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  1. Incredible that Josh Griffiths, a local club runner from Swansea, has just ran the London Marathon in 2h17m. Beating all other British runners in his first ever marathon.
  2. Listened to his Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast and he spoke non-stop for the entire thing. A great listen, but he didn't even stop for breath!
  3. Not sure whether or not it has been mentioned, but Nick Robinson was being his usual self last on the 6pm news yesterday. Referring to the French school children he said 'no doubt they had come to London to escape the horrors and atrocities of Paris', talk about ramping it up. I didn't realise Paris had relocated to Baghdad.
  4. Since moving away from Leicester I have noticed how many people in God's great city say 'straight the way'. I saw a guy on Facebook the other day banging on about 'flying on all cylinders' also. 'Moo point' is another, think it's been referenced in IT Crowd and Friends too with 'damp squid'.
  5. Madrid derby around the time of the first leg too, bonus.
  6. Not entirely sure where it came from, but I have somehow got a made up song of 'Last night Ndidi saved my life' stuck in my head; obviously to the tune of 'Last night a DJ saved my life'.
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/william-gallas-sami-nasri-taser-arsenal-news-chelsea-manchester-city-a7430016.html I remember reading this story a while ago. Bizarre.
  8. Thanks to the layout of his posts, I find myself reading them as though they are Chinese proverbs which makes them much better.
  9. I quite like it, I see it as a form of natural selection and a legal way to remove more knuckledraggers. Are Russia running out of things that they're good at?
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/aug/18/qpr-fine-financial-fair-play-8m
  11. Had the exact same issue a few years ago. The amount owed kept rising without any real reason, from £50 to the final letter of about £200 odd. I wrote a letter to them suggesting that they implement receipts at their venues as it would make chasing funds easier for both teams and the company; along with suggesting that their planned 'court proceedings' would be a waste of everybody's time as they have no way of proving any kind of debt without visible proof of the same.Their terms also stated that the lead person must be 18+ to sign the legally binding agreement, which was laughable as we were all 17 when we signed. In short however, they will never take it any further than occasional letters through the post.
  12. Pretty much how I see it too. Swansea could slip back in, but I think they'll be safe with a couple of games left. If I had to put a bet on right now i'd go with Sunderland, Palace and ourselves, things can always change though of course. I think 38 points will be the magic number this year. We'd be lucky to pick up 3 at the moment, but, on paper, we have the games to get 18-22 points if we show any kind of spirit, desire and fight.
  13. I agree that the levels of fitness have been way off last seasons efforts, however yet again it's not the one single reason for the issues. You cannot say that fitness is to blame for Wes Morgan misplacing a 2 yard pass, Huth letting the ball roll under his foot, Drinkwater being unable to hit the target etc. Just another key difference in what is a long list of failures.
  14. Can we exchange the clappers for these?
  15. Any excuse to post this