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  1. Sports quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 11 seconds  
  2. Leicester fan taunting LFC fans with The Sun logo

    Football does some weird things to people. Imagine angrily googling the Sun logo on your smartphone for the sake of antagonising some random humans.
  3. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Yeah, that wasn't explained very well. For example, doing 40mph and then regularly stopping every 50 yards to check location. That's not a case of being too far up their arse, it's erratic driving. We've all been lost/not sure of the exact house number, but there's a difference between pulling over and working out where you are/need to be and reaching the speed limit before aimlessly stopping again every 10 seconds without warning. Even worse when people almost stop on a motorway/dual carriageway to check if it is indeed the junction they need.
  4. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    People who drive around multi-storey car parks like they're in the Monaco Grand Prix. People who are looking for a particular road/house number and drive around at 5mph and or stop starting with no warning.
  5. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Absolutely. I believe I am correct in saying that the House of Lords is the only wholly unelected body in any major democracy in the world - yet faces little to no scrutiny outside of those who pay an interest. Ironically the likes of Norman Tebbit, Norman Lamont, Michael Howard and Nigel Lawson were spouting about the anti-democratic nature of the EU during the vote whilst sitting in the Lords. Comparisons with the EU are fair, though something like 60%+ of people, post if/whenever Brexit is actually complete, will be subject to a Government whom they did not elect and face little to no legal scrutiny - which is arguably as or more anti rule of law than the EU was in the first place. Difficult to get a balance.
  6. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I studied Constitutional Law as a module at Uni and naturally covered the House of Lords, it was during the inception of the Supreme Court, and there was widespread talk about how the Lords would finally be revolutionised and here we are with little to no change. Considering how wappy some get about the unconstitutional and anti-democratic EU the Lords gets a gentle ride.
  7. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Completely agree. Feminism, or at least the concept of what feminism intended to represent, encapsulates everything that you say. It's about equality for men and women, not just women. It just so happens that when the phrase was coined, back in the 19th century, women were very much a second class citizen and there was consequently a greater imbalance against them to work on. Nothing you suggest above is the fault of feminism, or at least true feminism. Like any other belief it has extreme views and those people tend to shout louder than the majority of the sane bunch, causing people to believe that the goal of feminism is to force males to be second class citizens. Egalitarian is a better phrase for equality though, of course, and perhaps more modern. The notion that women are already equal in every facet is a little off the mark though. As an aside It also really bugs me when people say 'i'm against feminism because they don't play five sets in tennis'. Like women/men have been protesting for equality for centuries for the sake of Maria Sharapova.
  8. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Rugby fans are envious of pretty much every aspect of the football fan experience - though they would never care to admit it. Horse riders should pay road tax or get off the damn road. This one shouldn't be, but seemingly is - everybody should be a 'feminist'. The simple concept of equality has been tainted by bra burning men haters.
  9. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It seems to be part and parcel of modern politics, unfortunately. There was a young, suicidal, girl a few weeks back whose ordeal was being used as political point scoring, rather than attending to the issue in hand. Pretty much every political party tried to manipulate the monstrosity of Grenfell their way too. It's slowly becoming a real life Thick of It Episode - just waiting for Teresa May to be pictured on the top of a slide receiving updates on Mr Tickell's untimely death.
  10. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    The myth was invented by slave drivers to make black men appear to be subhuman and therefore emotionless and not worth of pity for their awful existence, so on that basis I guess there is always a chance that they would be. I'm sure the vast majority couldn't care less about the stereotype. As above though, I don't think anybody is actually outraged, it's just a mere question as to whether we should be or not. The answer likely being no.
  11. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    I don't see why not. Of course we will perhaps never again rival the success of 2015/16 we will still have highs and lows, last minute goals, winning runs etc. I'm only 25 so I was fairly young for the MO'N years, but the ecstasy of that didn't mean that I didn't enjoy our 2009/10 play off foray or the year we won the Championship etc, just because it was of less value. I still feel as happy as I did when Leicester win and as annoyed when they lose as I did pre the infamous season. Sure, it's difficult to rival the daily anxiety of wondering if/when we were going to blow it but I'm too far into the social conditioning to stop caring because we're drawing to Huddersfield and not Atletico Madrid.
  12. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    Most people whom sing it probably don't even understand why the stereotype about black men's members is racist anyway. Remember a similar song about the legendary Enoch Showumni - think it may have been Leeds.
  13. Championship 2017/18

    In all fairness Leeds, whilst being a one club city, do have to compete with the small matter of United being less than 50 miles away and the growing brand of City too. Liverpool not overly far away also.
  14. La Manga - Inside Story

    Yup. I happened to be watching the Football League Show (or whatever it's called now) the other week and Colin Murray asked Keith Gillespie about how much money he would have on x, y or z to happen at least 2/3 times. So awkward. Clearly the allegations had a huge influence on the team and staff etc, but we were hardly in great form on the pitch prior to that if I remember correctly. Think we won away for the first time all season in the resulting game afterwards.
  15. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    4-6 points is pretty much what I expected from the opening 5 games. Below par performance, particularly first half, and such a poor goal to give away. Can't see the results improving too much until we sort our pathetic midfield out though, not necessarily CS fault that he has next to nothing to pick from but a better side would have walked through us today. Point away from home in the top flight is always reasonable though.