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  1. Rubbish day today, my uncles cancer is back and he's been told he only has 6 to 7 months at most to live. 😪
  2. Been feeling grotty for a few days now, so sent off for a test and it came today, all done and awaiting courier to pick up tomorrow.
  3. You’ll always be a true Leicester legend Kingy, one that will live long in any true city fans hearts and memories! You’ve given our club your all every time you stepped onto the pitch and have been part of some of the best times in our clubs history so for that I thank you! Good luck in your future endeavours and you will always be a fox at heart and part of the city family!! 💙🦊
  4. I've just purchased the top with this on.
  5. Fantastic servant to the club. Thanks for everything Kingy.
  6. Remember seeing him in Zanzibar on crutches when he broke his leg 😂
  7. He's sadly passed away. RIP
  8. I'm after a new laptop to run this on. Only problem is I only have about £300 limit, any suggestions on which laptop?
  9. It's finally back. Feels like Christmas day as a kid.
  10. Stopped playing this 3 months ago. It seemed to be getting worse each update.
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