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  1. Yeah but had 2 loans out for 100million training ground.you ask fans what they would rather have a 100 million on the training ground or a 100 million transfer and wage for players to keep challenging at the top and really upsetting the big 6 .I know which I would rather have
  2. Massive investment is not going to happen in fact maddison and possible Barnes are sold because of covid has I keep getting told
  3. And losing our top 4 place and spending 100millionon a new training centre that passes me right off
  4. Be careful what you say in your fist paragraph i got slated on Thursday has some said I lived in a fantasy world
  5. He has not been great in the last few games in all honesty
  6. We are not going to finish in the top 4 this is where it all starts to unravel just like last season and I am sick of saying it we should have made signings in january
  7. No but we have a very very good scout system and should have better targets but has I said in my recent post we all knew we needed another striker
  8. I live in a fantasy world where we all stand still and let other teams over take us have our main assets leave manager goes and we go into a backwards spiral and we know where that could end I really don't care what you say and others that agree I want lcfc to be the a top 4 to 6 club but others seem content.
  9. We should have invested in January where most fans could see we needed a new striker because of vardy injuries and other injuries to players but again the club dragged its heels again and bought no one.if we want to be one of the big 6 we have got to be ambitious and for godsake I don't want to hear about covid
  10. Not going to bite to someone who ain't got a clue and the people who like your responce ain't also got a clue nighty nite
  11. Shut up idiot he has to take some of the blame but so should some of the players and them players know who they are
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