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  1. Even West Ham fans didn’t think theirs was a pen in a million years (sample from their forum). https://www.kumb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=176901&start=420
  2. Not sure about that. He’s good, but it’s thing to look great surrounded by quality, but may be an entirely different proposition on a struggling team.
  3. Feel the same way... If he ends up here, he’ll get my full support (as long as he’s not shit ).
  4. Except it seems they got there once they stopped playing him.
  5. You mean anyone who couldn’t be first team for Southampton? While I wouldn’t call him shit myself, there are literally hundreds of players on a sliding scale between not being first team for Barca or Bayern and not being first team for the Saints. I would suggest we keep looking or at worst get him on loan with option to buy. Overall, a most underwhelming development. >
  6. Apart from the PK, and the brief spell thereafter, what else did they have to be vocal about?
  7. Snodgrass and Noble are 32, and Zabaleta is 35, and all three played 3 days ago. Hope we attack that side of the pitch relentlessly in the second-half.
  8. Both Antonio and Anderson are unavailable on account of injury.
  9. Frankly, Wilf has been incredible... - Made his debut about 2 days after joining from Genk (vs Everton in the FA Cup); - Missed all preseason after AFCON and his wedding, and started first game of the season; - Now he’s just had a knee operation (albeit minor) and apparently set to go 2 weeks later. >
  10. Okay, let’s not drag it out but I have seen/heard non-black players described as “lazy” a million times, and thus would never have thought it code for black.
  11. One can be both lazy and black. Why is that such an issue for you?
  12. Not for me... Just watched him again tonight (versus Lille), and sure not for me. But maybe a loan.
  13. A minute ago, we were second in the league... If we continue apace, we will be below 3d and sliding in a minute - and sorry, that's not "good enough"! Meanwhile, you cannot rely on others doing poorly when it's better (even easier) to take care of your own business. Let's not belabor the point, but quit berating folks who want a return to the performances/results that has made an European campaign a real possibility.
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