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  1. I hope you all get the chance to manage an 11v11 side. You will immediately absolve the field players and ask questions of the manager. I am not aware of another manager willing to **** his CBs to play a 3-4-4.
  2. They are not. They are playing a 3-4-4...
  3. Not coming out of this 3 ATB is fireable. It's arrogant.
  4. When, at any point in this match, have the wingbacks been defending?
  5. Starting a 3-5-2 with two players out of position and playing 3-3-4 is not safety. It's immature.
  6. Thanks. Make changes to win. Right now.
  7. Posters calling out the players have to look at the formation, what the wings are being asked, the space behind them, the stress put on Wilf and Youri, then ask why the tactics are like this. If I did this to my 16s, they would do me in at the half.
  8. Horrible take. Watch the build up. Look at the passing lines. Or lack thereof.
  9. Thank you! You cannot play a high possession game in a 3 ATB with obscenely high wings.
  10. of course we are. look at our setup. This is UEFA B level lessons...
  11. How do you propose the ball advances to the box in the first place?
  12. They're trying! Look at the positioning of the WBs and the Newcastle lines.
  13. Terrible take. Look at the passing lanes set up right now. All of the turnovers are coming because the wings are so up high and there isn't a 3rd midfielder to look to. This is awful to watch.
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