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  1. I’ve just had to re-read this ..... twice! I think he’d play him. I mean, he’d be a massive upgrade on Perez, who gets game time.
  2. He’s 34 now, 4 goals in 21 games for Mansfield Town. We should thank Bristol City ever day for rejecting out £6,000,000 bid.
  3. What we inevitable did when we went into administration was pretty poor form at the time, whichever way you cut it. However, we weren’t the first, we won’t be the last. It’s no different to a business waiting on big contract whilst in administration, to offset against retain its assets. It was all legal at the time and within FA rules. To add as well, different club, different time, different owners. ITV Digital collapsed in 2002, owing something like £185,000,000 to the football league. In between 2002 - 2003 the following football league clubs went int
  4. Williams is the striker that comes to mind when you think of closest style of play to Vardy. He’d cost a small fortune though.
  5. He reminds me of Zlatan, beyond the obvious that they’re both Swedish.
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if we changed it up and went for someone very few people are familiar with. Jean-Pierre Nsame Kasper Doljberg Ibrahima Niane Alexander Isak Jordan Larson Neal Maupay Ivan Toney Adam Armstrong
  7. Kante, Tielemans, N’Didi, Izzet, Lennon, Maddison For me, the best 6 midfielders I’ve seen play for us. To think that 3 of them play in the current team is brilliant.
  8. He has an air of confidence about him. I felt happier knowing he was in defence.
  9. It’s generally the loan players that were uninspiring that you sort of forget played for us, until you watch a highlights reel of look at a squad list. Astrit Ajdarević Lars Hershfield Andy Welsh Shaun Newton Sergio Hellings etc etc
  10. Debut coming on at Pride Park if I remember right.
  11. To put Akinbye fee into perspective, it’d be like us buying him today, for £87,500,000 ......... that’s the inflation cost.
  12. I think I read somewhere that Peter Taylor had asked Darren Eadie what he thought of Akinbye. Eadie said he rated him and thought he was a good buy. Apparently Eadie spat his coffee out when he read the papers / teletext and found out we’d paid £5,000,000 for him!
  13. Arsenal have made some questionable purchases. I know the fans wanted Wenger out, I bet most of them rue the day he left now.
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