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  1. It wouldn’t matter anyway the code would be linked to the persons ps4 who got it even before they use it
  2. I can both see us getting like 5th again and us going Back a few steps and getting 9th.
  3. I am excited even though we didn’t get champions league just for European nights back at the king power
  4. There is a trailer coming in a few hours for career mode not seen that for years I want to get hyped yet stay cautious we know how ea are
  5. I find this interesting Solanki hadn’t scored a single goal at Bournemouth since joining 18 months ago gets 2 against us when we faced Norwich they hadn’t scored for 7 games score against us Lingard didn’t score for 2 years scores against us the list goes on
  6. Think 5th or 6th next season vardy will do well soyuncu will continue his great form
  7. Well at least we have European football better than none just hoping we don’t get teams from like Kazakhstan so the players will be traveling far just angers me knowing Mufc have just got champions league and won’t care that much cause there used to it
  8. Jamie vardy is always having a party but he will have a big party for winning the golden boot after lockdown of course
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