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  1. How am I feeling? ...like a young excited kid....to paraphrase Bill Shankley, to win the FA Cup.... ”it’s not a matter of life and death,... it’s far more important than that”....if you know what I mean :-)
  2. Phone number can be found via the Contact Us page at LCFC.com ... Write to us The Foxes Fanstore, King Power Stadium, Filbert Way, Leicester, LE2 7FL Phone us You can alternatively call 0344 815 5000 and select one of the following options: Option 1: Ticket sales Option 7: General retail enquiries Option 8: Mail order enquiries
  3. I contacted the club, and chose the “mail order” query option 8, and spoke to a very helpful young lady who agreed to remedy the problem.
  4. You are correct, I checked with LCFC mail order query line ( option 8 ) who reminded me I’d actually paid for 4 programmes, and only 3 had arrived in the damaged state...they agreed to send me new copies via DHL signed for delivery and due to arrive tomorrow apparently. Will report back if/when they all arrive safely. BTW also no sign of the Two flags I also ordered in time for delivery before the trip to Wembley...which I won’t being going too since failing to qualify with a paltry 301 away priority points ( x 4 season ticket holders in this family over the previous 10+ years ).
  5. Yes I did - and paid post and packaging. Looks like the machine processing to packaging must have glued the inside of the envelope by mistake. Really horrible result....
  6. Dispatched via some organization based in Northamption all 3 of "my collectible souvenir programmes" arrived with the back page of the programme glue'd to the inside of the envelope (non protected) they were distributed. Not best pleased, and will seek replacements for all 3 given how much they cost you would have thought more care would have been taken over post and packaging (which we had to pay for on top anyway !!!) Anyone else have the same problem?
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