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  1. 'Our brothers' who have cheated us out of 2 European competitions. Hope they get hammered.
  2. I don't like The Sun anymore than the next person. It's a disgrace. But we're not Scousers. Let's not be petty and embarrassing like them. We've not even got a good reason to take it personally.
  3. This is a lot of words but all you actually mean is that we beat Sevilla at home and got a title winning team to start performing to somewhere near their level. Shakespeare didn't get us into the Champions League. He didn't get us out of the group. He didn't even get us an away goal. We were shit for 3 quarters of the quarter final and made a game of it until he cocked things up again with another howler of a substitution. You're talking as if he's worked an absolute miracle getting us to the quarter final of the champions league. No, we were already in the competition, he got us through one round with a good 2nd leg and got us away from the relegation zone.. That's not a miracle, this team isn't shit, it just needed a bit of motivation. He's had a good period and has ridden the crest of a wave but for all his man management skills he clearly has failings tactically, which in the long run will only lead us to underachievement, just like Pearson at this level.
  4. His decisions were a major reason we went out. The negative approach in the first game gave us no chance of scoring an away goal, which in turn gave us far too much to do in the second leg. Whilst the change in system last night was correct, it was also completely necessary and the sort of 'shit or bust' approach Pearson only adopted when we were almost certainly relegated, after his first choice of tactics had failed miserably. Similarly, with us being so timid for 1 and a half games, we had already backed ourselves into a corner we were highly unlikely to fight our way out of. The choice to bring on Chilwell (who, considering he was a left back playing left wing, can't be criticised for his efforts) rather than Gray was bizarre to say the least and when he ended up with so much of the ball in good positions you can't help thinking what a tricky, pacey winger might have done with those opportunities. We can only dream now. Picking Mahrez, woefully out of form, in both legs was nothing short of poor management - and his typical laziness more evidently cost us last night with his lack of defensive work for their goal. The final straw was the indefensible decision to bring Amartey on when we were piling on the pressure, who doesn't even offer what Morgan does going forward, let alone someone like Gray. We were pretty much stopped in our tracks because of that substitution, and all hope was extinguished in that one moment. Surely I can't be the only person angered by this? Unfortunately this thread is just another example of the majority of football fans not really grasping tactics or the basics of football in general - much like our manager. If anything, the two games against Madrid have only cemented my feelings that Shakespeare is out of his depth at a club with ambitions of being in Europe again.
  5. I'm not interested in their 'class' now they've gone through. Where was all this sportsmanship and fair play when we were getting cheated out of the competition? When they were winning free kicks by diving? Where was the decency then? Nah, I've got no time for them. Even the fans, with their tiny following and 'diving is part of the game' bullshit. Fvck them. Despite the fact we were outclassed by a top team, and our manager thought the best way for us to score was to bring on defenders, you'd be a very blinkered man to not accept that both games were a total fix (again). I wish Atletico as a club nothing but ill.
  6. You think that would make any difference? Cheating UEFA officials can look at a video and still give a dishonest decision. They aren't going to just start refereeing the game fairly.
  7. That joke would have made sense if you picked clubs that cheer their team and sing instead of ones who boo their team and heckle.
  8. That's just not going to work. By that point the atmosphere will be gone and they'll be able to put many men behind the ball and nullify our main threats. We don't know how to play that way anyway, when we're slow in possession we're careless, and more so when we've not got players steaming forward to give us options. Confidence will drop and we won't be able to get any momentum going. Our defence isn't good enough to withstand loads of pressure anyway, we will eventually concede. We need to get a goal early and make them shit their pants. I'd rather us have a go if we're going to lose. Unfortunately we've put ourselves in a very weak position with no away goal.
  9. What a cvntfest Sky Sports News is. Brighton, Portsmouth & Plymouth have all been promoted, Boro have suffered a massive blow to their survival hopes, we've got a Champions League match in less than 24 hours and their headline is 'relief for Arsene Wenger as Arsenal win and keep their top 4 hopes alive'. Disgrace of a channel.
  10. A draw isn't a shocking result but the performance was pathetic. Extremely half hearted and negative. We slowed the game down again, which is the sort of bizarre thing we were doing when we were really struggling. Need to work harder defensively as well. It was so easy for them to have space in and around the box. All we had to do was be sensible at 2-0 and we let them back into it so easily. Very frustrating to watch, we can do far better if we actually put our minds to it.
  11. If anyone says to me in real life that we built our success on scoring set pieces and soaking up a load of pressure like these bellend commentators are, I'm not even going to argue with them anymore, I'm just going to punch them.
  12. Post Horn Gallop gives me goosebumps. Another authentic Leicester thing the morons at the club don't respect. Just like the Tifos, the natural atmosphere and our blue and white kit.
  13. The Sun can fvck off, he's not said anything of the sort.
  14. Sorry pal but you are living in a dream world if you don't think UEFA's premier competitions have at least some element of conspiracy about them. You sound like those people who couldn't accept that FIFA were corrupt until it was splashed all over the news. There is absolutely no doubt that English teams have been conned out of the Champions League before, the Chelsea Barcelona match in 2009 was a joke and that was Hiddink, not Mourinho. Last night was not much different, the referee could not possibly have believed in many of the decisions he gave against us, they could not be defended. What you are essentially saying is it's ok for the referee to give an inexcusable decision because Albrighton commited a foul. Please read that back to yourself and grow up. And this isn't sour grapes either, we were well outclassed and should have lost by more, but what's right is right and the treatment we got last night was certainly not right.