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  1. never heard of him but he looks constantly pissed off and has a celebration that i can do at 5 am after 18 hours on the ale. sort it out NOW.
  2. swear to god if i see one more scene with a group of birds saying how amazing it is that some geezer who wants to shag them has made them a round of fu cking toast i'm gonna go nuts. wish the birds i am trying to have a pop at were this excited by fu cking everything.
  3. think we have to learn to just enjoy it. that's what i've decided. it was the same with schlupp, with dyer, even with someone as good as kante. sensational players to watch sometimes, but very capable of making you actually laugh out loud at the sheer stupidity of some of their touches. just roll with it and enjoy it innit. if one option is chilwell making 10 runs from the edge of our box to the edge of their's and completing a dribble or making a successful pass 6 or 7 times, but falling over or just running straight out of play 2 or 3 times, and the other option is he just passes it to jonny evans every time, i know which one i'd prefer.
  4. as much as this is true, every dropped point for wolves, united, chelsea, spurs and the rest is another point we don't have to win ourselves. it's that simple really.
  5. they’re just better than all the other teams aren’t they, pretty simple really when you think about it
  6. yeah it’s weird how they look quite good every time i watch them play and we look quite rubbish half the time but we have about 100 more points than them. good to see people cheering them on, again. crazy, crazy people.
  7. in ben mee’s interview after they beat united yesterday they referred to burnley’s last two results as “wins against the big six” i think. but i was hungover so may have imagined it.
  8. “it’s a real good connection for the header” it was such a bad header we literally had to have a VAR check to see that it didn’t come off his arm
  9. a better thread would be players who massively regret joining us. there must be thousands.
  10. gave declan rice a horrible evening by just rinsing him over and over again. lovely to watch.
  11. arsenal have won 6 games all season. unbelievable.
  12. was very surprised he was on penalties but he scored it pretty well. good finish for his second too.
  13. only two times i can think of where he just walked straight out of play, huge improvement from previous weeks
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