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  1. If he'd come on to the scene before his late 20s he'd have been snapped up by one of the big 4 and then he'd be getting 40 goals a season. He's been getting 20 here with minimal service, scoring his only chances of the game on a regular basis. Last season he was feeding off scraps and constantly getting us out of jail, and he scored from about 14 touches or something last week. Imagine the destruction he'd cause if we was at Spurs, Man City or Liverpool, it would be merciless. He's always been an all-round better player than Kane and his conversion rate is more impressive. There's not even a question he's world class, he'd be an asset to any team. He was criminally underused and misused by England.
  2. Dribbling it in our own box against Man City. Madness.
  3. Trying to be too clever here. Man City want us to play out from the back because they will press onto us. Like I’ve always said, why play such a possession based game against a group of superior players? We will invariably come out 2nd best. We need to play a style that counters their’s, like we used to.
  4. We had a free kick in their half and passed it back to the keeper Last thing we want to be doing is letting them push on to us by starting from the keeper or back 4. All the football needs to be played in their half. Would rather go long and go for the second ball, then at least we can push higher up the pitch. Better attack there. Albrighton’s going to be vital.
  5. Fair play to Klopp, to get 94 points and push Man City so close with this group of players is an incredible achievement. Very unfortunate for them that they live in the time of Pep’s Man City who have a far superior squad. I remember people questioning Klopp in the past but Liverpool’s title challenge is all down to his style of play. They use space so much more effectively than most teams and it should be a lesson to all managers. The pace at which they play the game is what gives them so many chances to score. They remind me of us a little bit when we won the league in that way.
  6. Why have they brought the gold back? Disgusting. Really ashamed of our club for that. This is several prominent years we’ve been wearing the wrong colours and it’s not acceptable. It’s not even a different design, they’ve just replaced the white with gold and passing it off as a ‘new’ kit. Beyond insulting.
  7. At least Megson had the mitigating factor of us having a terrible squad. Puel was just lucky he inherited a good team (who, reading between the lines, disliked him as much as I do). Completely unfair and inaccurate to suggest Puel had a tough rebuilding job so is exempt from being hated but Megson isn’t. The reality is they were both amongst the worst managers we’ve ever had but took over in completely different situations.
  8. Sorry but no, Villa players are ridiculous for suggesting Leeds should have put the ball out of play. The Leeds player slowed down because several players ran towards him like the Villa player was seriously injured, which he wasn’t. He probably realised that despite the ludicrous body language of the Villa players there was in fact no foul and no head injury, so he rightly played on because it’s a physical sport where far too much time is wasted with players on the floor already. There has never been anything in the rules or a sportsmanship precedent to say kick the ball out. That’s a new thing and not a good one. That match sums up how the game has gone to the dogs because kicking the ball out of play shouldn’t have even been in their mind. It wasn’t a head injury, it wasn’t a bad tackle, the player was fine. And Don Goodman once again made himself look an absolute Pillock for talking about morality in that instance. Then you’ve got some turd getting someone sent off by faking an injury. Frankly, the fans deserve more than having to wait for the football while all this ‘injury’ nonsense goes on for another couple of minutes. Let’s have less diving and less kicking the ball out for everyone who winces. It’s becoming unwatchable. And the idea that footballers can claim that they are so sporting and moral that everybody else should be as righteous as them is laughable. They are nothing but cheats the lot of them, there’s not an honest one out there.
  9. It’s never Sterling, it’s always Raheeeeeem Sterling.
  10. Lol at everyone saying Burnley is Man City’s most difficult game of the 3. They are terrible, this will be a walkover. Absolute nonsense from the pundits considering they play us next and we are a far better team.
  11. Arsenal ? We won that in 2nd gear tbh. It was like a game on the beach. I know they were down to 10 men but even before that we were well in control. For a team going for 4th they looked like a team already relegated and we looked like a team already guaranteed a top 4 finish. Typical end of season game but you wouldn’t think they had something to play for.
  12. We’d only have ourselves to blame though. We’ve been very comfortable again, you do that at 3-0 not 1-0. It’s things like Chilwell and Maguire exchanging about 20 passes in a row in our own half that make me think - why? Just get on with it. Get the ball forward quicker, get more players in the box and kill them off.
  13. Played well but lack a killer instinct. Need to score when you’re on top. For all our possession Albrighton’s pinpoint early balls are still the best thing we do. Choudhury chasing around to win the ball is a very important asset.
  14. No idea why Ndidi gets picked. He does nothing. Would have preferred Choudhury in for him and Barnes in for Gray.
  15. Lol at the Sheffield United fans booing their own fans for invading the pitch when they’ve just been promoted. They’re even less fun than us! Wilder has done a great job getting them up because they’re a very average group of players. Good to see a big northern club in the Premier League and one of the best grounds around.
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