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  1. So true. I’ve followed since 1990 and we all know the crap that we’ve watched during some of those seasons. Great achievement for Leicester City !
  2. If fans are allowed back, should be plenty of tickets available. Given all those criticising and moaning, I guess none of them will travel 😳
  3. So true. 2nd best finish in top league and people not happy ??? Can understand disappointment but wouldn’t we accept top 6 year in year out. We can’t compete financially with the “big 6”, but we are more than competitive and fully expect that to carry on.
  4. Totally right. Massive sense of perspective needed from some.
  5. It’s right, a total shit show. I mean, I heard from a reliable source that even the half time oranges weren’t cut properly - how can they play with that on their mind ?😳
  6. https://www.skysports.com/share/11934152 More room for everyone else ?
  7. Couldn’t agree more. The so called supporters on this site are pathetic. To be where we are in the league, and being admired by so many for the way the club is from owners to players, responses on here from many are irrational. Yes it’s disappointing, yes we’ve lost a semi final but the slating that goes here is frankly bizarre.
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