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  1. David Guiza

    Jordan Lukaku

    Based on the fact he has about 1% of his brother's talent I wouldn't be too keen.
  2. David Guiza

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    It's staying home!
  3. David Guiza

    England at the World Cup Finals Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 55 seconds  
  4. David Guiza

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Got Russia as one of my two teams in the sweepstake (the other being Argentina). There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and the mutually agreed worst team so I'm hoping they get walloped. Be interesting if it came down to a FIFA bribe as to whom would win between Putin and the Saudis.
  5. Mightily relieved to see that we're away to Southampton when I get married. That could have been much worse.
  6. David Guiza

    Double-barrelled surnames?

    That's basically my argument too, I'm the only male below the age of 50 in our family so I have a Goddamn responsibility to keep the name going, whereas, similar to your other half, she has a brother to keep her name going. I imagine it's difficult to argue with a woman whom has just carried the kids for 9 months over their names, i'm not looking forward to that task. There is definitely a fine line between a lovely double-barrelled name and sounding like a solicitors firm that went under.
  7. David Guiza

    Double-barrelled surnames?

    I'm getting married in a couple of months and we thought about doing it (wahey) so as to keep both family names, however we both have surnames beginning with H and it would have sounded terrible. Also, say it to his face:-
  8. David Guiza

    How Was Your Day?

    Just found out that The S*n have published an article, without consent, about my fiancee's missing Father. I assume they are allowed to do so on the basis that her Mother has now been through the courts etc (as it has been 7 years+) but it's littered with presumptions and just not necessary. My fiancee and her family are now, understandably, upset and ruined an otherwise lovely weekend. Ah, the gutter press.
  9. David Guiza

    Danny Mills’ Vendetta against Vardy: Part 12

    Absolutely agree. But there is a difference between saying he doesn't fit a system and outright slating his ability when he has consistently proven that at the highest level. Even taking away the bias there are very few players that I would want to call upon against the top sides when you've got your backs to the wall. He's proven it with goals against Spain, Germany, United, Atletico, Chelsea etc. However, I just can't see him starting against Belgium and other sides should we progress, at best he'll get a 10 minute cameo when we're 1/2-0 down.
  10. David Guiza

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    Jones and or Cahill will be above Maguire in the pecking order suspect. I imagine it will be the team that started vs Nigeria with maybe 1 or 2 changes such as Delph/Henderson potentially coming into the side. Given all the attention the 10 players we have going to the World Cup have got I'd be surprised if more than 3/4 start the first group game, sadly.
  11. David Guiza

    Danny Mills’ Vendetta against Vardy: Part 12

    ITV punditry having a good little dig too. You'd think he'd won a competition to get on the plane.
  12. David Guiza

    Danny Mills’ Vendetta against Vardy: Part 12

    Played in a World Cup Quarter Final? Granted it was a problem position in an otherwise decent side and he was hardly a footballing icon - but he did achieve more internationally than the whole of our squad (currently). Not so much Mills, but I generally find that some of the less successful players tend to be better pundits too. Perhaps because they're not simply selected on the basis of their reputation (see Henry for example). Same seemingly goes for management too, the Zidane's of this world are far outweighed by Fergie, Mourinho, Wenger etc.
  13. David Guiza

    How many cards?

    Just one yellow by a very old referee for complaining. The chap was nice enough but utterly incompetent, he informed me that he should be at home eating a roast rather than trudging around a field in Birstall, I agreed that he should leave. Prior to my abstaining from violence I once lamped an Enderby player around about u16s, the ref missed it and sent off two of their players for the reaction. I was later subbed for my own good - a few of their players then added me on MSN (glory days). I went on to score a brace in the return fixture and in many ways I feel as though I should have been nicknamed the Cantona of Anstey Swifts, not only for my tarnished past, but my reform and ability (obviously).
  14. David Guiza

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    You just know he's going to do something notable against England, should he play. Whether it is positive or negative remains to be seen. Would love Shinji to get a couple of goals just because it's Shinji. Wouldn't put it past Musa to do something sublime and then something equally stupid.
  15. During an unexceptional lunch break that somehow resulted in looking at ex-United player Bebe's Wiki page - I never knew the whole backstory with him and Jorge Mendes etc. I'm sure we're no better, but the role of some agents in transfers is uncomfortable at best. Moving on, I am intrigued to see what Fulham do over the summer. You generally get two types of clubs promoted to the Premier League - one type whom is littered with Championship expertise (see Derby, Villa, Cardiff and Boro) and others with a distinct style and up and coming players (Fulham). Generally the former will splash the cash and need a decent overhaul, but the latter is torn between sticking with the tried and tested and bringing in proven Premier League quality. Going to be an interesting season; the sack race could make for interesting viewing too with so many potential new managers, already so at Everton, West Ham and Arsenal and very new at Southampton. You could even throw in Spurs and Chelsea depending on what happens at Real etc.