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  1. I'm sorry for some of my turkish kinfolk here, you guys really need to grow a little bit of tougher skin whenever a turkish player or club is mentioned . I love Caglar as much as anyone and think he is already a world class CB since last season, but Evans and Fofana have performed massively aswell so there is obviously some people who will prefer either of them and it's not meant as an insult to the other players. I think Brendan will have some serious headaches when he decided to go back to a back 4 and I can see him rotate between Söy and Fofana while Evans will be a mainstay jus
  2. I'd genuinenly prefer to stay at Leicester than move to Dortrmund right now, they might not make CL and will probably lose Haaland and Sancho. Leicester is on the rise and CL football is on the horizon
  3. Well I'm pretty sure we won't win the euros, but I'd still put a decent amount on Turkey and cash out if we make it to the quarter finals or even beyond (depends on the opponent then)
  4. Wow Soyuncu is world class today, on both ends. This is really a 10/10 performance so far, a goal , last minute interceptions and tackles , countless blocks neutralizing Norway completely. Haaland must be frustrated to play against cags today
  5. Umm that 3rd goal was by Ozan Tufan
  6. also Haaland is pretty much in his and Kaan Ayhan's pocket. Will be interesting to see if he can stil help neutralize Norways strikers in the 2nd half. Bar one chane by Sorloth, Norway have been completely harmless
  7. have shithouse wins not been the tactic already for the last few weeks
  8. I think the narrative of Under having not delivered - whenever - given a chance is factually wrong. First half of the season he had a handful of cameos in the PL and delivered crucial assists, aswell as scoring in his Cup and Europa appearances. You can read in the earlier pages how many users ( not just the typical Under fanboy's) were screaming for him to get more starts instead of Perez or Albrighton. Especially Perez was probably the scapegoat for bad perfomances in this forum before his injury, which has now been passed onto Cengiz it seems haha. Then Under finally got to start
  9. Rodgers was born with a pack of condoms in his pocket
  10. ahh the same Perez who was the scapegoat 24/7 before he got injured lol... trust me the same guys in this forum that are now crying for Ayoze will be the ones to slag him off for his poor performances ..once again.
  11. Is it safe to say people are mentally unstable if they blame todays result on Under lol?
  12. I've got one big question... why is shane always leaving sad emojis under almost every comment
  13. stop it mate, your hate boner is getting embarrassing at this point
  14. How dare you not make Cengo the scapegoat for yesterday's trashy team performance. You are not a true FT user.
  15. So tell me, how many succesfull attacking situations have the other offensive players created today ? Right of the bat, I can think of 2 good chances, at max. Of course it's Unders fault though, for having played barely 30 minutes
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