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  1. Well, I’m still feeling the impact of the 12k I did earlier this week. Amazing how much fitter I feel and the injuries don’t ache now. Regular running and this thread have been brilliant this year.
  2. I saw the article the other day about esports and thought it was a decent venue for that sort of event. I can’t imagine they draw massive crows, that would require a larger stadium / NEC type building. I’m not sure why they’re building a massive hotel on Welford road if I’m honest. Who are they hoping to attract?!?
  3. What are the thoughts on the changes Strava have introduced? I quite liked the segment analysis. Not enough to pay for it though, as I’m tight.
  4. Celtic and Rangers would make the league stronger.
  5. Pat Murphy https://youtu.be/gaQhHNUOdZ8
  6. I plan on half a marathon a day for the rest of the week. ........ still can’t bring myself to call it a snickers.
  7. It’s funny you should say that, as I felt like going again last night!
  8. I went out yesterday morning to do a 5k. I ended up doing 12k, which is the furthest I’ve done to date. I wasn’t quick and by the end I was having to walk / run as my body was aching like crazy. However I was super happy when I got home!
  9. Sly

    Luis Henrique

    His left leg is purely for standing on. Premier League, Seria A, La Liga, Bundisliga, Ligue 1 defenders will all know how to play him.
  10. I’m off work this week, so my plan is to get 5k in every day. Lets see how that goes!!!
  11. This game was really toys out the pram. I’m still unsure how they didn’t get at least 1 player red carded. Can you imagine what VAR would do to it. It was great to watch though. VAR would ruin a piece of history.
  12. I’ve not long finished it! It’s a great motivation tool.
  13. What's your favourite goal from the 15/16 season? Mine was Mahrez against Manchester City, it was at that moment I believed. I believed we could be Champions.
  14. Love the fact it says he’s doing marathons at night then averages more than 15 miles per run! I should hope so! It’d be a short marathon if he didn’t!
  15. I’ve adapted my root now, so I just run around my estate 6 times, which equates to 5k. Hardly any elevation and the shins feel great! I’ve tried to push myself to do quicker times and actually managed a new PB yesterday of 35:01! My best 1k was 5:27, so I definitely went too quickly and got tired. I’m going to add some segments into my run on Strava and look to push / beat them.
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