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  1. 20 tickets each I heard. Sickening
  2. I blame Hagrid then
  3. I blame Jim
  4. We could play them both in a christmas tree formation
  5. Yakubu probably the best natural finisher we have had. He could play the Okazaki role still
  6. Membership loyalty for adults should be based on more than one season. But kids under 16 shouldn't have to have loyalty points in my opinion. If a family member is either a season ticket holder or a member with loyalty points. The kids should be able to get tickets at the same time.
  7. I would hope and expect that to be the case. My son starts on 22. Silver that went to 12 games last year. Hoping after 3 this year he would move into the higher band.
  8. Cheers. Just me that thinks thats terrible?
  9. Surely half will not go to a ballot? I was expecting a couple of hundred to the ballot and the rest based on priority?
  10. That sounds painful
  11. Hahaha, thats a good one. You have completely done me here! Hold my hands up. TBF Drinkwater progressed incredibly well in 18 months since then far more than I can imagine anyone expected. I still believe James has the potential to be a better all round midfielder though. Excited to have him back this season. Just hope the injury hasn't hurt him too much.
  12. I was extremely professional in my tone, implored her not to just forward it on the TO or Jim. And she just did anyway haha
  13. I have just tweeted Jim with a link to the page and requested clarity on the figures. Hahahaha. Im looking forward to stock response.
  14. I emailed Susan Whelan about the whole process last week as I was so annoyed and just didn't believe any of it. I requested that an internal investigation into the figures reported was carried out..... She just forwarded my email straight to Jim and he denied everything.
  15. So did everyone mate. And I am sure there are. The whole thing has been fishy from start to finish for me. I fully expected (along with a lot of others that renewals would be nowhere near the levels they are talking about). Then they report over a 97% up take and now are saying less than 400 available.