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  1. Went to see Cats at the weekend, not my choice I hasten to add, and didn't think it was half as bad as has been made out by the press. Sure it's utterly bizarre, but so is the musical. It's ultimately a collection of whimsical poetry about the personality of some cats, it was never going to be amazing. I do think part of the problem behind the perception is that some have gone to see it with little to no knowledge of the poetry/musical, and in that case it would make even less sense than it does anyway.
  2. Because the argument is that the general election has given a voice to these people who belong in the gutter. They've gone from, rightly, thinking that they can't verbalise their racist, homophobic, xenophobic thoughts because they do not represent the views of anything more than a tiny minority of society, to believing that they are now the voice of the people. It's not that these people were made racist by the PM, his party or the opposition, it's that the divided and toxic politics has enabled the pond life.
  3. I know it's utter bollocks week in week out, but can the Beeb seriously not find someone who actually watches the games to do this feature? Lawro has us down to lose 2-0 at the weekend, which is a more than fair guess. However his reasoning was a little confusing:- "Manchester United exposed Manchester City's defensive flaws with their fast counter-attacks that helped them win the derby at the start of December. Can Leicester do the same? Well, United had Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Daniel James running at City - with the Foxes, it is really just Jamie Vardy who does that."
  4. I know you have a particular dislike of the current opposition, and with good reason in the most part, but are you happy with them having such a large majority? Do you not think that, for the current system to work, there needs to be less disparity for the opposition to hold the Government to account, or at least try to? I was only a very young kid under Blair's early years so, aside from what I've learnt from reading about it, I've not got any particular life experience from what it was like when the boot was on the other foot.
  5. You mean like United did a couple of weeks ago and were unfortunate to not be 3 or 4 up at half time?
  6. High court says UK's £1,012 child citizenship fee is unlawful Court finds ‘mass of evidence’ that fee stops many children registering for citizenship In a landmark judgment the high court has found that the Home Office’s £1,012 child citizenship fee is unlawful. The court found a “mass of evidence” showing that the fee prevented many children from registering for British citizenship, leaving them feeling “alienated, excluded, ‘second-best’, insecure and not fully assimilated into the culture and social fabric of the UK”. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/19/high-court-says-uks-1012-child-citizenship-fee-is-unlawful?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  7. In the past two years, unemployment in Leicester has fallen by 1.1 per cent, from 6.3 per cent to 5.2 per cent In the 2019 March quarter, the unemployment rate in Liverpool City was 5.02%
  8. Shame really that they never really achieved anything, other than the Spurs trophy of putting pressure on Juventus. Would have loved it if they beat Juve to the title a couple of years ago. At least Inter are putting up somewhat of a fight this year, for now at least.
  9. I'm all for goading opposition fans, and yes it's only football, but I'm still not overly comfortable with songs about poverty when over a quarter of the population of children in Liverpool are in poverty. Makes us look a little like a bunch of private school tossers. Yes some of their fans are 'perennially the victim' and bitter because they've lost to us in sh*tty ways twice within a few weeks, but it doesn't mean that they don't have a point. The 'you used to be English, you're not anymore' chant from Forest a few years back is hardly the most offensive song in the world and could easily be declared 'banter' but this forum and our fan-base as a whole threw every remaining toy out the pram when that happened. Anyway, as @Stoopid says, outside of this thread I couldn't really care less. And, as @Voll Blau says, it's also just a boring song. One that belongs in the past for more than one reason.
  10. There have been articles and things said in the past few years, quite a social media storm last season when Wolves and Man Utd/City were singing similar to Liverpool/Everton despite there being more people in poverty in Manchester and Wolverhampton than in Liverpool. With the growing number of homeless, children in poverty, food bank usage etc it's just not very nice taste? Also, I note that a lot of it comes from those who often say 'Keep Politics out of Football'. Well this very much isn't that.
  11. I can see it being similar to Di Canio at Sunderland with them having a run and looking like a fantastic side, before it failing massively and him having a breakdown. I'd love it if they somehow beat Barcelona, just to see Gatusso go full Barry Fry. Hard to judge him on his record at Milan as manager in fairness, as that club seems rotten to the core. May just turn out that he's a decent manager, though I would be equally amazed if it doesn't fall flat on it's face. That interview . Whenever people think Klopp/Guardiola etc are characters, I can only assume that they've never followed Italian football.
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