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  1. absolutely remarkable. they just don't get it, do they? they simply think they are better than everyone else.
  2. it makes no sense, these are people who have stuck to lockdown rules given to them by these worms, who've now said that for 10 weeks we haven't really had these rules at all. yet they're tripping over themselves to defend him for literally no reason other than they voted for their political party. i cba anymore. this country is on it's fu cking arse. what's the point.
  3. so you have stuck to the rules that he didn't, and that your lord and saviour boris johnson has just said you didn't need to stick to at all? do you not see how much they are taking the piss out of us all, especially you for (presumably) voting for, supporting and now defending him? this isn't "faux outrage". i'm not sure why that phrase keeps coming up. nobody is pretending to be outraged by this, people genuinely are outraged by just how fu cking ridiculous and arrogant these absolute cu nts are. there's nothing "faux" about it. like i said, i've got no real issue o
  4. would like to once again ask why you are defending him? no other tory has yet to come up with a reason other than because he's a tory. you don't actually have to defend him, you know? you can take a step back and look at the developments of the last 48 hours and like 99% of the rest of the country, you can think what an absolute bellend. what would it take him and the rest of his pals to do for you to not defend him? like fair play, boris johnson is going to defend him because he owes him this chapter of his career. you owe him absolutely fu ck all? he is actively taking the piss
  5. no, we’ve just been told to ignore scientific advice and government advice and act on instinct if necessary. which i reckon is how i’ll roll from now on.
  6. ah looks like he’s had enough. that went well haha.
  7. the actual prime minister here muting people on zoom calls cos he hasn’t got any more lies left to tell them. how on earth can anyone take this seriously.
  8. tbh i was at least expecting much bigger relaxations on lockdown as a way to make the cummings story disappear. not even a sliver lining. shame.
  9. is he going to give us more instructions about lockdown after literally saying he didn’t care that his right hand man broke the last set of rules? is he a retard?
  10. boris has finally decided to turn up to work today, buzzing
  11. yes, quite comfortably
  12. the last two pages of this thread have absolutely done me. fair play. amazing stuff, not sure how on earth you’re meant to discuss that. i’m out.
  13. oh man don’t tell me i waited 24 hours for matt p to blame corbyn for cummings wanting to see some bluebells at the other end of the country and his post got deleted before i could laugh at it, 😔
  14. there’s quite a few tweets of him being in durham that weekend (VE weekend i think?) but i’m not sure we should be crucifying anyone based on some tweets from random accounts, firstly because anyone can lie on twitter and secondly because we’ve all seen what bot accounts can do. it did seem weird to me that nobody has picked up the fact he seems to have spent a decent amount of this lockdown wandering round saying hi to strangers in parks before these stories broke.
  15. if there was a better, more interesting story to talk about in this thread then that would be what’s dominating the last few pages, surely? isn’t that the whole point of a forum, whatever people are talking about most is gonna be at the top of the board? the sad part is that as a story this will die a death as soon as a new coronavirus related story comes out, and as a disgusting individual cummings will get away with it scott free. and we’ll just hang around waiting for the next politician to do something nobody else would even dare to do and all his mates will say t
  16. if only. as always it becomes a political debate as soon as people on either side try to defend the indefensible purely because the guy at fault is on the same side of the game as they are. it’s the same as idiot football fans who when their club or their players do something outrageously wrong try and defend it because “he’s one of our own”. saw s a few tweets yday saying this is going to look very similar to kenny dalglish getting the whole liverpool squad to wear t shirts supporting suarez being a racist by the time it’s over and we look back at it and go blimey, w
  17. but the argument presented that you disagreed with was about the position of the statue. unless they're gonna put a statue of vardy stood on top of the statue of vichai, then he is going to be taking the place of a player.
  18. nobody wants recognition of what he did to be "hidden away", but i agree that it doesn't seem quite right that our stadium/it's grounds seem to honour/worship an owner more than it does any players in our history.
  19. out of interest, great insult btw as per, pretty immature but hilarious so fair play, why are you still looking to defend him? can you genuinely not put political sides aside and see a cu nt for a cu nt? what would it take someone high up in the government to do before you stopped saying yeah that's fine, carry on?
  20. i mean i know you will believe anything they say, but i think it *might* be a bit late for the government to claim that the whole story of him going to durham was a lie
  21. looking forward to people trying to defend this. maybe him seeing some bluebells is an exceptional circumstance. or maybe, as suspected, he is just a cu nt.
  22. this fella on the news saying he can’t believe anyone even cares because “it’s not laws we’re talking about here, just advice” jesus fu cking christ
  23. nobody apart from you seems to care if he’s a tory cu nt or just your average, run of the mill cu nt, tbh mate.
  24. but that is literally the whole point. this virus isn’t sympathetic and it doesn’t have understanding or compassion. thousands of people have been through terrifying ordeals since lockdown began. deaths, near deaths, funerals, hospitals, all the works. but THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THEIR FAMILIES. under NO circumstances. people have died alone. people have grieved alone. people are still being treated alone. but dominic cummings needed to travel 250 miles to surround himself with family and we’re meant to be sympathetic? fu ck him.
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