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  1. We were also an answer on America's longest running quiz show, Jeopardy, last night
  2. Maguire getting away with a ton of stuff v arsenal. Nothing against the bloke but if he was playing in foxes blue not the devils red it'd be a different story
  3. I couldn't agree more. Could not have stomached looking at these pre-Pearson era but today finding a twisted pleasure in this thread. After all, straight after this I'll be looking at the Premier League table for thr 40th time today
  4. What a player! Great viewing on this long wet weekend without the Premier League. The video gives a new appreciation of how good Vardy is running with the ball not just scoring goal after goal
  5. Thanks for these, great stories for the footballing drought that is the summer
  6. Yes, Southampton or Watford at home at 3pm, quietly going about an opening win. Would also like Man Utd reasonably early in the season, before they sack Ole and start playing well
  7. Looking at Forest, Derby, Ipswich, Bolton, Coventry (all former Premier League teams) I am so thankful for Vichai, Top and Nige. It just doesn't bear thinking where we could be without them
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