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  1. He doesn't have to be among the best defensive and offensive all-rounders to be wanted by top clubs. A top player like Gattuso certainly wasn't, and neither is Casemiro at Real Madrid (nor Idrissa Gueye at PSG). Wilf's puts in so much work at the defensive end that he should never have been tasked with offensive responsibilities. Unfortunately, a failure to recognize this turned out to be one of Puel's biggest failings here, and frankly often made Wilf look discombobulated. Hardly surprising thus that Puel's exit has coincided with Wilf's blossoming.
  2. Add Drinkwater. Yes, these clubs can be "stupid" often enough.
  3. It's their right not to sell, and no one should rationally have an issue with that. However, Eu32 million for a youngster who played 19 senior games coming into the season is hardly "ludicrous", especially given that AC Milan and Leipzig were reportedly only willing to offer Eu18 million and Eu20 million respectively. Personally, I think we should just move on and pursue other targets. Frankly, I would rather pay a little more for a proven target like Tarkowski (say, up to 40 million) than the 35 million that some here are suggesting for a speculative prospect like Fofana.
  4. Neither do I. But as a City fan in a City discussion forum, my ONLY interest is how it affects us.
  5. Seems that Puel is determined not to allow their board sell to us (at least during this window), perhaps unless for truly silly money. As the saying goes, there's a time to hold and a time to fold (Rogers - Kenny, not Brendan), and as most signings are calculated gambles, I would counsel that we fold purely on a cost-benefit basis.
  6. Time to MOVE ON! Puel has nicked our recruitment philosophy.
  7. I don’t think Wilf was going to play against Arsenal anyway, but the following Nigerian site (not sure about its credibility) is reporting that he is also likely to skip the international break with Nigeria (which would be great for us, and pretty sure the Nigerians wouldn’t mind so much, given the games are just friendlies). https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=37475 Just hope this doesn’t mean that he might be unavailable for Man City (albeit with Mendy’s form it might not be quite the setback it once would have been.
  8. Under supposedly is unavailable, and personally I would rest Soyuncu and rather play Fuchs or Benkovic (if available) in his stead.
  9. Sorry but recovery from serious injury can be indeterminable. Many of us are just praying that Ricardo fully gets back to his pre-injury form.
  10. Already noted, but it’s a different sort of risk. You price different risks differently. Why would we take the full risk for the seeming Richard-Heads at ASSE?
  11. Who hasn’t had that feeling
  12. Which makes you uniquely best qualified by FT standards.
  13. Totally different when our player is injured in a game for us. Serious injury sucks all the same, but it would be worse if (for example) Ricardo had been injured in an international friendly for Portugal. Not sure I want us to pony up Eu30 million only for Fofana to suffer serious late-season injury at ASSE and miss a significant amount of time for us next season or even longer (eg, Amartey was out for almost 2 years - but at least it was in our cause).
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