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  1. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Surely Iborra injured. Can’t see Fuchs and Benny on bench if not !
  2. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Best yet most fortunate point of season. **** Utd !
  3. Oh dear ! Read the title. Its a question. Not slagging off, not wishing he was gone, just considering that HE may actually view things from a career and playing point of view. Nothing like a constructive debate and response.
  4. Maybe that's not directed at my original post, but I haven't suggested any desperation for him to go, just merely asking a question as a point of debate. I don't recall him ever being linked with a move, I just wonder if the time is now right, and wouldn't be surprised to see some interest from others in January.
  5. For all his years of service at City, are we approaching a time when Andy King may well consider his options ? With Iborra and Ndidi a fixture in the middle, and with the impending arrival of Silva, King will face competition just to be on the bench from Choudary, Amartey and James. If we consider possible returns and future involvement in the first team for Barnes and dare we consider Mendy, may Kingy just think the time is near to make a move ?
  6. New training ground

    Ultimately, unless you are THE seller or THE buyer none of us will know exactly. Even those who are supposedly closest to the powers that be may not know the actual truth. Confidentiality clauses in offers will always hold sway over anyone who isn’t an actual interested party. For the sake of business continuity, sellers will not necessarily disclose full facts to staff or members in case a deal falls through and the business needs to continue trading.
  7. New training ground

    Indeed, also aware of at least one other purchaser still viewing the club with an interest in buying. Not done.
  8. New training ground

    Have it on good authority from a significant person within golf club (not named as employed), that this is NOT happening !
  9. Should we protest at Watford?

    Oh the price of success ! Yes, let's settle for mid/lower table mediocracy and limit our exposure and income. Whilst we are at it, let's not achieve European qualification as this to means more Sunday football and changes to the typical fixture schedule.
  10. Barnsley v Leicester - Match Thread

    Top assist myhrez !!
  11. Sacking Sweepstake!

    I've supported Pearson all season but this really is desperate. Sack in next 24 hours with new manager by midweek. We need impetus and motivation !! Would o'neill step in for the last games and review in the close season ?
  12. Wes Morgan - STAR !

    Absolute quality amongst a team of misfits ! He has been all over the park, solid at the back, starting attack when it shouldn't be down to him. The rest of you hold your heads in shame !
  13. Surely nugent would be in strongest team ?
  14. The moan in drinking game

    Two fingers and a bag of nuts when someone says "i pay £25 for a ticket i have a right to complain and give my opinion"
  15. Big changes NOT required in the summer....

    Would tend to agree. Think we can learn a lot from the extensive changes of recent years and whilst on paper it is exciting, doesnt necessarily bring the desired effect. Stability would be key. 3 players for me with a couple being moved on as well. Midfield is generally ok, maybe one addition, whilst attack is i believe sound. Would look at a couple to add to the defence with general supportive progression from acadamy ranks.