi, Just in case anyone is still interested in a question I raised a few months ago, i have finally found the answer myself. Bob Hazell WAS sent off in the 72nd minute in the Leicester City v Norwich City match on 17 November 1984. I have attached a match report from a Sunday newspaper with the information. Many thanks to all who replied to my original post (especially Collymore who was spot on).
  2. I can’t recall him ever being sent off when he played for us, although I might be wrong. His signing was instrumental in our recovering from a really poor start and climbing the table I have seen one report that said 'Big Bob Hazell gets a red card after horrendous tackles on Peter Mendham and Dale Gordon'. Every other newspaper report I have looked at never mentions a sending off. This is what is confusing me.
  3. Can anyone help me with a piece of information regarding Bob Hazell. Was he sent off against Norwich City at Filbert Street on 17 November 1984 ? If so does anybody know what minute he was sent off in ?
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