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  1. Fair play. You got me I'd personally be surprised with Farrell starting at 12. That said, one thing I do know is that Gatland rarely gets his team selections very wrong in the big matches, whether for Wasps, Wales or the Lions over the years. He's not infallible of course, but you'd back him more often than not. I do think they can put a great XV out from that squad, the rest is down to WG and his coaches. I can't wait. SA so difficult to overcome at home though.
  2. I'm a little surprised by Farrell and astounded by Daly, but I guess both are utility players who may come in very handy in what will be a bruising set of fixtures. In my opinion (which doesn't count for much with no experience in rugby and being just a casual fan), there's probably arguments against 5 of the English players picked, but there doesn't look any names there that will let Gatland down, unless he goes insane overnight and starts Daly at full back of course. Do you honestly think it's a shambles? If so, I'd be interested to know why. That's a genuine question by the way, I
  3. OGS simply can't afford the possibility of a mistake really. They'd have to really balls it up against a pretty average Roma side (at this level, at least), but he just can't risk it. Lets hope they see the Liverpool match as far more important than the game against us 2 days before and we somehow benefit from the postponed match. That said, we're not small fry any longer, so they'll want to win them all.
  4. Are they large enough to hinder your vision? Impressive. I'm going to stick to the traditional looking through my fingers for most of the match.
  5. Rodgers knows the player, the player knows Rodgers. If the prices being bandied about for the two are even close to being accurate, Edouard seems the better bet. Should Rodgers go for him, it's based on his experience of the player and what BR thinks he can do in the Premier League. Toney, at possibly twice the price, is a much bigger risk as the manager doesn't know him at all. He's also untried at the highest level, whilst Edouard has faced defenders in the Champions League. That experience has to be beneficial. Given the above, if Rodgers does go for Toney, it'll be because ha has a lo
  6. Chelsea for me. Can't underestimate how much emotional energy a Champions League final build up would take from their players. it's all they'd hear about until the game took place. If this tournament is going to benefit us in any way now, it can only be the draining of Chelsea players. Additionally, if they make it tonight, it is likely to give Man City that extra smidgen of determination to beat them this weekend.
  7. He had to start doing it didn't he? He'd have stayed in their 'B' team otherwise and only had cameos. Now Mahrez appears settled there and Guardiola has confidence in him, he looks their most dangerous attacker. Adding work rate was going to be a must to play in their biggest games.
  8. PSG were rancid. Don't give two hoots about Man City but I am pleased for Mahrez & Foden as a young English player. It's scandalous that players as good as those at PSG behave like that. Absolutely amateur outlook.
  9. Far from a snowflake. PSG have been disgusting.
  10. Whatever you think of Man City, it should be a pleasure to see this PSG team get eliminated.
  11. I don't care if he was a bit mardy, I'm pleased for Mahrez. Hope he wins the thing.
  12. If Mahrez bullies you physically, you know you're a bit of a fanny
  13. Ah, I dunno. Hasn't that always been the case, and England always flatter to deceive in the end. Despite some of the antics from both teams, when you watch these two play, it reminds you of just how good some footballers are. I'm not sure England really have enough of them to do anything special internationally. Not when it comes to the absolute crunch. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it.
  14. No doubt he should win a hatful of caps. Just a shame he'll never play with the same level of team-mates for England.
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