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  1. Simply put .... Whatever we sell Maguire for, wouldn’t be enough. We’d have to replace him and teams would have our pants down with the transfer fee. It’s just the butterfly effect of the fee. Just look at what this supposed transfer is doing to the market. I think Dunk is a solid player, however ..... £40,000,000!!!!
  2. Sly


    He’s made himself look a bit of a tool hasn't he.
  3. Sly

    30-50m Winger

    It’s been quoted in a few places today. Apparently from Mark Overmars, staying Arsenal should sign him. Not going to lie, I thought it was odd, as he’s the DoF at Ajax, so surely you’d keep a small release fee quiet?!? ...... or am I missing something?
  4. Hey there, Maguire, Did you fancy Manchester City? That moves a thousand miles away, But, boy, tonight it looks so pretty ......
  5. Sly


    Dunk is okay, is he that much better than what we already have though? I’d rather not spunk the balance of the Maguire transfer on him.
  6. What happens though, if they bid £70,000,000. We say “No, it’s £85,000,000, don’t bother coming back until you meet our valuation”. .......
  7. Sly

    Adrien Silva

    I’ve still not written him off. He’s had a torrid time wi TV is really though. Not sure why he’s only turning up now though?
  8. But ..... reporters are always right .... aren’t that!!?
  9. The standard isn’t that great really. When you’ve been watching Premier League football, it really opens your eyes, watching something else ...
  10. What do we think to Baghdad Boundjah?
  11. That free kick at MK Dons!!
  12. Sly


    He’s started on the bench tonight.
  13. Not necessarily the right way of looking at it. Think of it as would you change job if you were doubling your salary. Money isn’t the most important motivator when people choose a job surprisingly. It’s job satisfaction. Would he get that at Manchester United?!?
  14. I actually don’t think he’s that much below Harry. I rate him.
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