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  1. I think Deli ali would suit Rogers style 👌 for leicester and can't get in tottenham
  2. Think we need to start the search now vardys still good for 3 seasons if used sparingly
  3. Shrek deeney? what are you thinking, we need a up and coming young striker to develop and a top older striker like cavani who's time is up at the top clubs
  4. Didn't know ings was on last year of contract worth a 20 30 mil for 3 or 4 seasons
  5. Agree if he plays 2/3 of maches will have 3 seasons in him
  6. Top 6 teams need a top striker we need to look abroad leicester don't spend big
  7. In last 1 and half year contract +torino needing money currently will get him for less then 40
  8. Anyone under 30 would make more sense
  9. No hand shakes or hugs lads ,but its OK to spit as much as you like
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