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  1. a fully fit back 4 and we play 5 at the back with Amartey and soyuncu who don't look like they know where they are playing
  2. where the fvck is that nobhead who said Vydra hasn't scored in 27 games?
  3. I don't think I've ever been confident about us beating Burnley. I think thats come from the shithouse results they got against us in the championship.
  4. Anyone coming for Rodgers later if we don't get a result can seriously suck my balls. There is literally nothing else he can do. He has done the right thing in setting us up to get at least a point. Any Brendan slander can do one
  5. Vardy looks so off the pace recently. lost that burst of pace
  6. This arsenal team are woeful. no way they can be compared to the list you put.
  7. we have played as if were in 11th and have nothing to play for. this is abysmal. made this mediocre arsenal side look like title challengers ffs
  8. he has always been extremely fast I just don't think he ever had the confidence in the spell under puel when we recalled him back from WBA to actually run at defenders and utilise it
  9. I don't see any reason why we can't. Arsenal are poor. Burnley are just..... Burnley. Brighton depends if they turn up or not. and Sheffield United are just shite
  10. I personally feel its totally different this year and the attitude the players have this year compared to last is totally different. last year was also a one in a million season with the last 9 games being played with no fans. this year its almost the new normal. However if it ends up coming down to the last 3 games of the season with Chelsea, spurs and united back to back to back I can't see it happening. for me it needs to be cemented before those 3 games.
  11. arguably our strongest 11 bar Fofana and Justin?
  12. Just curious. where does everyone finish in champs or what's your skill rating? Positive or negative record?
  13. 100%. I said we should've gone in for him and I got a lot of people saying he's not proven and he was too much. 24m for a quality striker nowadays isn't a lot.
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