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  1. Check the other replies as well
  2. “Info: @LCFC don't let go of wesley fofana 🇫🇷 . Foxes coach Brandan Rodgers and his assistant Kolo Touré maintain regular contact with the 19-year-old defender. A new offer should be formulated in the coming weeks.“
  3. I’m sure he’s got a few things right in the past. Bit hit and miss.
  4. Obviously. But more often than not you hear of what figure was bid from a reliable source.
  5. Has anywhere official actually said how much the rejected bid was?
  6. That’s what makes me think there’s more to go on this. I reckon we’ll make one last offer and that should do it.
  7. He publicly said he hopes Puel can respect his decision and grant him his transfer yet he was the one who pushed for him to stay. He defo won’t be happy, just gotta see over the next few days if he tries to push for a deal even more by refusing to train or handing in a transfer request.
  8. Despise them saying he’s not going I’m pretty sure if we offer the money he’s ours. The fans hate him now and his sister was getting bullied. Don’t see how that can suddenly change because he’s being forced to stay.
  9. “Out of the question for the Greens to let Wesley go #Fofana this summer, despite the very strong interest of #Leicester . The young central defender should therefore remain in Forez at least until June 2021. The club wants to be firm.”
  10. Really hope this happens. Him and Ounas would be relatively cheap and a massive improvement on our wingers at the minute.
  11. Well it’s clearly not fake news when the player himself has publicly came out and said he wants his club to accept our offer.
  12. Anyone got the article for this?
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