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  1. Sylofox you were the highest bidder at £200. Could you please email harrisonbentrfc@me.com to arrange payment and sending of the flag? Thanks
  2. Current bid £90 finishes at 9pm tonight. Email harrisonbentrfc@me.com or bid on here. All proceeds to provide Tranmere/Birkenhead residents in need with Christmas Hanpers
  3. Yes the flag was on here about a month or two ago and the highest bidder went to ground once we asked for the monies.
  4. The Tranmere Rovers Trust has the Leicester City part of the on pitch flag from our League Cup Final game at the Old Wembley in 2000. The flag is approx 6m by 6m and is a good piece of history. It has been stored at the club for the past 20 years and we would like it to go to a good home and at the same time raise money for our Christmas Hamper appeal which will help those most in need in the Birkenhead/Tranmere community at this difficult time. We are accepting bids for it and are looking to run this til 9pm on Thursday 19 November. Please bid through here of email harrisonbentrfc@me.com. Pos
  5. You may recall a couple of weeks back I was taking bids for the Leicester part of the on pitch giant flag v ourselves - Tranmere Rovers at the 2000 League Cup Final. One of your fans bid £120 but sadly didn’t come through with his offer. All the monies raised our going to our clubs/trust Foodbank. If anyone is willing to match the £120 the flag is yours. If interested please email -harrisonbentrfc@me.com Size approx 6m x 6m Thanks Ben
  6. Current bid £120. 35 mins to go all proceeds to Birkenhead/Tranmere Foodbanks. Email - harrisonbentrfc@me.com if bidding
  7. Please don’t forget bidding finishes at 10pm tonight all proceeds to Birkenhead/Tranmere Foodbank. Current bid £120. After the result today there must be some happy Leicester fans around time bid on this?
  8. Bidding for this flag finishes at 10pm tonight, current highest £120. All proceeds to local food banks in Birkenhead/Tranmere area. To bid email harrisonbentrfc@me.com
  9. It has been at Prenton Park for now close on 20 years, not to sure how the whole pitch banner ended up back with ourselves. It has basically been left under one of the stands since then and never used so we thought let’s utilise the Trfc badge in the currently empty stadium and see if the Leicester badge can go to a good home and at the same time put some monies into the local Foodbank helping those less fortunate.
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