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  1. It will, I agree. It has been a couple of years since my stepbrother has been able to go most weeks - it’s got gradually less, and since then my dad has gradually gone more. We have two tickets between us - I go to almost every home game so used to go with stepbrother but now go with dad - there is very rarely an empty seat. I went to university a few years ago so struggled to get there, so my mum/stepdad usually took the ticket - like Hollyfox said, we didn’t want to get rid of the ticket and I went as often as I could, although i often did struggle during those years. So although we may not
  2. The ticket never doesn’t get used - he uses it when he can but it’s really rarely as he works Saturday. My dad is the only one in the family who lives in leicester now so he can go every week (and pretty much does to as my stepbrother can get to so few).
  3. My thoughts exactly - it was easy to get a season ticket during the L1 and championship years. Much less uptake for some reason 🤷🏽‍♀️
  4. Hi all My family had 2 season tickets in the Kop since the League 1 season. It my mine and my stepbrother’s name on the tickets. My stepbrother moved up to Leeds in 2017 and it was no longer feasible for him to get to the game every week so my dad took the ticket over in all but name. Since we’ve had the tickets we’ve shared them around the family depending on who is around that weekend and haven’t had any issues with doing so. We’re concerned now that when we finally get back in the ground that the club will want ID and my dad’s ID won’t match the name on the ticket. I did contact
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