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  1. had a bbq and loads of beers and got sunburnt. kinda like not being in isolation.
  2. wasn’t any in liverpool
  3. quite a few hypocrites "laughing" at this news, ain't there.
  4. sunderland are furloughing players ffs hahaha
  5. not sure john henry or anyone making the decisions is actually scouse, btw
  6. kyle walker breaking the lockdown to have an orgy, what a boy. puts jack grealish to shame.
  7. chinese cancelled on us tonight, piss take. gone for an indian instead.
  8. had an indian at some stage in this lockdown. probably like 2 weeks ago. probs get something this weekend depending on what's in the fridge. if i was in my own flat by myself and not my mum's house i would've had about 10 in the last 2 weeks, hundred percent.
  9. i work shifts so i spend a lot of "normal" working hours in the same places i've been in recently and i can categorically say there are at least twice as many old people just pottering about the park, the shops etc. than normal. it just shows how incredibly selfish and completely unaware pretty much all old people are.
  10. yep, one good thing that will hopefully come from this is that society will realise it’s old people who are pretty much all cu nts and not “the bloody youth of today”. there was still groups of old people doing dog walking clubs in the park last week. they’ve literally been told if they go outside they’ll probably die and they’re all either too stupid or too up themselves to get it into their heads. absolute joke.
  11. half way through this netflix one about drug test tampering. oo la la.
  12. been brewing for ages for his opinions on most things but it’s finally time to nominate “one of our own” here. gary lineker. every single take he’s had on this whole pandemic has just served to prove he is a a genuine cu nt. sorry.
  13. i still don’t think you’re getting football then, tbh. football to most people isn’t just 22 overpaid players kicking a ball around for 90 mins then it’s over. that’s what it is on sky sports and that’s what it is to armchair fans, but to most “football fans” it’s literally their life. it’s community, it’s routine, it’s friends, it’s days out, nights out. it’s jobs to a hell of a lot of people. the economy. more recently it’s even things like food banks for the community, charity, local businesses, anything you can think of goes through football in a lot of places. if you got rid of football you’d ruin large parts of this country and the people who live in them. as a “thing”, football gives an unbelievable amount to society. it gives it life.
  14. not sure you're doing football right if you think it "contributes fu ck all", tbh.
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