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  1. Should we protest at Watford?

    Oh the price of success ! Yes, let's settle for mid/lower table mediocracy and limit our exposure and income. Whilst we are at it, let's not achieve European qualification as this to means more Sunday football and changes to the typical fixture schedule.
  2. Barnsley v Leicester - Match Thread

    Top assist myhrez !!
  3. Sacking Sweepstake!

    I've supported Pearson all season but this really is desperate. Sack in next 24 hours with new manager by midweek. We need impetus and motivation !! Would o'neill step in for the last games and review in the close season ?
  4. Wes Morgan - STAR !

    Absolute quality amongst a team of misfits ! He has been all over the park, solid at the back, starting attack when it shouldn't be down to him. The rest of you hold your heads in shame !
  5. Surely nugent would be in strongest team ?
  6. The moan in drinking game

    Two fingers and a bag of nuts when someone says "i pay £25 for a ticket i have a right to complain and give my opinion"
  7. Big changes NOT required in the summer....

    Would tend to agree. Think we can learn a lot from the extensive changes of recent years and whilst on paper it is exciting, doesnt necessarily bring the desired effect. Stability would be key. 3 players for me with a couple being moved on as well. Midfield is generally ok, maybe one addition, whilst attack is i believe sound. Would look at a couple to add to the defence with general supportive progression from acadamy ranks.
  8. Wes Morgan from the Forest Scum

    Foxes restaurant ? If you mean fusions it's closed down !
  9. Nugent !

    Game after game the guy shows his quality, he gets the credit he deserves from many, but I honestly feel we have the best striker at the club we have had for years. Gives genuine options, always a threat and could potentially be the man to make a difference
  10. Billy Sharp

    Zamora at Fulham is getting stronger links to QPR (Sky Sports)... Fulham may well be in the market for a new striker ! I appreciate that there are other strikers who they could turn to, just hope that this doesnt tempt Sharp too much.