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  1. We'd all love that, but let's not pretend that it's an exclusive left wing epidemic. Some 'cretinous left wing celebrities' have donated more than their fair share of wealth, JK Rowling being one example. This poison runs through so many industries, for example banking, media and even charities. One of my biggest bugbears is the wages that some CEO's of charities rake in and the dodgy relationships they maintain. I have a strong affiliation with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and they posted a picture in the past few weeks of Boris Johnson and their CEO, the irony was painful and embarrassing. We're all hypocrites when it comes to this though because we support one of the single worst industries in the world for excessive wages. Does that stop any of us from heading down to the KP and throwing our hard earned cash at overpaid primadonnas? I work in an industry that charges people in excess of a £100 per hour of our time for work that is generally an absolute necessity for them, and i'm sure many others whom are outraged by this whole affair are guilty of similar. Granted on a much smaller scale. I completely agree that their is a huge imbalance that needs to be addressed, but this goes much further than the BBC as highlighted by you and others. Much of what you are suggesting is very left wing and verging on communism; the Foxestalk left is getting to you .
  2. As I said, I am more than aware that he is far from flawless. However, I admire the way he gave up an easier life in Argentina to give his life, ultimately, for the cause of people who were worse off than him and to overthrow General Batista. Ultimately he failed in his mission for a united man, but I feel as though it was through positive intentions. I do feel as though much of the negativity surrounding him is generated by the US agenda, though much of it is also fact of course. As with Churchill, he was the man for the time and it is perhaps difficult to judge him objectively with the morals and background of today. I also have an interest in flawed icons from all walks of life, from Guevara to Henry Hill, for different reasons of course!
  3. Why is that one cannot recognise the positive work of somebody, in any walk of life for that matter, without that leading to an outright devotion to said person, country, people etc? I admire Che Guevara and Gandhi for work that the work that they did for the people of Cuba and India, but I wouldn't say that I agreed with Gandhi's hypocrisy of allowing his wife to die by not accepting medical treatment, and I also don't think there should be Guevara-eque guerrilla warfare in the UK. I very much enjoy the films of Woody Allen and think he is a genius, not quite on board with the tribulations of his private life. I love John Lennon and the Beatles, but I don't believe that Lennon was a flawless God. Corbyn's comments on Chavez, for example, are certainly a little over zealous, but from the quotations themselves it clear to see that Corbyn recognises the work he put in to make the country a level playing field for all. I suspect that he doesn't intend to carbon copy Venezuela's example for the UK Government and lead us into a Brave New Socialist World. Corbyn is seemingly a man of principle and equality, his praise of socialist countries is clearly born out of a desire to help those in need not to lead a Marxist/Leninist revolt. It's difficult to compare any two countries because what is best for one is not always best for another. The morals, history, economy, production, views etc of large groups of people can change between a county boarder, let alone a few thousand miles.
  4. Sorry to hear that, it sounds unimaginable to have gone through, particularly for the parents of course. Good luck with Great North Run, I've done it the past couple of years and it's such an incredible event. Seeing all the wonderful charities taking part and such huge crowds is always emotional. The last mile is fantastic too, going downhill towards the beach and along the seafront in front of thousands of people and the red arrows is an experience that lasts with you. I will do my best to remember to donate when home later!
  5. Wasn't Drinkwater second in the POTY awards that year? James was fantastic also though. Not quite sure we 'ditched' James either. He was forced out of a team who were finally getting their act together with a horror injury.
  6. Where have I heard that before....
  7. You can fight it all you like but eventually the rhythm will get you
  8. Definitely, I do however look forward to the day that Teresa May is followed around by a giant lamb chop.
  9. Armando Iannucci was saying on Richard Herring's podcast a while back that it just wouldn't work now as the reality is more obscene than fiction. The reports yesterday of May leaning on Labour for policy just reminded me of Nicola Murray backing the soon to be forgotten Tory policy of taking away school meals. In fact, there's a lot of Nicola Murray about Teresa May..
  10. I fully appreciate the sentiment, but again that's just assuming that the sole reason of going to University is to become a lawyer/doctor/other high earning profession. It would suit me to a large extent as a law graduate whom is (hopefully) going to earn well for the majority of my life, but what about nurses for example, or those who just wish to go to University to learn something? University can be about more than just a means to an end for a high earning salary.
  11. Completely agree. Also, and this point is often met with ridicule when you're a veggie/vegan, if more people were willing to cut down on the consumption of beef then the environment would benefit enormously, perhaps even more so than the reduction of vehicle usage.
  12. From my experience, a few years ago, there was definitely a push towards people to go to University/some form of further education, however it wasn't driven into us at all. I think the bigger problem is that there is so little information for anybody say 14+ years of age on how to forge a career in so many areas of work. I was lucky in that my Dad worked in a solicitors office where I was able to obtain work experience and decided to go to University and work in that field myself. However, the work experience I undertook in year 10 was very much a case of 'go wherever you can' and I ended up working for a fortnight in Cossington Street Leisure Centre which was utterly dreadful and taught me absolutely nothing other than that i didn't want to work in that field of work. I think University and any further education should be as free and accessible to anybody however, not because i'm a free-loading lefty who has a Utopian vision of the future whereby everything is free, but because I think education of any sort is a fundamental right. I understand that it is not financially viable to allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to study fine art on a whim for free, however those with a burning desire to learn and better themselves should not be put off because of cost in a country such as ours. I would absolutely love to do a masters and possibly even a PHD, but it is just not cost effective at all. I want to learn as much as I can whilst i'm on this planet, and i'd like to think that i'm not alone in that. University courses of all levels, to me, are fundamental and should be not saved for this wealthy enough to afford, or only those who wish to become a doctor, lawyer etc.
  13. Really enjoying podcasts at the moment, particularly when out running/just lazing around the house. Looking forward to a new season of Football Weekly, my love for James Richardson has only increased. Adam Buxton and Richard Herring's podcast are fantastic too. Anybody able to recommend some good football/comedy pods?
  14. There's no Lichtenstein domestic league, whereas Wales of course does have one. It wasn't too long ago that teams Welsh teams were banned from entering that way though I think.
  15. Have you ever posted anything that doesn't reference Venezuela? The likes of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium etc all portray large aspects of a socialist Government and are far more comparative examples. Anyway, i'd better make the most of replying on here before Corbyn wins and I can't afford the monthly payments on my keyboard.