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  1. Fifth round against Liverpool is Friday 16th at 19:00 (home)
  2. The 2004 year seem a good crop but are split across u16s and u18s so we don't often get them playing together as a team. Even if the best u16s play up with the u18s, the best of the 2004's old enough to be in the u18s are often with the u23s! So this is a great competition for us. Semi final here we come.
  3. The lads are playing tonight at Seagrave in an u17's cup match - hope they've got their thermals on!
  4. I don't know what the rules are for switching, not sure when you have to make the final choice. Could be a tricky decision, more chance of being selected for the Scotland senior team versus kudos and bigger opportunities (in theory at least!) with England. Hopefully he's confident he could have a future in the England set up.
  5. Maybe Nelson is also with England - he's English after all!
  6. I don't know but there are definitely a couple missing that you'd have expected to feature - Kian Pennant and Ben Nelson. Especially as the 23's don't have any games coming up.
  7. I reckon if Nelson hadn't been injured we'd have seen him in the first team squad lately too, just 17 but my money's on him to break through soon
  8. 9 & 10 are the Pennant bros, 6 Nelson and 8 Ollie Ewing - not sure about the rest
  9. Development squad away to West Ham tonight but doesn't look like it will be available to watch anywhere online
  10. That didn't go the way we hoped! Anyone know who the penalty was against?
  11. Yeah, no u23's game till the 19th. Good to see Nelson back from injury. A good game to get him back into the swing of things. I'm sure he'll be straight back into the 23's and then beyond once he's fully match fit ;-)
  12. To be fair I don't think Nelson is proper Scottish. I think he was called up to an England camp at some stage, so can't be a pure bred Scot!
  13. Think Nelson could be injured, not sure about Fitzhugh. But yeah, we need to accelerate the best of the younger players like them.
  14. Ah well, will have to wait a little longer for his first team debut then!
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