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  1. CL Quarter Final Draw

    If we get Barca Musa has a great record of scoring against them 😂
  2. AFCON

    ? Mauritius is a different country to Mauritania. Sorry to piss on your fun lads great bants though!
  3. Increase East Stand capacity

    What about swapping the kop and the family stand?
  4. Wouldn't worry too much. Coups happen all the time there, and I am very confident that there will be fresh elections shortly and civilian rule will be reinstated. Besides, the army swear allegiance to the king, top and aiyawatt have strong ties to the king so I would worry even less.
  5. Leicester City's Greatest Villain?

    Wayne Brown. Not going to dispute there is some right koonts in that list but no one who so single handedly cost us promotion, despite all the work the manager and players put in. I mean what was he thinking to make that remark. What an absolute muppet!
  6. The I Love Lloyd Dyer Thread.

    He won me £65, even more reason to love him.
  7. Leicester vs Man City betting thread

    I put a tenner on dyer to score any time at 13/2. Feeling lucky as had a tenner on Nuge to be first scorer on Saturday :-)
  8. Konch frustrated with contracts delay.

    This is all very silly. There is nothing to stop us offering them contracts on the assumption we stay in the championship (ie wage cuts) to give them some security. We would then give them the proviso we would offer them an improved contract if we are promoted, or have a promotion bonus or promotion pay rise within the championship contract.
  9. Wood and Vardy

    But Nugent always scores against Burnley, whatever team he is at. I say keep him in for Burnley, stick a tenner on him scoring and see how he goes from there.
  10. Thai Problems

    Not important. They revere their king in Thailand above any politicians, and Vichai and Top have royal approval (received a new surname from him recently). Add to that over the last decade there have been several changes in government (some much more violent than this) that don't seem to have affected King Power's fortunes and I would say you are clutching at straws.
  11. No more FRENCH pen takers

    I was sitting in the pub with a couple of Charlton fans; as soon as Knocky missed it I said "congratulations, you have a cracking player on your hands"....
  12. commiserations Leicester..

    If Watford actually get to the prem, enjoy it. They have a transfer embargo until September and the loan rules will be changing because of their abuse of it. I predict Watford will do even worse than Derby. I will enjoy watching them get battered week in week out.
  13. Palace (A) Post Match

    The smoke bombs were wicked; especially after our second goal when everyone was singing 'We do what we want; we do what we want; We're Leicester City we do what we want' Our defence was shite, we lost everything in the air. If we play the ball on the ground we can be unplayable. Our two goals were very well taken and we don't seem to have any problems in midfield and attack. However the amount of times the ball was hoofed up front to Schlupp, the smallest man on the pitch, was ridiculous.
  14. City v Palace Pre Match

    There is a good pub at the Crystal Palace triangle, opposite the top entrance to the park, called the Grape and Grain I believe...its about a 10-15 min bus ride to the ground. Might be worth a go.