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  1. You beat me to it. I saw that line-up and had visions of that front 3 of Walsh, Roberts, Ormondroyd. Most creative player (JJ) was on the bench. Pretty it was not but the result could not have been better. Repeat of that today?
  2. I was at that game too. Behind the goal, everyone in the Leicester end leaning forward every time Ryan Smith had the ball. But, yes, turned out to be another false dawn, of which there were too many at that time. 'The Forgettable Years', is that an official title (it should be?!) and what years does it cover? My 10 year old does not know how good he's got it with the Foxes, he's disappointed we've slipped down to 4th in the Premier League!
  3. Agree with this. I wouldn't swap Brendan for anyone. Klopp isn't coming and melding the DNA of 1990s O'Neil, 2010s Pearson and 2015/16 Raneri has yet to be perfected. Having suffered Holloway, Megson, Rob Kelly, scratching around in the Championship or being utterly out of our depth in the Premier League, I still cannot quite get used to us challenging the top 4 well over a year now. Yes I know we won the thing 4 years ago but we're building again something special (keep hold of Fofana, Tielemans, Ricardo, Barnes, Justin, Soyuncu, Maddison and just never know).
  4. Excellent interview with the legend that is JV on NBC Sports. Arlo White does the interview. Arlo works here in the US but is a Leicester fan through and through. Interesting to discover the goals Vardy rates as his best.
  5. Lived in Florida since 06, born and bred Leicester. Season ticket holder DD stand and for a time sold programmes at Filbert St, later season ticket holder at Walkers, as it was then. Right now live about 15 miles north of Tampa, Florida. Youngest born in Florida but big Leicester fan. Love Foxestalk, it's the language I speak! But the two Robbies on NBC Sports are good too
  6. Started watching Leicester regularly late 70s, early 80s. The idea of beating Man City away, Arsenal away and Leeds away was the stuff of wild dreams. Thank BR
  7. We live in the United States. Earlier today my wife was watching the NBC Morning Show. They were doing a live interview with Matthew McConaughey, asking how he and his family were dealing with Covid 19 quarantine. They showed Mcconaughey's son and guess what shirt the boy is wearing?!
  8. We were also an answer on America's longest running quiz show, Jeopardy, last night
  9. Maguire getting away with a ton of stuff v arsenal. Nothing against the bloke but if he was playing in foxes blue not the devils red it'd be a different story
  10. I couldn't agree more. Could not have stomached looking at these pre-Pearson era but today finding a twisted pleasure in this thread. After all, straight after this I'll be looking at the Premier League table for thr 40th time today
  11. What a player! Great viewing on this long wet weekend without the Premier League. The video gives a new appreciation of how good Vardy is running with the ball not just scoring goal after goal
  12. Thanks for these, great stories for the footballing drought that is the summer
  13. Yes, Southampton or Watford at home at 3pm, quietly going about an opening win. Would also like Man Utd reasonably early in the season, before they sack Ole and start playing well
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