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  1. Sly

    Corona Virus

    Rishi will need his bottomless pit topping up at some point!
  2. Sly

    Corona Virus

    I wonder what sort of Tax we'll be paying once this blows over?
  3. Sly

    Corona Virus

    Have some countries stop counting cases / deaths. Or am I being cynical??
  4. In theory, you could play the games at St George’s Park.
  5. Sly

    Corona Virus

    I personally believe this has been handled quite well. Somewhere on a shelf somewhere they had a plan drawn up called “How to deal with a pandemic”. They’ve basically dusted it down, as it was wrote donkeys ago and put it into action. On day 1 they had a plan drawn out, which included drip feeding information to the general public. What happened on Monday, was reactive for me, just part of that drawn out plan. I think I’ve said before, it’s a balancing act, between exposing enough people to gain immunity, then not over exposing people to cripple the NHS. Potentially the only thing they didn’t consider if the fight for bread, milk and toilet roll. However, who can account for the general public being stupid.
  6. I take it you weren’t familiar either!!
  7. I had this in the first few weeks. I was getting shin splints. I then found something called runners loops, for lacing shoes on YouTube and I’ve been better ever since!
  8. I’ve been doing the couch to 5k to try and get some fitness sorted, after damaging my MCL and ACL playing football last June. I installed Strava to log my runs alongside it and joined the Foxestalk group. I can relate to all of the above, other than the ankles bit! It’s my knees that hurt!
  9. If you’re missing your football. I’ve just finished the first episode of “The English Game” and rather enjoyed it.
  10. Sly

    Corona Virus

    This is our wartime in theory. We’ll see who’s willing to go the extra mile. I’ve already have some people say “I’m not doing that” and “that’s not my job”. Whereas others have said, “I’ll do whatever is required”. Everything is remembered ...... we’re in this together ultimately.
  11. Sly

    Corona Virus

    I’m having daily Google hangouts with my commercial team. We’re in disaster recovery mode basically, so trying to find out what the commercial market is doing. We’re worried people will start to go pop on us, then impact our cash flow. I’ve given them a template with what we need to know, then let them get on with it. ...... they can’t go off playing golf, or down the pub now can they!!
  12. Sly

    Corona Virus

    Some mongoid has a bonfire going near me. That’ll help the folk on my estate who have asthma and CoronaVirus.
  13. Sly

    Corona Virus

    So the 250,000 people that the NHS needs ...... could the Government ask these folk that have been in the dole for the past “x” amount of years to actually earn the money they’ve been given!?
  14. Am I allowed to attend my blood donation tonight?! Surely that’s essential right?!?
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