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  1. Why would it be bad?! Just asking, as I can't see a reason why it's bad?!
  2. Not seen the vote for a while. 😯 Come on FT get behind the lads!! We will do this and FA cup!! Keep the Faith
  3. I call bullshit 🤣🤣🤣😜😛
  4. I wasn't born in the 60's and the fact is every other post about this is immaterial because we havent made the final in previous posts!! This is a HUGE opportunity. So I'm disappointed with other fans comments i.e. Not this again... This times it's a real possibility. NB: Please be kind to people in this forum. It was my first post, and now I dont want to ask things again! FT is for everyone not just the entitled few! Be kind.
  5. Both fa cup and top 4, Brendan Rogers would be manager of the year in my book.
  6. I've always thought winning the FA cup is the pinnacle after the prem. But to not get top 4 this season, could we loose a number of key players?! I'd love it to win FA cup...
  7. Everton is saddened and disappointed to see proposals of a breakaway league pushed forward by six clubs. Six clubs acting entirely in their own interests. Six clubs tarnishing the reputation of our league and the game. Six clubs choosing to disrespect every other club with whom they sit around the Premier League table. Six clubs taking for granted and even betraying the majority of football supporters across our country and beyond. At this time of national and international crisis - and a defining period for our game - clubs should be working together collaboratively w
  8. Sorry if already posted.. Ayoze clearly didn't remember this article from March 2020 very disappointing.. has it been confirmed Wes Morgan and Barnes were involved too?
  9. @StevieLynex bankruptcy here I come lol. Thank you for this. love it!!
  10. I bought an Australian national shirt because I loved Patrick kisnorbo, I'll be buying Belgium's shirt this summer with Tielemans on the back!.
  11. @dynamark do you mean boy scouts of America Or The Scouting Assoc UK? Girls can be scouts too. Your comments are rather damaging. A lot of fantastic scout and guide leaders. Nothing to do with Lcfc or football!!!
  12. 10 point s clear of Liverpool. Did anyone predict that this season?! How the F#@#£ did we manage to win that. Propper shithouse. But I don't care
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