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  1. Just me that thought they had slight onset dementia and thought they forgot how to count when Morgan and Justin came on?
  2. I’m Really looking forward to the soyuncu and fofana partnership. Both old school fighting centre half’s
  3. Any fool that paid £15 you deserve it
  4. If anyone needs a stream, buffstreams.tv seems to be working for me so far👍🏼
  5. How did we manage to smash them at there place last season with our development squad?
  6. Every single Leicester player looks pissed. What in the fvck am I witnessing
  7. Wasn’t in Burnley for long, has a beautiful lestah accent
  8. I’m sure I’ve seen a lot of these people saying it’s deserved slagging him off the last few weeks🤣
  9. Just seen it’s £10 to watch the game. Thieving motherfvckers
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if he does that again tonight
  11. That’s the price of players now. We paid £20m+ for Maddison who was ‘unproved’ at the top level and now look at him. We will never find a proven hound english prospect for under £30m nowadays.
  12. That Wesley wasn’t even proved in the Belgian league. Watkins has ‘proved’ he has ability and I think alongside vardy he’d be class in the next couple of years
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