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  1. Name the first >£1million signing for LCFC in 1994?
  2. Rightio pal. Check my reputation and the history...
  3. It is face value. Plus the cost of me delivering it. Enjoy 👍
  4. PM me. In town now. If you are new member be prepared to prove ya are Lester.
  5. Have 1 x spare. I’m in town now. PM me. If you are a new member be prepared to prove you are lesta!
  6. half of Leicestershire support Liverpool for some unknown reason.
  7. 2 x tickets for tomorrow. Seated together.
  8. I have 2 available for this game. Seated together. **SOLD**
  9. I have 2 available, seated together. Collection in Syston **SOLD**
  10. Seated together. Collection from Syston **SOLD**
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