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  1. Jokanovic seems likely for the Boro job now, would be a good appointment. Swansea look to be recruiting from within with the son of John Toshack (who was also still managing up until recently in Iran it seems). May be a masterstroke, but seems like more cost-cutting on their behalf.
  2. I still can't listen to Atmosphere without thinking of the final scene in Control. Such a poignant scene/song.
  3. Great experience last night, came out on the right end of a 7 goal thriller and had Gerry Taggart say 'great fvcking game big lad' which, as a 90s kid who remembers Gerry wheeling off in celebration from a trademark header, was great. Seemed to be at least 5/6 people short of the 36, which is disappointing given that plenty of people would have taken their place like a shot. I think I'm ready to slot in as 68th choice centre back at the club too. *edit* did not realise the picture would be the size of a small aircraft
  4. I don't like David Davies at all, but do feel slightly for him here. That woman is bizarre.
  5. James - aside from Laid I never really gave them the time of day as they didn't seem like my cup of tea. They happened to play at Benicassim a few years ago and were one of my favourite acts of the whole festival. Suede as well and Belle and Sebastian for similar reasons. I adore the Smiths and by virtue of that also love Morrissey. I can't justify (or stand) the vast majority of what he's come out with over the past few years, but he's still an idol of mine (definitely not politically though!) Yup! Haven't been for a while, but my Uni friends and I occasionally meet in Coventry as it's about half way between where we all live and that's often a suggestion for where to go, they still host semi-regular gigs I think.
  6. Been a few years since I studied Criminal Law but there is case law that states words can be classed as assault, but the remit effectively says that the words/threats must result in the victim fearing immediate violence. In that case the words were over a particularly long period of time though, not a barrage of insults in one instance. There's also a case that confirmed silence (it was a series of silent phone calls) can also constitute assault on the basis that psychiatric harm can amount to assault. So yes, technically, but no in the vast majority of circumstances.
  7. There's no doubting that he's a great politician, much better than many on both sides of the two main parties. Shame about some of his views and arrogance though. As for a leader - I genuinely don't know who the leader I want is at this current time, it's certainly not May, Corbyn or Farage though. I think the vast majority know it's wrong and sets a dangerous precedent to condone that sort of thing. There is a huge difference between laughing at a prat covered in milkshake and actively encouraging it though. Similar to laughing at somebody falling over and pushing said person I guess. His reaction has also been wrong. Saying that remainers have been radicalised is quite the accusation when some MPs have been murdered and faced plots for their killings. Radicalised is a strong word and he had time to think about whether or not to use it, and the worst thing is that people will back him up on that claim.
  8. I saw one woman say that she wasn't going to vote on Thursday but because of that she's now going to vote for the Brexit Party. If that is really how some people make their minds up on voting then it's no surprise people like Farage, Boris and Trump are/will be successful because they know how to manipulate the idiots. Always remind me of a really old Family Guy from when I was a teenager when the mum is running for some kind of political position and works out that by giving the answer '9/11' to every question she can storm the election.
  9. I guess it depends on Sarri to Juventus, as I can't see Chelsea sacking him. Could be a managerial merry-go-round across Europe's top clubs with Juve and potentially Bayern and Barcelona too. Roma also likely to be after a new manager and Tuchel isn't exactly safe at PSG either.
  10. People who use the word rape to describe a heavy defeat in a football game. I understand that many think it's just a word and complaining about it is just being overly sensitive, but there are so many synonyms that make it just unnecessary and gross. It also just reminds me of the eloquent David Haye talking up his chances pre boxing bout.
  11. 1. He knows what he's doing. 2. You don't have to be white to hold those views. In the same way that Corbyn knows how to get large fractions of the youth on his side by saying, in effect, nothing, Farage knows how to do the same with the opposite end of the spectrum. He's intelligent, calculated and knows when to strike, If it wasn't for his abhorrent views and personality I'd admire him. He'll get more votes and support over the milkshake incident than he will lose. He knows how to speak to those who he knows he can get on his side, and doesn't give two s**ts about those who will never vote for him. In many ways that's where the likes of Corbyn and Miliband fall down. Ultimately though, even he's successful here which I suspect he will be, he'll fall down because he rides of waves of hate and frustration which eventually die down when the results don't follow.
  12. Amen. If I were paying £5.25 for a milkshake I'd expect it to be served in a bucket sized cup. I cannot stand bananas so I do feel for Farage, but then if you can live with being Farage you can live with that I guess.
  13. No, but the likes of Vieira, Ince and Campbell are in that category, or thereabouts, and they had to start in the MLS (thanks to the input of Man City) and Macclesfield. I'm just saying that it must be frustrating to see the likes of Neville, Shearer, Lampard, Gerrard and co walk straight into a top job whilst you're struggling to get the Grimsby job. I of course get where you're coming from in that Lampard and Gerrard played at the highest level and lead by example, but here's also no particular evidence that leaders on the pitch make better managers either. Heskey, in theory at least, is no likely to be any worse off as a manager than Gerrard simply because he didn't scream and shout and kiss the badge. I think ultimately it's another one of those subjects where the arguments are skewed. You seem to either have to be massively in favour and therefore want to enforce positive discrimination, or you have to be massively against and bemoan the use of the 'race card', when the reality, as per usual, is perhaps somewhere in the middle in that. For the time being at least it seems that for every one Paul Ince falling flat on his face there are multiple Tim Sherwood, Alan Shearer, Gary Neville, Teddy Sherringhams falling flat on theirs, but how to resolve that is not straightforwards or simple.
  14. Another milkshake protest, this time at Farage - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-48339711 For anybody interested in the flavour and or price, the BBC can confirm via Mr Crowther - 'Paul Crowther, 32, from Throckley, Newcastle, said it was a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake.'
  15. From memory he had, but it was around the time that Fergie and United were untouchable in more ways than one. My dislike of United may have clouded that memory .
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