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    I think this may well be the case. Unfortunately the lure of London has proved too much. We move on.
  2. roger54


    Let's face it. He took a lot of persauding to come here in the first place. Onwards and upwards - How did we feel when Cambiasso left and look what happened. I think the club had resigned itself to him leaving - Hence Mendy. We may need someone else but at least we have time.
  3. Making it odd that they would offer a four year deal
  4. roger54

    Islam Slimani

    30 million termination clause is the gauge required by the leader of the emblem of Alvalade , at least until the 30th ; then the output of the team's top scorer will have to be agreed upon by lions The claim of Leicester City to hire striker Islam Slimani bumped into the intransigence of president Bruno de Carvalho in negotiating the international Algerian for less than the termination clause set at 30 million euros , forcing the English champions to study other options on the market . Concerned , you know GAME is the prior refusal of readiness of the leaders of Leicester to proceed with a formal proposal for 20 million euros , plus five million euros for goals. Whatever that means
  5. roger54


    Perhaps he sees Vardy as a loss leader to catch Mahrez or Kante or both.
  6. roger54


    I think the second could well be true. Whatever it is it is ultimately damaging to team and club morale. He needs to get on with it soon - Not wait for another month.
  7. roger54


    I seriously think that Wenger has a problem because we won the League and they blew their opportunity.
  8. roger54

    Gianluca Lapadula

    Only want people who want to play for us
  9. roger54

    Constructive Feedback For The Club

    Have a set Corporate allocation of tickets at the start of the season and stick to it. For this game far too many were given to sponsors and the owners clearly had quite a large block.
  10. Yep Vardy was fouled. A pull back is a foul anywhere else on the pitch so why not in the penalty area. He bottled it completely. Completely and utterly incompetent. I hope he is a better Head Teacher than a referee
  11. roger54

    Black Market Tickets

    Reported to the club
  12. I think the problem is that they never saw this coming. It has not been a problem before this game. All other games did get to Silver Memberships at least. I do believe that they should have worked this through on the basis of booking history for this season. Back in the day they used to issue vouchers and this always worked. It wouldn't have taken rocket science to work it out. A plan should have been in place since Christmas meaning that everyone knew where they stood.
  13. roger54

    Everton (H) 7/5/16 5:30pm

    Don't begrudge the players at all but that is 500 tops - 2,500 for hospitality is just so so poor and leaves a bad feeling. Don't need Prince William and his entourage anywhere near the club thank you,.
  14. roger54

    Everton (H) 7/5/16 5:30pm

    So that means there are over 2,500 tickets that have gone to hospitality. Disgusting
  15. roger54

    Everton (H) 7/5/16 5:30pm

    Have informed the club. These need to be cancelled