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  1. That’s true but he may be good at crosses but we don’t exactly have tall enough players to get there head on the ball
  2. Would be good as Evans understudy until Evans is past it . It would be a good signing but we have benkovic
  3. Chilwells replacement who will it be
  4. I like him plays like Mahrez im not sure though if he will be able to make The step up to the Prem as when he played there a few years ago he was a failure
  5. It wouldn’t matter anyway the code would be linked to the persons ps4 who got it even before they use it
  6. He’s too good I wouldn’t do it for 150 million think he’s too good
  7. Yes but you could argue Chillwell wasn’t exactly ready and he stepped up to the task
  8. Apparently he is very good but he’s 27 Id rather get someone younger with potential rather than someone in ther prime as if there younger we can sell them for a good amount of money
  9. I really want chilwell to stay the only thing is when hes on his best he’s one of the best LB in the world , but when he’s at his worst he is bad
  10. I know your mocking but I find it funny
  11. He’s said that he wants first team football and I don’t think he’ll get ahead of Ndidi . Can’t see this one happening
  12. I don’t rate Alonso not because of the last few years when he’s not been great just I’ve always not thought he’s that good
  13. That’s true I may be wrong but for footballing standards I’m pretty sure in Portugal the wage bill is so much lower than premier league standard
  14. I can both see us getting like 5th again and us going Back a few steps and getting 9th.
  15. I do rate Lewis highly but you might be right that we would be better of keeping him but it is tempting if we sell chilwell Lewis would cost about 15 milli
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