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  1. Sly

    Wilfred Kanon

    https://www.90min.com/posts/6376278-leicester-southampton-newcastle-set-for-transfer-battle-to-sign-ivory-coast-star-wilfried-kanon Premier League trio Leicester City, Newcastle United and Southampton are all keeping tabs on ADO Den Haag central defender Wilfried Konan ahead of a potential move this summer. The 25-year-old starred for the Dutch side in 2018/19, scoring once and providing one assist in 30 Eredivise games. It was his performances at the back however that have really caught the eye, as sides in England, Spain and Germany keep tabs on him.
  2. Sly

    Arjen Robben

    I see him going to West Ham. he has decent ties to Pellegrini and will know London.
  3. Sly


    Maybe the purchase of Ghezzel was always a long term strategy for getting Yuri here? They are decent friends apparently.
  4. Sly

    The Money Pot

    Would that report have featured last Years outgoings? He’d have been one of our highest earners. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/leicester-city/transfers/verein/1003 Based on transfer value, we’ve spent £16,000,000 after comings / goings. Id like to think, looking at that list, we’d reduced the wage bill, after it had been inflated from the Champions League season.
  5. Sly

    The Money Pot

    People need to stop with the silly myth, hyped up by Sky, that spending money, makes you a better team. Spending money, acquires players. They may be woeful. Tottenham, in fairness, has proved this point. All the hype now, around that they’ll have to spend, for the rest to stay is silly.
  6. Sly

    Alex Telles

    Linked to Alex Telles, as a Ben Chilwell replacement, according to OneFootball https://1.ftb.al/VKG474WXOW
  7. In fact, that link is behind - it’s on YouTube
  8. We got through the group stage yesterday. We play Rangers in the QF.
  9. Sly

    Luca Connell

    It looks like we’re set to miss out on Luca Connell from Bolton. Prefers a move to Wolves according to the Birmingham Mail.
  10. Sly


    I was having a debate today with a few lads. We all had a different opinion on who our biggest rivals are “now”. What’s your opinion?
  11. Calm down people!! He’s head of recruitment. Not solely responsible for it. This is the biggest job he’ll have had, with ultimately I’d say the most support he’s had. The board here will most likely back him. The shackles were tied at Celtic, Sunderland etc For all we know, he could have identified the next M’Bappe, Neymar, Messi, Kante, Etc etc and been told “we’re not paying a £1,000,000 for him”. Have you never worked anywhere where you’ve had a decision overruled and it turned out you’d have been right?!? Lets see how this plays out .......
  12. Did we ever look like scoring? We defend well and frustrated them. The better team won though.
  13. Sly


    I thought that he was largely ineffective tonight. He’s not had a poor game, however didn’t stand out like in other games.
  14. Sly


    What’s he saying? I can’t make it out.
  15. I think a lot of this depends on player. I attended a talk recently, which was hosted by a former Sports Phycologist of Barcelona. He spoke about what Barca looked for in players, which was basically humility. teamwork and work ethic. When they’d deferred away from this, they’d acquired some great players like Ronaldinho and Zlatan. However ultimately they’d been a nightmare and upset the Apple cart so to speak. Ultimately, Barca ended up getting shot of them, as they were massively disruptive to the club. It was something crazy like each player has a given car to attend training in, so they’re all equal. Zlatan got dropped and turned up in a yellow Lamborghini. 😂 Real Madrid buy egos. They’re on the other end of the scale. Anyhow, my point here, as a player, would you want to join a squad of egos like Manchester United, or a team, like Leicester, Tottenham or Liverpool. I can’t see Tielmans going to Manchester United. Everything you read about him doesn’t fit with them. I’d be more worried if it was Liverpool or Tottenham interested. Think about it yourself, you get offered two jobs. 1. £500,000 a year, place is full of knobheads and everything you do, no matter how hard you work, you’re always critiqued crazily. You know you’re not going to like certain people. It’s also in Manchester. 2. £350,000 a year, you’ve been doing some temp work, so you already know the place. You really like the people and you feel really appreciated in the work you do. It’s in Leicester. Of the two jobs, we’ll all choose one over the other, ultimately, which one does Youri or any other player choose?
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