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  1. I don’t think it would have mattered. It would only mean this happens in a U23 game.
  2. Just try not to jump up when we score! Good luck
  3. Given that Ricardo, Soyuncu and Wilf are billed to play less than 90 minutes (as per Brendan’s presser), one would expect to probably see Fofana, Fuchs or Thomas and perhaps Mendy (but maybe Leshabela) subbed in at some point. I also think Perez might come in at some point during the game (perhaps for Nacho but maybe for Barnes or Ünder), which essentially leaves only 1 substitute spot if Brendan elects to use all 5 spots.
  4. While I get (and conceptually agree with) the point you are trying to make, "way deeper" and "ten yards" are more than a tad exaggerative. Evans may have been ten yards or so away from Fofana laterally, but he was more than 2 or so yards behind (deeper than) Wes.
  5. Watch the tape. Evan started to step up BEFORE Anguissa made the pass to Lookman. Just wasn’t fast enough.
  6. Nobody was "getting back to the ball carrier" (see the picture). Praet was already on his knees. The ball carrier did not start ahead of our players. Rather he outpaced them and was racing unimpeded towards the goal. The options were either to close down Anguissa or to give him free reign to take the shot (a pass to either of his two free teammates were not his sole option), a la Barkley, and hope for the best. Yet again, without necessarily justifying Fofana's choice, neither was an optimal option, but if Evan steps up Lookman (and possibly the Fulham player wide right) wou
  7. No, it is not. Pretty certain that it's impossible for you to grow wings and take flight! Conversely, the point of the Barkley goal is to establish that negative consequences from dropping off is more than just a theoretical 'possibility'. PS: Btw, though I hesitate to indulge in your weird analogies, if your house is on fire and the exits blocked you might not think jumping out of the window such a bad idea rather than exiting from the flaming front door. The clusterfvck TEAM defending left Fofana with a metaphorical inferno.
  8. Why not? There’s NO contradiction there. Some are substantively using the hindsight of the Lookman goal to make it seem that there was only ONE possible negative outcome, whereas the hindsight of the Barkley goal is valid (and succinct) evidence of that there’s also possible negative consequences in dropping off. That’s not contradictory to my position of a Sophie’s Choice with each holding the possibility of a negative consequence.
  9. Might I add that even if Fofana drops back to cover Lookman, there's still the wide-open Fulham player on the right. It was simply a TEAM clusterfvck, but if we're to count and apportion mistakes let's start from when we cheaply turned over possession to every missed tackle and every player out of position up to Evans who failed to step up with the line. If you were the GK on this one, you'd scream yourself hoarse.
  10. No need for the dissertation. I wasn't actually justifying his choice but merely noting that he had to make a Sophie's Choice. As someone else noted, either is a "calculated risk" but some seem to think there's no risk in the path not taken. Classic hindsight analysis.
  11. It's about the same distance as Barkley was "allowed" to shoot. But if we're choosing our own preferable scenarios, would rather the miscue of others not compel him to make either choice.
  12. Nobody said it did. Merely a case where the defenders backed off and the attacker had a free run and shot at goal.
  13. But that's the point. Either call is a calculated risk. Each option holds the possibility of negative consequences, so in the heat of the moment the players elects the 'best' of two poor choices. Obviously Fofana saw closing down Anguissa, who had no one around him to impede his progress, as relatively more urgent (perhaps he does not share the apparent faith of some in Evans' foot speed ). In hindsight, it cost us but it is hypothetical to suggest the other option wouldn't have either.
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