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  1. Spot on , Brendan thinks he knows more than us . He respects the old boys club too much ,his big Charlie suits hasn’t worked for him . If I were the owners I would really think twice before giving him a large transfer kitty. Very nervous times ahead . This guy is has done terribly , he just rode the wave at the beginning of gifted players carrying the team . Like Suarez, gerrard , Sterling did for him in 2013 .
  2. Brendan needs to go. Yesterday’s game at 65 mins was crying out for Gray to come on , take off ndidi and turn the screw on United , they were tiring and there for the taking . His subs were crap . And again weakened us . I 100 percent think Brendan is a fraud , in another life back in the days he would have been a donkey sales man selling to small towns tipping them off . we need to get rid quick as we can probably 2 months into next season if results are bad . He is a fraud. He is more concerned about looking / sounding the part than being the real deal
  3. Rodgers out. Plain and simple . Stop the rot . Do not give him a war chest , get the Southampton Manager in . Someone with some intellect and backbone . This is not a overreaction . We fans need to come together to get rid, before him and his goons do deep damage to Vichai’s legacy .
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