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  1. Leicester vs Burnley details Injuries, h2h. This time win should stay at home to upgrade great WBA win. Burnley has some injured players and short-benched midfield.
  2. With Under coming, he is even more questionable. He was a beast at Newcastle at second striker but here...
  3. Thank you for info. As far i know everybody use their data. Do you know better source? 😉 Cheers.
  4. Castagne looks great buy after selling Chilwell. Like Maguire->Soyuncu
  5. Not really, Leicester is a special team. Cannot forget historical performance against Southampton (9-0). It is anpity they didn't make it to the Champions League. Cheers to you mate too 😎
  6. PL Squad values It is just a market value but we are obviously performing great counting on comparation with other teams. Go Foxes.
  7. He'll be a quality striker for at least one season more and surely isn't seriously thinking about coaching yet.
  8. PL clubs by squad value Nice to see differences. We'll be higher on the table for sure 🙂
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