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  1. who’s she gonna pick?
  2. would’ve been a belter if this had happened when i passed. literally bought a car cos the buses stopped before i finished work. and then they would’ve told me i wasn’t allowed to drive my car home from work either. would’ve just had to live there. or not have a job, which would’ve been great.
  3. yeah, same as all their stats markets for football game by game, they only offer one side so can be literally whatever price they want. and anything that sounds like it might be a good bet they won’t price up. can’t argue with that. sky have put goal lines out for each team (obviously you can only back the over) and they have goal lines for players (again, just the over). so i asked them to price up loads of players to score more goals than rubbish teams but they won’t, because they’d have to revise their goal lines to make them even slightly realistic. eg. they’ve got sheffield united to score 45 goals @ 8/11. wolves only scored 47 last year ffs.
  4. his heroes were phil jagielka and chris morgan, get fu cked
  5. genuinely superb situation now, anyone’s game for me
  6. gonna be great when michael gets back with amber tonight. what a boy.
  7. gentlemanly and noble is roughly translated as shit and boring in the real world
  8. great night for team maura
  9. this is why every other sport will always be boring compared to football. people care more about “fair play” than winning. fu ck that. couldn’t think of a better way to win anything than literally not winning it and still being world champions. only way it would’ve been more enjoyable is if we’d have cheated tbh.
  10. think anyone expecting us to have 4 or 5 players posting double figures is absolutely bonkers. pretty sure even liverpool and man city wouldn’t get that many goals spread across a team. as long as vardy is firing again then we have enough to chip in to help him, for me. that was the issue last year, vardy was not being utilised and didn’t play very well (or at all) under puel. once he started scoring under rodgers it was fine, and it will be again next year.
  11. still really enjoyed seeing him smash that in. his little aggressive celebratory face brought back a lot of memories. what a boy.
  12. that 6 being carried off the pitch and that 2 turning into another 6 are probably the best thing that will ever happen in cricket tbh, just give it up now
  13. wahey. just in time for the super over. played djoko
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