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  1. 7 weeks is still a bloody long time just for running into a manager
  2. id say that was a much better chance than a 1 on 1
  3. he is literally on the penalty spot, completely unchallenged and people are saying fair play that he didn't score, tough chance. this is nothing against ndidi by the way, footballers miss easy chances all the time. it's why xG doesn't mean goals scored. but honestly most people with working feet would be disappointed they didn't score from there.
  4. i mean i would back myself to score that chance. anyone who is trying to claim it's not a sitter is a bit wrong, for me. he hit it with absolutely zero conviction and fair enough, he probably won't be in that position again all season and we won anyway so who cares. but that is an easy chance.
  5. maddison is better at creating space, youri is better at using space
  6. the key to speed bumps is in the name, speed
  7. roughly how many people are going to vote in this election?
  8. and vardys our best ever right footed player and his best ever goal was with his left. funny old game.
  9. fu cking hell, are all interviews like that one? no wonder nigel pearson went mental and starting just calling them all pr icks and ostriches, there's a 12 minute video there and about 11 minutes of it are just chilwell repeating that they're focussing on the football and saying "yeah like i said". mad.
  10. yeah i can't quite work out why but he speaks to the media very differently to pretty much any other footballer out there. i can't put my finger on what is actually different but it's really enjoyable.
  11. i re-downloaded my christmas playlist on november 1st and have been ringing people singing mariah carey down the phone most days since. christmas is the best time of year, why only enjoy it for a few days. in november it's fu cking freezing, it's fu cking dark and it's fu cking shit. buy a tub of celebrations and watch love actually and cheer the fu ck up.
  12. come on finners play the game. i have no idea why they boo him because he made a forward step in his career, i think it's weird, but pretty much all football fans do the same. especially now they see themselves as pretty big rivals. we bood maguire, we'll boo mahrez, we've bood kante, we would boo drinkwater if he ever got on the pitch. it's just football these days.
  13. it's genuinely sensational news for a lot of reasons, really thought it was a piss take when i read it before
  14. sterling not being considered for thursday's game because he was trying to scrap joe gomez after they squared up to each other in their match yesterday. up the england.
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