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  1. Case and point as to why I've always hated this guy. Self, self, self. Sensible, fair people agree we need to be patient and wait for this to pass and then make sure the season is finished. But no, if it's not about Harry Kane, Harry Kane doesn't care. He's not top of the scoring charts and his team can't possibly win a trophy (as usual) so he just wants it forgotten about. Comments from people like him trying to pressurise the league into making a decision are an absolute disgrace.
  2. Less important? Well, when the season was cancelled we were one match away from Wembley. The FA Cup and League Cup are our only realistic chances of winning trophies (one-off miracle seasons aside). So how are they less important? If this season is cancelled I'll be more livid about being 3 matches away from lifting a trophy than being 9 matches way from making up the numbers in another competition.
  3. All joking aside, the fairest option is to complete the season. It's as simple as that. All it comes down to is whether people have the will to decide that football should win. If they care about football and football clubs, the authorities will make sure the season is completed no matter what. Yes it would take some rejigging and they might actually have to think outside the box, but there have been plenty of reasonable suggestions about either shortening or cancelling the 2020/21 season to accomodate it, whilst also ensuring there is enough football for smaller clubs to live on. These so-called professionals have been whinging about having too many fixtures for years. Now, in my opinion, this is the perfect opportunity for the authorities to solve that problem for a couple of seasons. And all it would take is for people to be patient and cancel the 2020/21 league season.
  4. Hearing some people (allegedly at some clubs) are warming to the idea of not finishing the season. I can't see how it's an option. The backlash from some clubs (Liverpool, Leeds, us) would last a long time and I can see serious protests about it, and rightly so. What they did in the non-league was a disgrace, especially when you consider we have no idea when we can restart football anyway. It's next season which should be affected, not this one. But it's the TV companies who call the shots in professional football. I have a feeling it is they who are pushing for the season to be finished ASAP or cancelled, as if there is no 2020/21 season I imagine they will lose money. I don't see why anyone else in football would be desperate for it to resume, this June 30th deadline is ludicrous and disrespectful. I can see why some struggling teams would be happy for it to be cancelled, but even they can't come up with a reasoned argument to support those feelings.
  5. Incredibly unfair and downright disrespectful decision. It's such a rash thing to do when we need to just be patient and see how things pan out with this. What is the point in cancelling a season when we don't even know if we'll have a next season? At the moment it's quite likely football won't be able to resume until September and that's if we get things correct. The way people behave in this stupid country I'll be amazed if we get it sorted anytime soon.
  6. Play the cup competitions in the interim. Maybe even 2 seasons worth. And if there's still time, invent a one off tournament with a lot of prize money for each round. It's a perfect opportunity to prevent fixture pile up and do something positive for the game. I reiterate though, the football world will not stand for this seasons results being void. It must somehow be maintained. The league wouldn't be postponed for a full calendar year anyway. We have about 5 weeks worth of fixtures if we want to do it quickly. 10 if we want to spread it out with 1 match a week. So if we resume in July we can finish the season and have next season put back a bit. If they were sensible and dropped international breaks, maybe even scrapped the Europa League indefinitely (which is a totally meaningless competition for the European non-elite, why not have a non-league European competition by that logic?) and didn't pathetically complain about playing twice a week we could maybe even do it later than that. If we are delayed longer than that and we do consider scrapping next season, then maybe we pick football up again in November or something. We finish this current season from November - January, then have a break for a couple of months, then spread out the various cup competitions as suggested above. Yes football will suffer a bit, every business (and many people) are suffering from this virus. But common sense needs to be implemented here in order for us to deal with it and sporting justice to be served.
  7. To be honest, if they can't complete the season in the summer (which if possible is a no brainer but sounds unlikely) then I would rather they complete this season in the autumn/winter of 2020/21, cancel the normal 2020/21 season and start again from the 2021/22 season. So basically, skip a season, but make sure everything is completed and aligned. I don't mean have no football for 6 months, but the structure and competition needs to be maintained. It is not acceptable that Liverpool don't win the title, Leeds and West Brom don't get a chance to be promoted, we don't get the chance to claim our Champions League spot and, most importantly, Vardy doesn't get the chance to win the golden boot and stick it to Southgate, considering we have played most of the season. I don't think people will stand for that.
  8. 'weirdest take'? It's not really is it, it's pretty straight forward. The essence of an international tournament is in the host nation. It's their individual culture and the passion generated from the rarity of such a big event being in their country, with the uniqueness of fans from everywhere joining in one part of the world. It used to be about their unique stadiums as well though this is less relevant with generic modern grounds being built all the while. I don't even like it being spread across 2 countries frankly. But there is little difference between the qualifiers and what is supposed to be happening in the summer. It's not a proper Euros.
  9. Postpone the league for now, hope to get it up and running again in the summer. The Euros needs to be put back a year (it's not really a Euros anyway considering it's in several different countries, that's basically extended qualifiers, so I couldn't care less about that). If it's still a problem in the summer the fairest thing to do would be to declare the league standings as they are now. Voiding the seasons results up to this point would be a disgrace. Neither the Premier League nor the government are covering themselves in glory here. Seems they are williing to put people's health at risk for financial reasons. We should be acting before things get out of hand, not after.
  10. When? He's never been able to control or pass a football so I think you must have dreamt it.
  11. So we thrashed them 4-0 and were denied the most blatant of penalties for a push on Maddison at 2-0, yet Villa still manage to sound hard done by. It's clear on the replay that it hits his upper arm, not his shoulder. I can't actually believe the cheek of these people, pundits as well. The referee and VAR not giving the 2nd penalty to us is nothing short of corrupt - the only reason they didn't give it is because we had already been given one and were comfortable in the match. The pundits have a lot to answer for in that regard; the only pressure the football authorities feel is from the media, and had that been 0-0 that push would have been a massive talking point. But because it was already 2-0, they ignored it. It's a disgrace. If anything, Villa were lucky it wasn't double figures and I don't even think we played that well.
  12. Where is our urgency? We are so slow in possession and so deep that we are making 10 passes without going past a single Villa player. This is when playing out from the back is extremely boring and ineffective.
  13. Really fed up of watching our centre backs put their foot on the ball and pass it between each other. We are developing some bad habits again.
  14. On current form and performances you cannot fancy us. Villa in the League Cup was our best opportunity to get to Wembley, and we bottled the occassion. This will be much tougher.
  15. Teams have sussed us out yes, and we only have one way of playing, which is a problem. Rodgers needs to have a plan B, a style of play that doesn't revolve around inch-perfect passes and other teams making mistakes. Sometimes you need to force other teams into making mistakes, this requires pressing and a high work rate - which we do not have. Our tempo has dropped off badly so it's no surprise to see us performing poorly, and when we're in a scrap we don't win them because we don't have mature, determined players who are willing to give everything. We have too many celebrities here who don't really like football, it's a snapshot of modern footballers. Like Arsenal have had for the last 15 years. We need stronger characters in the dressing room, leaders. That's what winning teams have.
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