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  1. ScouseFox

    UEFA Nations League

    it is england women tbf, they’d probably beat wales at football an all
  2. ScouseFox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    the couple of bans i picked up were in the modern glory days aka the tinder days aka the harry kane days. there are only two bans i still dispute to this day, one was when i got banned for a week for saying marc albrighton was better than ozil and the other was when i said harry kane looked like sonia off eastenders an got banned for that too. good times.
  3. ScouseFox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    well this is in the wrong thread
  4. ScouseFox

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    my only issue with it, like i said in the world cup thread, is the slow motion replays. every tackle looks wreckless and dangerous in slow motion. every handball looks deliberate or like he could’ve got out the way. the slow motion replays almost warp reality and end up showing us something that basically didn’t happen in real life. that’s why the penalty was given in the world cup final, and if it is going to go wrong there you’d bet it’s going to go wrong when we play cardiff or something when nobody is even watching.
  5. ScouseFox

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    still going to be a lot of stuff wrong with it but it's probably, marginally better than just letting referees decide who they want to win and who they want to piss off.
  6. ScouseFox

    New chants and songs

    yeah, this. once a chant has got going at a ground you aren’t gonna change it. especially not in a comment on a forum. probably the most notably recent example is “we’re on our way”, 90% were still singing follow the boys and claudio when he’d been sacked for 2 months.
  7. ScouseFox

    Betting Thread

    there’s a thread in gen sport with a few replies about it but yeah it seems like it’s similar to actual shares, you need to put a decent amount in the pot and obviously get (a bit) lucky.
  8. if they really wanted to stay up they’d have appointed big nige, tbh
  9. ScouseFox

    Claudio to Fulham

    maybe most sensible clubs look at the year after we won the league as well and see how bad we were and think yeah we ain’t gonna win the league if we employ him. dont think he will even come close to keeping them up if the last 9 months as our manager are anything to go by. he had a good go at taking our title winning squad down, let alone a team that are already rock bottom a third of the way into the season.
  10. ScouseFox

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    the rest of the uk (aka the good bits) would be better off without london, that’s all. we might even get some of our money being spent as far north as leeds, manchester or liverpool, crazy i know
  11. ScouseFox

    Thierry Henry

    innit, everyone was hailing jardim as one of the best managers going a year or two ago and he did just as badly this season with his own squad. other than the myth of a “new manager boost” i’m not sure why people would expect anyone, whether they’re as inexperienced as henry or as experienced as someone like ancelotti, to come in and suddenly start winning with a squad that kept on losing.
  12. ScouseFox

    FA Cup 2018/19

    what a fu cking game that was hahaha. genuinely in bits that someone got booked for timewasting in the 65th minute, then when they were 1-0 up and had a free kick in the corner in the 89th minute they sent 10 men forward and got done on the counter. then conceded again after that and lost. unbelievable.
  13. ScouseFox

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    literally missed all the good stuff bro, unlucky
  14. nothing to do with betting on games apparently, it’s a breach of betting on football specials etc. doesn’t necessarily say it was him but either him or someone he knows has almost definitely smashed into him joining west brom you’d guess. pretty sure not much will come of it unless it was actually him doing it.