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  1. If he is contracted for only one year and his contract is ending this summer. Supposing that rumours about interested clubs are true, why are we playing him without extending his contract first place. What is the logic of it?
  2. No-look pass from Tilemans, great finish from Nacho, he is into Brighton ..
  3. Looking at the Brighton's limited squad we have no right to moan about injuries
  4. Castagne (worst i have seen from him), Ndidi, Tilemans are poor. 2nd half start Albrighton instead of Castagne. Other than his rocket not so effective therefore I guess Tavares will be subbed out for Hamza/Mendy. Nacho is playing very deep partly due to our wingers cant play behind Brighton defenders.
  5. We have no left-footed player in starting 11 other than Nacho.
  6. Spaniards or Italians might think that Bale, Owen, Cole, Rooney, Becham fans are blind and biased either. I really wonder how much minutes have you watched Under to come up with your final judgement. I can count you names of great players who hadnt impressed in their first year in a new league
  7. For an comparedly economical price below would work; Central Forward-Musa Dembele Left Wing - Pedro Neto (Wolves) Right Wing- Ruben Garcia (Osasuna) Stanciu (sub to attacking midfield)- (Slavia Prague)
  8. Neither international breaks nor international matches doesnt make any sense to me. The international soccer matches are most of the time against weak teams, major players act restrictedly not to get injured. What international matches do is to enfoster unnecessary nationalism which is not good for humanity either.
  9. When I was his age I also look like skeleton due to my thin bone structure. I was still growing in length, though when around 25 i began to bulk up. From his appearnce on TV screen, he seems very slim, though he has an outstanding neck muscle structure, could watch him enough but must be good at headers. However with his light upper body he raises doubts of being a dominant premier league middlefield player. He still has plenty of time to bulk up though.
  10. Thanks for the detailed response. I agree most part of it. But I am still convinced Under was a reinforcement to Ayoze and Albrighton who were both right footed and played righ wing. Because we didnt have an introverted left-footed right wing which became the norm in modern soccer, Under was thought a good choice who could cut inside and shoot. His debut was quite impressing though, he played a few matches quite in the territory of Man of the Match (in my perpective).But Rodger knows the best.
  11. In my opinion, no wingers playing behind opponent defenders is the reason why both Nacho and Vardy drops deep.
  12. Ricardo and his positions are quite unrelated. One is an original right-footed right back the other is an introverted left-footed right winger.
  13. I made the same comment in the match thread. Vardy pulled out Tharcowsky with his movement and left a open space for Nacho in our goal. But Nacho occured to me more mobile than Vardy, he touched the ball much more than Vardy and he was creating spaces up untill he was subbed, which was unjust for Nacho in my opinion. As for Brighton game Vardy should get in in the 2nd half if scorewise needed. I want to see Castagne right back, ricardo can play left back behind albrighton. My team would be; Kasper Castagne Fofana Soy Ricardo Hamza Ndidi Und
  14. Sorry for misunderstanding. Mentioning shortcomings is what these forums are for. Also,there are always are some obssessed haters of specific players in these types of soccer forums. In this forum usual scapegoats are mostly Under, Hamza and Nacho. Though these players are not valued as their starters they are expected to create more than them which is unjust in my account as a fan. There is even so called fans that would be glad if one of these players broke his leg.
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