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  1. the main forum has been completely shit bar about 5 threads a year since we got promoted
  2. root contributing more to the series with the ball than the bat, leach contributing more with the bat than the ball. superb stuff.
  3. don't even want to watch if we don't play barnes tbh
  4. genuinely outrageous that arsenal are still taking the same goal kicks here
  5. probably deserved a really rubbish draw based on how the game went, but we deserved to lose about 4000-0 because we left harvey barnes on the bench when he’s our best player.
  6. yeah unpopular opinions not “stupid things that are wrong”
  7. tapas dessert is just pic n mix which tbf is quite decent but think of all them starters and then you still have a main coming? oh boy
  8. starters are well peng. can have like 5 starters as well an nobody really thinks much of it. you try ordering five desserts, everyone calls you a right fat cu nt.
  9. watched the last 15 mins sorta by accident. genuinely wish i'd just killed myself.
  10. the lack of maddison is verging on weird now. not even just cos he plays for us, but why wouldn’t you just give him a few minutes at some stage? 4 matches he’s had to just sit there and watch 360 minutes of football. the only thing i can think is that southgate is insanely stubborn and because of how many times he basically said maddison is not the answer, he isn’t going to play him in case it becomes apparent he was wrong.
  11. honestly don’t think anyone could’ve written a script quite this fun. maguire fu cking up, kane fu cking up, england still probably going to score double figures, kosovo just being mad fu cks. enjoyed this a lot.
  12. can’t believe he’s not letting that little fella have a hat trick
  13. yeah widespread criticism from people who read the sun and the daily mail, and not from people who know anything about football
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