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  1. I’m excited ...... is Perez going as well?!?
  2. Pretty much sums up my thoughts. Mahrez was greedy. Sometimes you need it.
  3. I was thinking compulsory 2 weeks. Look at how quickly our games are coming now.
  4. A Gray replacement?
  5. Leicester City target Florian Thauvin could reportedly be available on a free transfer next summer if he refuses to sign a new contract with current club Marseille. The Foxes were linked with Thauvin in the summer after he found his form back in France, following a disappointing spell in England with Newcastle. According to the Leicester Mercury, Thauvin will be free to speak with Leicester in January about a move if he continues to put off a contract extension with Marseille. The 27-year-old is contracted until June 2021, which means he would be allowed to talk to
  6. If he turns out to be as good as he potentially looks, then Marseille won’t be able to afford him. It’ll be Manchester United, Liverpool and Madrid.
  7. I disagree to an extent, you learn some of it as you grow up playing youth football, U21, even in daily training you’d improve etc. Game time is game time. I think a loan allows you to hone these skills against better players. My worry with Hamza is that he’s so far behind in this department, when you compare him to even the likes of what we’ve seen of KDH. We’ve got to remember, he didn’t set the world alight whilst he was on loan at Burton Albion.
  8. He’s been great so far. I suppose the question is, based on the initial impression, who’s your back 2 when everyone is fit? A few players that standout for me from early impressions, are Kante, Tunchev, Smith and Lakzcō. I think it was the Sunderland game where Kante came on and I said to my dad, he looks great, he’ll go on and play for a bigger club. You could tell early he was very, very good. Tunchev at the time of joining, great early games against MK Dons, Stockport and Cheltenham. It’s a shame he got injured against Palace, as he always looked like he cou
  9. Unfortunately with his lack of awareness and positional sense, he relies on this pace to get him out of trouble. This ultimately leads to him making tackles, that better players like Mendy, Ndidi and Kante don’t need to make. Some of those challenges are borderline and as a head coach, you’d be worried about him being a walking red card. He’s our Lee Catermoll in fairness.
  10. I’ll be honest, my initial reaction isn’t I’m blown away. At times you wanted him to release the ball a tad earlier. Still we’ve seen him for 50 minutes, so you don’t know if he’s trying to make things happen himself to stake a claim. We’ll have a better opinion overall in a months time I’d like to think.
  11. Arsenal only have themselves to blame for Ozil; like we did with Slimani and Silva. When he signed for them, he was one of the greatest players in the world, an assist machine. Arsenal fans were giving it large about how great he was then and even when he signed a new contract. Just because they want him gone now, excluding him from all football is a poor way of doing business. Then again, are you surprised considering this was the club that made multiple people redundant, including the club mascot. The club is a shell of its former self. They were always a nice c
  12. I still think that this will be like having Christmas every day. Eventually it becomes the norm and a normality. Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United may lose revenue in the long term, if this become the permanent league, rather than them playing in the Premier League. The Premier League is the most watch football league in world football, as it has the money and is on the large competitive. This season will be brilliant as a neutral. I actually wouldn’t oppose Celtic and Rangers playing in English football. We’d need to incorporate the rest of Scottish football though as it woul
  13. Excluded I’d imagine. It becomes more of a closed shop for the elite. No one wants a Porto upsetting the odds in Europe again.
  14. This would replace the Champions League and play out of the course of a season; whilst also playing in the domestic league. What I don’t understand, is how they plan on taking part in another 17 (once) to 34 games (twice). These teams already complain about fixture congestion etc. With the International Nations League, International Friendlies, FA Cup, League Cup etc, that’s a lot of football. This could just be a baby step to them braking away altogether, however it’s not that simple. We’ll end up with an inferior Premier League for those left behind,
  15. Has anyone looked back and analysed how his subs have won / lost us games?
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