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  1. this is best price 7/4 now btw and that's still too big.
  2. who is the VIP
  3. cheap summery but a bit lively destinations for a group of handsome young chaps? sort of beach vibe but decent set of bars for a lager beer too? not barcelona. somewhere south of france has been mooted, maybe somewhere in italy but dunno where.
  4. biggies dead mate it was all a dream RIP
  5. geezer
  6. stupid game
  7. top trend on twitter as well, probably the best 7/1 shot of all time (until he does something stupid tomorrow etc)
  8. Johnny to win love island @ 7/1 is an insane price btw. he's with camilla who is the nations sweetheart. they had a rocky moment and now they're giving it another go. girls LOVE her therefore vote for her and therefore they will win.
  9. chile are such a great team they have like two or three of the legit best players in the world but also jean beausajour and that fella who was shit for west brom. glorious mix.
  10. probably seven and a half mill too much. he's an absolute bag of shite.
  11. do a madness dimmy
  12. fin man u need to get laid fella have a spleef chill out son
  13. it's hot
  14. more like foxy fox imho imo
  15. debated it went for drink by the canal did hint mayb we could go for a swim but not game she was nice wi her clothes on tho x