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  1. Why? Would be massively disappointed if we don’t take all 3 points.
  2. Should have been a PK and a red on the miss - Zouma was pulling the player and no advantage ultimately came to the striker
  3. Both entirely possible, but you must be a hoot at parties.
  4. We’ll likely smash ‘em. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there, and just concentrate on Bournemouth now.
  5. Evans is pretty good with his feet (rarely gives it away), but often slow to move the ball.
  6. Yep! Especially given that we broke Burnley’s 6-game losing streak and only managed 1 point out of 6 from Norwich Shitty during said slide! Point is that we should not be giving any hope at all to these. Come on yer Foxes!
  7. The one that was in third place less than a week ago... And that was comfortably in second place not so long ago.
  8. Or they could be motivated... Hope we don’t see the ever-giving City tomorrow.
  9. I personally think the possible best that Man City will get is that the 2-season ban is reduced to only 1 season.
  10. A facility surely worthy of a Champions League football team.
  11. Speak for yourself. Most of us would not. Both players fell over and Mustafi's massive head connected with Vardy's off-balanced foot - or vice versa.
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