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  1. I'm pretty sure West Ham will be in for him as well meaning we're not getting him for that
  2. My disappointing 11 Kalac - was supposed to be next level when signed. Big build up with work permit. Kaebi - our first youtube sensation. Mills - Thought he would be the new Walsh Keown- well past it. Gunlaugsson- big money at the time. Never seemed to do well Silva- glamour signing- big money walsh signing. Inler- didn't slot in but big reputation and cambiasso sized boots to fill. Eadie- excellent reputation. Looked good in a few games but really unlucky with injuries Wise - big reputation. Did nothing (positive)
  3. Has anyone had any issues with this at the weekend? Mine has been working great for the last month alongside Nord VPN. This weekend all of a sudden I get the dreaded "DAZN does not operate in this area" screen even though the VPN connected to Canada (I have tried the three cities) Pain as I paid for the year up front and now cant even log in.
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