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  1. Andy kings goal at derby when sven was manager, a brilliant team goal. Also Yakubu scored a good goal in the same game.
  2. The last 25 minutes against villa last weekend and both games since, Our play has been sluggish, A lack of confidence in possession, Evan's and cags standing on the ball looking for someone to pass to today kept happening, slows us down and allows the opposition to set up defensively. Worrying times ahead with the players out Injured.
  3. unless we get a penalty, can't see when vardy's next goal is happening! Lost out in foot race with the centre half today, I'm hoping that it's just down to fitness and not a age thing, Because we don't have a player to fill his boots at the club at the moment!
  4. Sadly Hamza played the way he always does, runs around alot, gets caught out of position and passes the ball backwards and sideways 99% of the time. Surprised he wasn't subbed at halftime.
  5. Youri is so much better when wilf plays . A few tackles and blocks should be the minimum we should expect from a dcm. I hope wilf stays fit for the rest of this season. Mendy offers much more with the ball than hamza. The fact that Brendan was willing to let him go in the transfer window tells me that he doesn't have much of a future at Leicester long term and the club probably are already looking at better options than Hamza. Dewsbury hall will play more for us next season than Hamza
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