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  1. also fully here for raheem being the biggest role model of the 21st century
  2. raheem sterling is simply the best player in the world atm and i can’t see how anyone can argue with that
  3. ok i’m now 6 eps in and i think it’s everyones fault. that ginger PR woman seems absolutely revolting as well. not even sure why.
  4. didn’t that woman say she heard the girl she saw say something about wanting to see mummy, in english, as well. pretty bang on that.
  5. something needs to be done about MVG. the 9 dart finish used to be the stuff of legend, he’s now deciding to try “more difficult” ways to hit the 9 dart finish. 180, 174, 147 today. using the bull. joke.
  6. hungary doing in croatia is presumably not gonna help wales. what a shame.
  7. think it was elephunk, black eyed peas
  8. the general rule is if he was older than you then it’s your fault. you should’ve moved. fu cking youth of today.
  9. we still talking about the dogs that see dead people or just posters and stuff
  10. ok yeh i slipped most of ep 2 and ep 3 onwards is much more of a vibe. enjoying the hour or so which is basically should we believe the dogs or the parents. like obviously the dogs. dogs are well cool.
  11. i think his point is he wouldn’t want to come if we did. hardly screams “we’re gonna break into the top 6, we’re an incredibly ambitious club with a young, hungry and together squad” if we sell our two most expensive assets at the first possible opportunity.
  12. more intrigued by who the hell voted for it. obviously 52% did apparently but was that some sort of counting error? i’m not sure i’ve met anyone who wants to leave, all you ever see on the news is people wanting to remain, there was a leave march last week and about 15 people turned up, they’re calling it 7 figures for the opposite march today. well confusing. surely all one big cover up for something.
  13. crikey this thread got real boring real quick
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