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  1. Feck off yourself you are probably cheering every newscastle goal
  2. Not a chance not even fit to wipe there arses vardy mk2 not fit enough to wipe vardy mk1
  3. Can the real brendan Rodgers please stand up the last time we conceded 4 at home and lost the manager got sacked
  4. I think we need to concentrate on our shower of shit not worry about derby county because if that's all you want then #$$# $$%
  5. Dr Singh might have a point he funked up last season he looks like he might **** up this season apart from the fa cup final and he must win that to say its not a failure
  6. He thinks we are playing in the Scottish league
  7. I don't think they are going to be scared that game could end up being like the man city and Watford final
  8. This game reminds me of Fulham at home but 10 times worse
  9. Talking about the same formation and no subs keep up please
  10. It's a joke Rodgers is weak or his he scared of upsetting some players
  11. Still no excuse for the way they have played and putting timmy in a back 3 is a ****ing joke
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