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  1. Betting Thread

    all three bottom of their leagues and psg are the GOATs, gonna be so rich
  2. you drink more heavily than people from belarus, the heaviest drinking country in the world. next holiday SORTED
  3. How Was Your Day?

    also robbie savage was there
  4. How Was Your Day?

    free bar. game over. heads gone.
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    glad someone is talking sense. i assumed it was all ironic congratulations like when you play the opening game of the season and go 1-0 up and start singing we’re gonna win the league. they’re 4th, half way through a round of fixtures, less than half way through the season. who the hell cares.
  6. Peter Kay Cancels Tour

    something pretty mad must have/be happening to cancel everything for the next two years, poor chap
  7. How Was Your Day?

    work christmas party part I tonight. boogie on down.
  8. Betting Thread

    yeah seemed a bit excessive, they’re a bit more solid now and have picked up a few points but we’re comfortably better than them, in reality. and yeah their away record is hilarious. haha indeed, mid april was the last time they scored an away goal
  9. Betting Thread

    we’re also a shade above evens to beat palace at home at the weekend which seems very big considering a) we seem quite good at the moment and b) palace haven’t scored an away goal for like 9 months. 9/4 to win to nil evens btts NO 6/4 city clean sheet etc etc
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    we opened the season with a similar run of form from a similarly tough set of games and justifiably sacked our manager. watford are as rubbish as everyone else in this league.
  11. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    i am assuming that andy king has; played more games than izzet, worthington or weller. been here longer than izzet, worthington or weller. won more than izzet, worthington or weller. scored more goals than izzet or worthington (think weller probs had more?). if andy king isn't a leicester city legend then we don't have any leicester city legends in our 133 year history. simple as that. like voll said, it's just grumpy old weirdos who belittle king cos he's playing now and he's got an instagram account, and he wasn't here in the black and white down the good old filbo with a shite haircut days.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    man city clear favs now. what a team. quite upsetting that i backed psg to win this before the neymar transfer @ 10s, they got bayern in their group, trounced them and came top, bayern get besiktas next round and psg get real, ha.
  13. Capital Cities Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 62 seconds