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  1. saturday night fixtures would be superb. not sure i can make this one but what a gig it’d be. for the average folk, finish work, mad friday, all day saturday, the game, xmas eve, xmas day, boxing day, the game. jesus literally died for this.
  2. Come Home Nigel

    when you do a few bits with a bird way out of your league because you know she’s after a rebound and she bells you up after a few weeks an says yer mate my old fella’s sorted his head out now, see you around, you can’t really get angry.
  3. National Andy King Appreciation Day

    watched it tonight, genuinely the best 45 minutes the club has produced this season
  4. Come Home Nigel

    as a newly formed passionate OH leuven fan please get your own manager and leave ours alone thanks
  5. The Apprentice 2017

    think i might fancy the girls PM
  6. What music do you hate?

    woah man is disrespecting the kooks? am out
  7. Marriage Advice

    just do it, weddings are great. just get divorced if you cba. simple.
  8. Shakey Sacked

    do feel a bit sorry for him but he was out of his depth. from champion as a coach and basically number 2 in the national team to jobless in just over a year. and not much of his downfall has really been his fault. poor chap.
  9. The Tinder Thread

    dat bio
  10. A poisoned chalice?

    also, big sam, dyche, coleman and pardew are the top 4 in the betting. as if any of them will turn us down because we sacked a few other managers.
  11. A poisoned chalice?

    think it’s a superb gig for most managers tbh. we’ve got a lot of very good players they just need someone to put them together to become a very good team. we’ve also got what, 8 or 9 very winnable games in the next few months, probably a chance to go reasonably far in the league cup and you’d imagine for this season the main aim is now to just stay up. ill do it.
  12. League 1 & League 2 thread 2017/2018

    the bit where he runs after the ball at the start gets funnier every time you watch it an all
  13. League 1 & League 2 thread 2017/2018

    love that clip, don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get bored of their own pitch invasion and escort themselves back to their seat before a steward even enters the pitch.
  14. Champions League 2017/18

    this man city side, good lord
  15. What music do you hate?

    little mix have gen never produced a bad song. 21st century Beatles imho.