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  1. You should try Vieri! Woeful!
  2. I suppose this tarnishes Morgan’s post role position at the club too. I can’t imagine it’ll do him Any favours at the PFA either.
  3. You convinced me to do it.
  4. I was playing the “one league” friendly games earlier to finish the FUT Friendly achievement. Not the worst team I’ve ever put out.
  5. I’m surprised Castagne scores to highly, as like Praet, the game seemed to pass him by for large parts.
  6. Albrighton deserves credit since he’s come on.
  7. We didn’t press until Albrighton came on. We were just passive and looked like we were lacking intensity and energy.
  8. He looks finished as our main striker. Has done for most of the season. Penalties have masked it.
  9. If I was Tielemans, I wouldn’t stay in fairness.
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