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  1. Tough dilemma. United look a little ‘leggy’ and you can get at them. Their defence (particularly De Gea) look susceptible to making mistakes but you still have to force those errors. Takes some courage though and pushing at the right times. Definitely not the right time if it leaves us exposed at the back in any way. We can’t leave any space at all. That’s exactly what they want. We’re actually really vulnerable when we have a corner!! Anticipate they will break like Usain Bolt and do not dilly dally on the ball!! We’re relying on Barnes, Vardy perhaps Tielemans creating something. Anything can happen. I’m calling a Morgan header first half from a free kick. Although I think he may go 3 at the back with the two wing backs if Albrighton is fit, I’m starting to like the idea of Hamza playing alongside Wilf and flooding that centre of the pitch a bit more. Crunch Fernandes whenever he gets that ball. We cannot... cannot let him turn and get his head up. Stop him, stop their rhythm and we have half a chance. Lose the ball and we get everyone back behind it and tucked in. Then we need a stroke of luck, a cheeky VAR decision to go our way... anything. Do the basics right first though lads and don’t gift them anything. If they cut us apart, fair enough but there’s nothing more frustrating than playing well and then causing our own pressure and conceding. We won’t get many chances. Take the half chances we get and who knows!? Let’s keep positive! We’ve got a full week to prepare as best we can.
  2. I don’t think it’s criticism of his character, age or endeavour - it’s more the fact the impact he has, particularly in an attacking sense. For me, Albrighton doesn’t beat a man so I don’t agree that he drives forward unfortunately. He relies on space and good delivery, which he does admittedly. However, what is the point in him continually putting in balls at height when we have Vardy in the box alone? Too easy to defend and very predictable. Barnes won’t be coming to attack those balls so you look at late runs into the box - from who? Mads or Youri? They aren’t going to threaten centre halves are they? It’s imperative we work ways to get to the byline and get behind with willing runners so the ball can be delivered low across the box or cut back for our advancing players. Defenders hate this. Then... you’ll see a difference. Has Albrighton got this in him? This is where Ricardo P was so dangerous for us on that over/under lap. I’d argue, for all his inconsistencies and poor quality at time, this calls for D.Gray. Much more threatening, will beat a man and put a more dangerous delivery in which Vardy has a chance of getting on the end of, and hopefully Kel if he plays both up top. Apologies for the rant but it’s a valid point I believe. Can’t keep watching us put in hopeful, wasteful balls into the box, thinking this is ‘pressure’ it’s not. Purposeful, low football. Look at Man City (albeit their quality and money spent is ridiculous I get it). But, they won’t be whipping in long high balls for Sterling or Jesus. It’s low/mid driven balls across the 6 yard box where defenders are facing their own goal.
  3. Did they really? I’m not saying they had a shocker but Evans was so wasteful in possession and Cags always looked liked he had a mistake in him. We didn’t have the cutting edge and still lack fluidity or ideas in the final third. When we do get into good possessions, again, so wasteful it’s unreal. Chelsea must have been pissing themselves at half time to play that badly and go in drawing. On to Everton. We’ll get behind the lads. I liked Praet in there today. Barnes not effective enough today and his touch was so so poor. I’d play Gray on the left.
  4. No more of this “We’re third. What more do you want? Be positive.” That would be easy to do if we could see promise in performance. And those points will soon be eaten up by the chasing pack. Achievement breeds motivation and we’re not that far in front. That’s the performance after a full week’s training and preparation. Worrying signs. We’re going to drop out the top 4 very soon and the I fear that’ll be our season. Lose all momentum and finish disappointingly. We’re not stepping up. We had the benefit of seeing teams drop points yesterday and didn’t have the grit to take advantage of that today. These players look nervous. We’ve lost the rhythm I’m afraid and everything seems disjointed.
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