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  1. Knockaert used to be one of my favourite players. No longer having seen him in that shirt.
  2. I like 24 teams per league in the Football League. The amount of games is a huge selling point for fans who want value for money. Reducing to 20 teams is a poor idea.
  3. They should hand out a severe fine to both clubs for suggesting this. They need to know their place, they are equal to every one of the 92 members and nothing more.
  4. Three points: 1. Being a really talented/great footballer does not give you the right to disrespect this football club. Our fanbase needs to have a bit more pride, because the biggest clubs don't stand for those sort of comments. If we want to be proud club we need to start acting like one and have a bit of self-respect. He is not our hero, booing is optional. 2. He didn't pay his nanny. 3. The greatest player we've ever had is Vardy, Mahrez wishes he was as influential as he was.
  5. So is the guy who scored the winner in the final and I haven't heard of him since. Drinkwater won the Premier League that year, would you have him back now? These phrases are meaningless. I only care how good he is as an individual. And now not in 2016.
  6. It might just be me, but looking at next season's kits, sponsors these days seem to be getting bigger and more off putting, especially in the Premier League: http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/English_Football_League/season/2020-2021.html Chelsea, Sheffield United, Man Utd, West Brom and, in particular, Newcastle - none of their kits are good but they look even worse as their sponsors are so big and ugly. Tottenham's is also massive which detracts from an otherwise lovely kit.
  7. I used to love watching the play-offs, and the Championship in general to be honest when they had decent commentators like Bill Leslie and Ian Darke on it. But it feels like a match of such little importance when you’ve got this amateur commentating all game. His enthusiasm is so false, he should have stuck to Masters Football. As for these two teams - Fulham are a small and boring club and Brentford are a small and boring club. But at least Fulham have a quality stadium. Brentford’s new ground looks typically horrendous, completely lacking in beauty or char
  8. That is lovely tbf. I know it's just a rehash of their early 90s kit but still. Nice to see a kit that isn't dull for once.
  9. Forest stayed down on purpose so they could play in the prestigious Brian Clough Cup.
  10. I would love to have seen Brentford come up if they were playing at Griffin Park. Now they’ve decided to move into a typically ugly, sterile new stadium, I really hope they don’t. Now they’re just another Reading or Hull.
  11. Great to see someone with technical ability and composure in possession. He’s made a point against some of his teammates today, that’s what a decent footballer looks like. He should keep his place regardless of who’s fit.
  12. Wilder is the sort of manager who’d be touted for all the big jobs if he was German. But because he says he likes going to the pub people overlook the fact that he’s consistent with a style of play that works. If only we had a manager that was like that.
  13. Even early on the warning sings were there - Albrighton gets injured and he brings Bennett on in his place. 15 minutes in and you change the system to be more negative by bringing on a defender for a midfielder. It made no sense. I wasn’t even surprised Iheanacho came off. He brought him off against Arsenal when we needed a goal (and he had scored already, wrongly disallowed). Also that period when he couldn’t stop scoring he brought him off after half an hour in one game. What’s his problem? Yet Perez keeps getting picked despite never even being able
  14. 1. A weak manager who does not understand football tactics at all, nor motivation. 2. A lack of strong characters among the playing staff.
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