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  1. ScouseFox

    The Tinder Thread

    wow sad day for the forum, just noticed the politics thread has way more pages than this thread everything that’s wrong with the modern game imho
  2. ScouseFox

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    bloody one o’clock kick off. am goin the boozer NOW
  3. ScouseFox

    Mohamed Salah

    today he accepted honorary citizenship of chechnya at a dinner he joint hosted with their leader. not sure if any of this is particularly his “fault” but he could definitely have avoided that one.
  4. but they weren’t winning and a win would’ve been better than a draw? all ifs and buts but they could easily have drawn and still gone out next game and everyone would’ve said what the fu ck was that striker running through on goal against a ten man team on the ropes doing turning round and running to the corner. he wasnt exactly aware what was gonna happen in the next 60 seconds.
  5. i mean they were drawing not winning and they wanted to win, why would they waste time against 10 men?
  6. ScouseFox

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    nah. technically he didn’t even give it he just blew up. still quite annoying though haha.
  7. ScouseFox

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    had over 5.5 first half corners. ref blows for half time instead of letting sweden take the 6th corner. NICE
  8. ScouseFox

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    mexico by miles loadsa cards
  9. ScouseFox

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    the next round is where it’s beneficial. the odds and the positions currently suggest brazil/germany play top in our group, mexico/sweden/switzerland/serbia play second in our group in the quarters. if we finish second we could get to the semi final playing senegal and mexico.
  10. ScouseFox

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    second is the place to be in our group
  11. ScouseFox

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    that was amazing defending from the hitman
  12. ScouseFox

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    i can confirm that has not gone very well
  13. ScouseFox

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    getting on the cardsssss