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  1. The best comeback of all time ruined by a cheat. still the only time a team has come back from 3 goals down to equalise at Wembley I believe?
  2. Gonna have to disagree here. The women in the UK are absolutely minging until it's baking hot, then all the fit ones come out. Problem is, even when it's hot there's fvck all to do. No pools, no beaches, very few theme parks and little villages don't get together and partay like they do in Italy for example. You're just stuck with the bloody family and, if you're lucky, the other divs you see all the while anyway. Wembley in August was one of those rare occassions where I actually felt like I was making the most of the sunshine.
  3. It's great as long as you don't have to do anything in it. I resent having to work and walk around when it's this hot. Should be illegal.
  4. Yeh I'd love to go all around America but I'd want to take my time. After all, isn't the whole point of a holiday to relax?
  5. People who use the word lush. Eugh. And people posting memes like this on Facebook just because they're really successful: Yes, because life is as easy as watering grass. Patronising twat.
  6. I know it's over 2 weeks ago but this is a ludicrous comment.
  7. Sorry lads but he looks like he's never seen a ball before. Controlling it hasn't been attempted yet, he's still trying to work out what it is.
  8. Firstly it was clearly a tongue in cheek comment, I'm not sure why you're throwing out these stats. Secondly goals per minute is an absolutely shit stat when the total is less than 5, it's completely meaningless. What we need to look at is whether this bloke has any talent or shown any worth to a team at this level. And I think we can safely say he hasn't.
  9. We already know how to do this, it's called the 2015/16 way. It's not rocket science.
  10. The time was 3 years ago, if ever. He's on the downgrade now. I wouldn't pay £5m for him now.
  11. Crikey they are brutal.
  12. I'm sick of people coming out after these attacks and saying stuff like 'terrorism will not break us'. Yeh, tell that to the families of the victims. I can assure you they are broken.
  13. I'm hoping we have 19 at home and 19 away and Reading aren't involved
  14. No it's just there's a very loud minority of idiots who need putting in their place before we become a laughing stock as the group of fans who hate the manager who pulled off our greatest achievement.
  15. 9 pages Great championship manager, but needs time. He's brilliant at the behind the scenes stuff and building a team. If he gets time he should implement some strong foundations for the club's long term future, though it remains to be seen whether being without Shakespeare and Walsh is a massive hindrance. He didn't do too well at Derby without them. He's not tactically astute enough to be a good Premiership manager. We woefully underachieved in our great escape season, as subsequent events proved. Positive tactics and correct team selection would have seen us in the top half for most of that season, but it took him ages to work out what he was doing wrong. In the end he just threw caution to the wind, probably under the advice of the players. People tend to take the piss out of this story but it is documented (not just rumoured) that Cambiasso influenced the change in style somewhat. Also don't expect any substitutions before the 68th minute, unless there's been an injury. He is a nutter but he's also principled, which is as much of a problem as him being a nutter. He'll probably get on better with your chairman than the idiot at Derby or our owners who are culturally quite different (and also quite inconsistent with their principles - it probably still doesn't sit right with him that his son was sacked for shagging a hooker (his son wasn't the one making the racist comments) whilst another player stayed at the club after throttling a woman). I don't like it when people question his character, he's always seemed a fair bloke to me. The players will love him unless they're prima donnas. he just has the occasional psycho moment and is clearly very uncomfortable with the media side of the game. Having a go at journalists, often not the most honest or likeable of people, is hardly crime of the century.