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  1. I think growing up in the 90s has given me the fear (f-e-a-r) of Old Trafford. They could have Fred the Red and Eammon Holmes up top and I'd be convinced that we were lambs to the slaughter. I am therefore not looking forward to some teenager I've never heard of scoring against us, who is then heralded as the next big star, before ending up at Rochdale with Football Focus doing a feature on how he's got his career back on track. Anyway, no better time than the present to find a bit of form, confidence, and secure one of the greatest weeks in the history of this club .
  2. He is/was more electable than the second placed candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Nandy was seemingly never going to a credible candidate this time around. I still think it's incredibly early days. Starmer's entire reign has been during a national (and global) lockdown whereby he, and any other leader, was damned if they did or didn't in the vast majority of situations. Now is the test, he needs to provide popular policy and hold Johnson and co to account on their post-Brexit/pandemic premiership. Anything up to now was never going to change the political landscape one way or th
  3. Managed to get my ticket changed to travelling my own vehicle after providing ID for my actual, non LE, address and the £45 refund is being processed too. Given the nightmare of the end of last week with getting through etc, they were surprisingly quick at getting that resolved.
  4. May I just ask when you seem to be so final in your wording of this post, as though Labour's position is unchangeable and the party is effectively dead and buried for eternity. I appreciate that may just be semantics, but I'm intrigued nonetheless. It's irrefutable that the Tory Party have done great damage to the working class in the past, and yet, Rother Valley for example, voted in a Tory MP who lists his hero as Margaret Thatcher. Why is it that the Tory Party can change their skin, but Labour cannot? As an aside, is it really not time that even a basic level of Politic
  5. Looking at the upcoming fixtures, it'd likely be beneficial if Fulham get a result v Burnley and Southampton in their next two so that Brighton aren't on the beach (excuse the pun) when they play West Ham. I still think 4 points will be enough on the basis that Liverpool hopefully lose one of their four or draw a couple etc. Any sort of positive of result on Tuesday will reignite our season you feel, but that's far easier said than done.
  6. Chelsea were always likely to overtake at some point, they have a huge squad and finally have a manager who can manage said squad. The bigger threat was always going to be whether we could get enough points to keep West Ham and Liverpool at bay. I've always been a pessimistic fan, and have accepted that we lose all three (and the cup) and Spurs, West Ham, and Liverpool win all three/four. However, if I try to be objective (which is difficult at the best of times) it's not inconceivable that Liverpool drop points to United and get s***housed by Big Sam or Dyche. I can't see it happe
  7. It's all about momentum, unfortunately. If we'd just won tonight to go 5 points clear then it would be a completely different story, even with the 'big 3' fixtures coming up. Instead, we should realistically have just moved 10 points clear, having played a game more, after throwing away 5 points against two poor sides. The seemingly injured Evans, our apparent weak mentality, and the fact that we've all been here before makes it seem practically impossible to me. I think our only hope is that we sneak 3/4 points from the final 3 games and the teams around us have a simi
  8. They've always been my least favourite to be honest. I usually take a mile or two to get my breathing and stride right, and I'm terrible for warming up and cooling down so shorter runs aren't my cup of tea. However, with being in the office Monday - Friday and then having a lot of DIY etc at the weekends, I've not found as much time for regular longer runs so thought I thought I'd set myself a challenge of breaking 20 minutes instead. Managed a 20:32, 20:12, and 20:09 before I finally got there. I've got the Great North Run coming up in September and hope to do another Marathon in
  9. It does feel like Labour would benefit from a modern day Dennis Healy/John Prescott figure to effectively 'put it up 'em' as an antidote to Johnson and co. Johnson's no nonsense, personality politics is a clear vote winner; New Labour benefited similarly with Campbell and Prescott when they were battling against the likes of Hague and Major. I don't particularly want that to happen, but it would seem far more popular with the public than the current approach. Starmer is seemingly either seen as a bit of wet flannel or a smarmy lawyer by a considerable number, and neither of those approaches ar
  10. I'm not entirely sure that one can tell somebody that their emotion is incorrect. If I'm downbeat about the outcome of an election result then that's somewhat my prerogative, Stringy. I suggest you revisit the definition of working class before you climb up those steps onto your high horse too. It is a term that reflects the type of work and background that a person has and nothing to do with them being in work whilst the rest of society puts their feet up. I don't know if you've been to Hartlepool, or know a great deal about the area, but it is a 'working class' town with one of
  11. Finally broke 20 minutes for a 5k last week, 19 minutes and 56 seconds to be exact. I'm fairly confident that unless I were to take up a strict dietary and exercise regime that I'm not going to get particularly quicker so I can now get back to running for the sake of getting out the house, keeping fit, and being in nature and not chasing targets.
  12. Completely expected result, but still depressing nonetheless. I completely understand the reasoning behind not voting Labour, the party is in disarray, but why you'd then jump ship to the Tories is beyond me. One must say that the marketing the Tories have done is exceptional, they have somehow convinced the working classes that they are the party for them, despite not actually offering any concrete evidence as to why that is the case. As VB references above, the pressure is now on the party to pay back the faith that they've invested in to them. It's still very early
  13. I paid for Fox Travel in the hope that I can get £45 back when I explain the situation. Not holding out hope there!
  14. I don't live in Leicestershire anymore, but my account details are still my parents address from years ago (something I've never thought to change) so my only option is paying £45 to travel to Leicester (further from Wembley than where I live) and going on Fox Travel despite the fact that I've now updated my details. Stupid past David Guiza
  15. Assume Paddy Power have lined up 6 separate coffins to parade around the Etihad, Emirates, Old Trafford, Anfield and London Stadium at their next respective home games by the way?
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