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  1. I think it brings Perez into play more. He links better.
  2. Could be the next player we need to upgrade
  3. ...... I thought we looked okay without him.
  4. Best 45 minutes since Villa away?!?
  5. I’ve played in a few 6 a side tournaments at St Georges. In one, all teams were managed by an ex Pro, which was quite nice.
  6. Sly

    Alex Telles

    1. We’ve scouted him. Along with a whole host of other clubs. 2. Due to him signalling an unwillingness to sign a new contract, he can leave on a free in 30/06/21. So 18 months left. Every passing transfer window, his value plummets. 3. He’d be an offensive upgrades to many teams across Europe but operates more as a LWB, rather than a LB. 5 goals and 6 assists in 19 appearances this season. 4. He’s Brazilian but holds an Italian passport. So EU rules would allow him to get an work permit across Europe. Only 1 game for Brazil, so a work permit may be more difficult in the UK. Who knows what happens come the 31st January!!! 5. He is suspect defensively, which is one of the main reasons teams haven’t opted to take him. He could have joined Inter from Galatasary for €8,500,000, whilst he was on loan. He didn’t exactly set the world alight. He’d be a gamble. Similar to Ricardo when he arrived maybe?
  7. To be fair ...... the better teams did fall off; which did help us.
  8. Soyunco conceded one similar didn’t he over Christmas? Can’t remember if it was against Liverpool or Manchester City. I’ve tried to erase both from my memory.
  9. He was lucky with the re-take the other week.
  10. The type of performance; with this type of response can be seen on the forums of Arsenal, Manchester United. Spurs, Chelsea, Wolves and even Manchester City this season. On our day, we’re all capable of beating any!team in the league. We’re just inconsistent and with will put out a dross performance like we’ve just watched. I’m starting to doubt if Liverpool are the best EPL team ever; or just that bit better and more consistent than the rest.
  11. I feel like we kept the ball better under Puel. We looked boring as hell either way ...
  12. Ultimately, the Premier League is a competitive league and any team is capable of beating another (Liverpool aside). It’s the manor of the performances that is worrying. It feels like the 2000/2001 season under Peter Taylor at the moment.
  13. Sly


    xG did point to us out performing, which we can all acknowledge we were, surely? The 9-0 at Southampton was a freak result and it’s screwed up over stats like G/d etc etc
  14. Ricardo and Barnes the only 6s for me in hindsight. Straight up dogs hit performance.
  15. Sly


    Ultimately it’ll balance out in the long run. It’s not 100% accurate, however it sums up what people were saying.
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