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  1. Just asking if anyone has been effected by the removal of the lowest bracket on the Away Priority Points this year? It could all be academic as it could be the tickets wont get released to the lower levels very often. Last year you could get priority on other STH's if you had 200 points. The levels have been raised and now the lowest level is 300 points. I have raised this with the Club and they were sympathetic but unlike to change things. If this is an issue for you and you would want the re-introduction of the 250 bracket it would be worth emailing the Club at lcfchelp@lcfc.co.uk. This is what they responded to me; "The reason we have done the point system with a bracket less is simply because there are more people in the top brackets than last season hence the removal one of the lower brackets. For example, we have sold out to 300+ for all of the matches bar Chelsea so far this season, that one went to all season ticket holders and members. The last thing we want to do is give supporters false hope, simply because, if the trends continue, the 300+ points will be the lowest it will go. There are nearly 5000 people in the brackets as it stands and will only 3000 tickets available for each match you can see it doesn’t meet demand. However, having said that, I take your point on being the same as everyone else when it comes to all season ticket holders and you competing with some one who only has 100 points for example. This is something we are currently looking at and will require further discussion internally. This is very good feedback for us and something to add to the discussion."
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