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  1. Not always. It’s often also about reaction. Generally, an attacking player will almost always have first-step (and thus the anticipatory) advantage. In this instance, Fofana couldn’t adequately react to Dummett’s because he had the latter’s elbow pushing him down.
  2. Perhaps because it has 3 of the 4 finalists in Europe’s two top club competitions, including the world’s toughest club competition? Obviously, there’s always going to be some subjectivity in such discussions, but the EPL is consistently a difficult and competitive league. Thus, even if it’s not universally considered the toughest, it’s definitely up there!
  3. Wilf is leading Ngolo on EVERY statistic this season despite having played LESS minutes, from tackles (where Wilf is the league leader per game) to assists, passing, and even dribbling. Statistics is obviously not everything in football, but makes a comparison between both hardly “delusional”.
  4. A bunch of “overhyped” players who’ve sat in the Top 4 of the most competitive and toughest league in the world for virtually all of 2 seasons. We’re going through a bad patch, but no call for hyperbole and overreaction. Same players that ran rings around Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs.
  5. He provided a couple of pretty good crosses that we should/could have done better with (the sort that Evans scored off of versus Southampton).
  6. Frankly, without Nacho we would have been much worse off (probably out of European places). He's had a hand in EVERY goal we've scored in the last 3 games (including the dummy tonight on Marc's goal), and has racked up 6 goals and 3 assists in the last 6 games. We need a few others to similarly step up.
  7. Dummett used him to elevate (without putting both hands on him to make it obvious), which made it effectively impossible for Fofana to get off the ground.
  8. I beg to disagree. As valuable as Evans is, it's still a TEAM game and personally I think we could adequately compensate for Jonny's absence by reverting to a Back 4. Frankly, it's a defensive formation that Cags and Fofana have each performed exceptionally well in (arguably better than they do in a Back 3 formation). The biggest problem with reverting to the Back 4 would be missing the width and speed that Barnes provides on the outside, since we would be relying less on the wide-backs. Nonetheless, with no evidence other than it's been that kind of season, I expect us
  9. We're much better defensively with Evans in the side (whether we are are playing 3ATB or Back 4). It doesn't mean that the oppositions will not still create chances, but that they will create LESS chances. Compare how Fofana (and even Cags) quit on Wilson's 2d goal with Evans chasing down Benteke on Palace's chance.
  10. Because May 1 falls on a weekend, the bank holiday is today (Monday)
  11. I don't think they'll play it tomorrow. But it's a public holiday internationally - Memorial Day in the US, and May Day virtually everywhere else.
  12. I am 100% FOR the Qatar WC! Entitled Euro fans think that a WC should be primarily for them, but if it truly a WORLD Cup, it should reflect the globe.
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