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  1. not sure what anyone expected, we are looking at possibly the best footballing side of all time against a mid table team who occasionally produce a good result. 6-0 flattered watford, if anything. it could’ve been 10, 11 or 12.
  2. this is gonna be boss. always thought he was sound, but for a good 18 months he’s been an absolute liability in their defence. anyone who is quick he just annihilated asap and never got sent off when he should’ve been. right time to bounce out and an incredibly good position to roll into. be fun to see what happens.
  3. yeah tbf bale supposedly responded by saying he’s got a contract, they will literally have to pay him to leave. if not he’ll just play golf and train sometimes and get his wage.
  4. got an incredible amount of time for zidane telling bale if he was allowed four subs he’d still not get any minutes
  5. they are playing football from another planet. just enjoy it.
  6. in what way have the “lost the soul of the club”? they’ve not got a cardiff owner changing their kit colours and stadium or a coventry owner forcing them to play in a different city. they’re literally the exact same club with the exact same history and most of the same fans, except, er, better. of course you’d love it.
  7. quite simply sensational to watch. the greatest football team of all time.
  8. sheffield united will be atrocious. norwich will not be much better. and it’s a tough one for the play off winner. both teams literally have a first 11 full of loanees, they’re both completely fu cked if they don’t sign a decent chunk of them. which in derby’s case, especially, they won’t be able to.
  9. they are literally both the same. they both do nothing for months on end. both put in 9/10 performances after months of nothing and it gets flagged up on MOTD and everyone starts having a wank. until last weekend neither had hit double figures for goals or assists. the only difference is zaha plays every week and their fans actually like him. he’s rubbish.
  10. ScouseFox


    genuinely close to forgetting forest exist. couldn’t tell you who plays for them, only know their manager cos it’s MON, wouldn’t be able to tell you any of their results for about the last 5 years. used to really enjoy them losing but i think their main rivalry is with themselves these days and long may it continue.
  11. that squad is genuinely rubbish. how the hell did we get to the semi finals of the world cup hahaha. ward prowse and redmond are barely premier league players let alone internationals. dier, rice and henderson. that seems necessary. delph, barkley, lingard, looks like a parody squadlist that someone has made specifically trying to choose the worst and most out of form england players they can find.
  12. zaha is just a london demarai gray. hardly ever scores, hardly any assists, but puts his head down and runs really fast on MOTD once every 3 months so pundits and other fans alike think he’s capable of starting for a top 4 club.
  13. it started because margaret thatcher and all those other tory nonces basically tried to disown the north and places like liverpool, so why would any scousers have any national pride. it’s not just a liverpool FC thing, it’s an scouse thing. and it carries on because they know it winds everyone up.
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