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  1. Without meaning to sound like a fame-hungry Twitter teenager, I really am done with the abuse and bickering and have now reached a point where I think I just need to log out of everything and remember that, on the whole, people aren't as bad as they make out on the internet. I'm only 27 so I don't exactly have decades and decades of experience, but I can't remember another time when so many people in this country and beyond held such hatred and disregard for their fellow man (women and children too) on the basis of a differing opinion. The most recent example of which was Diane Abbott receiving yet more abuse from Brexiteers on Twitter for standing up to Lord Sugar for his constant abuse and victimisation of her. So many have replied saying that the personal abuse is justified because her views on Brexit and beyond. It's astounding, embarrassing and just upsetting that human beings have to take such flack from a group of morons who think the world owes them a living. Even beyond the abuse, I can't comprehend the amount of people whom are so adamant on subjects that they know little to nothing about. The days of listening to experts and then forming an opinion are long gone and replaced by hoards of legal, constitutional, economics and migration experts who get their vast array of knowledge from some plebs on Twitter. My knowledge on the economy, for example, is pretty limited so I am more than happy to listen to experts on both sides of the coin and then decipher a conclusion of my own, whilst also accepting that there is a good chance that I am wrong. Why is that such an abstract concept now? The amount of nonsense in this thread and beyond about law and the constitution (which we don't even have in a literal sense, seeing as we have an uncodified one) has made me want to pull each individual tooth out with a rusty set of pliers as a happier alternative. We seem to heading towards a distopian world, whereby we are not defined by our careers, our achievements, our ambitions, but rather which box we ticked a few years ago. To some we seem to be leavers and remainers before friends, family and colleagues - it's mental. To paraphrase the infamous Lawrence Oates (who I have recently discovered fathered a child with a 12 year old, who knew ?) I think I'm just going to log out, I may be some time.
  2. Romulus and Remus, who, according to legend, founded the city of Rome and were nurtured by a she-wolf. The story goes back to something like the third century. Far greater significance to the city and therefore the club than some nonsense than clubs have on their badges. Not that I am in any way biased... DAJE ROMA
  3. Really can't see it happening as I think once one goes the others will follow, but I would love to see Broad come out in 4 jumpers and block everything before smashing one into David Warner
  4. Just noticed it's due to be chucking it down tomorrow. Missing our best player again.
  5. Glad to see he's recovered from his dark days.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titania_McGrath Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) is a parody Twitter user and author created by comedian and Spiked columnist Andrew Doyle. She is a social justice warrior who promotes extreme identity politics and political correctness on her Twitter account. McGrath characterizes herself as a "radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest," while her creator describes her as "a militant vegan who thinks she is a better poet than William Shakespeare." Doyle has written a book, titled Woke: A Guide to Social Justice, under her name, which was published on 7 March 2019. The character has received a polarised, though mostly positive, reception, and had more than 300,000 followers as of July 2019. Doyle has now created a live comedy show featuring Titania (played by Alice Marshall), which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe on 13 August 2019.[1]
  7. And the decision to drop Woakes continues to look more and more ridiculous.
  8. In terms of the ongoing Meghan and Prince Andrew news stories, it really is depressing that a large percentage of the media, and even nation, are more willing to accept a white, male, (alleged) sexual predator than they are a mixed race woman.
  9. That's awful, the whole Mugabe and Ian Smith time seems incredibly complicated and just depressing on so many levels. Hopefully Zimbabwe can move forward and away from his shadow. Yes, certainly. No patience or even desire to discover in many people, the same happens when a notable person is arrested/caught up in allegations. They are already hanged, drawn and quartered or absolved from all responsibility. No middle ground.
  10. Yep! Christopher Columbus being a prime example, effectively he was either a hero or villain depending on where you were brought up. It does make it more frustrating in modern times where people don't read further on a person/subject etc when there are so many resources available.
  11. Mugabe always struck me as a complex issue. He was undoubtedly a tyrant and dictator, but he did begin as a freedom fighter of sorts. Power corrupts, as they say. He won't be missed by many and rightly so. It's funny how complex historical figures can be, I've spoken with people from India who hated Gandhi and I never knew that he was such a hypocrite regarding his wife until watching Russell Brand stand-up years ago. Very much two stories to Mother Theresa too, I do find it fascinating to read further into the lives of histories great heroes and villains.
  12. Doesn't surprise me at all, so much of what is done is just PR. Trump has done similar with his speeches in the past stood in front of soldiers/police officers etc. When Gavin Williamson came to my wife's school the other day, he went into one classroom and didn't engage with a single student before having a few photos taken and leaving. A shame really as I could totally imagine reenacting Peter Manion's 'Rajesh Raj' from the Thick of It.
  13. Doesn't surprise me, my other half worked at a similar place in Warwickshire and the staff were genuinely frightened of the headteacher - with the exception of the odd 1 or 2 who were in the clique. The disparity in pay between top and bottom in some schools is astounding too - ranges from upwards of £100,000 to below £14,000. Really don't envy anybody who works in education in any format and have so much more admiration for them since my wife became a teacher. Hahah! Time management is key in law , and working in an area that has extreme periods of work, followed by a fair bit of downtime. I'm in Commercial at the moment, but I am actually just about to start my final seat with Employment Law so if you need assistance in 6 months then I'm your man @Izzy
  14. Yeah, I imagine alcoholism is a far greater hill to climb over but, as you mention, at least steps have been taken to counteract the chances of that happening to an individual. As you have referred to, if you draw parallels between drug/alcohol and gambling addiction and how accessible gambling is in comparison to the other two, then it really illustrates how ridiculous it is. Practically every poor area in Britain will have numerous bookies too, you can almost judge the quality of an area by how many bookies per square foot there are. It's atrocious how open they are at attracting their clientele.
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