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  1. Kitchandro

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Predictably dull performance against an extremely poor side. Decent teams would be putting these to the sword.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if these matches are bad because, like me, some of the players struggle to tell the difference between red and green at a distance. I mean this is ridiculous, light vs dark shades should be mandatory.
  3. Kitchandro

    Last 26 games

    What are you guys on about? Is recent form not relevant now? Our form before those 26 is largely irrelevant because most clubs have a new manager bounce when the previous one performed so terribly. Shakespeare had it after Ranieri and Puel had it after Shakespeare. By your logic we should have kept Shakey if you take his first 2 months into account. His 42% (38% in the league) win percentage is better than Puel's. Since the initial improvement we have been poor. The most recent evidence suggests we are going backwards, we have been hammered by minnows Palace and Bournemouth in the last 10 games and of the very few wins we've had this calndar year they've all been flukes in games which we have been categorically outplayed, Arsenal being the exception. You're the ones twisting the facts to suit your argument, not him. If form carries on the way it's going we will be in the bottom half with top half of the table players. And even that wouldn't be awful if we were providing a modicum of entertainment, but we aren't, we are totally uninspiring and unless you're winning things that sort of football is unacceptable. What's more we are stagnating season after season now and it's only a matter of time before that catches up with us. When teams are relegated everyone always asks 'where did it go wrong?'. Well I'm telling you; here is where it went wrong, appointing managers for no real reason and keeping them on for too long. If you're not progressing, you're regressing in this game, we have no ambition and therefore are a terrible waste of a football club at the moment. Stop making excuses for this melt we call a manager, for the amount he's being paid he's basically an inanimate object. It's not that we aren't anything special, it's that we have no hope whatsoever of being anything special with him in charge.
  4. ‘Fellaini causing problems’ - his cross was basically a clearance, Rio. ‘Great ball in’ - It was deflected a centimetre after he kicked it, Rio. ’Great goal’ - Only cos Man U scored it, Rio. Christ he’s thick.
  5. If Man U had conceded those goals they’d be getting slaughtered by the commentators. Keown’s using phrases like ‘great composure’ and ‘pinpoint delivery’. One’s a hopeful cross that’s been bundled in off someone’s chest, the other’s a lofted corner won by some lummox and put in from 6 yards. And Watford have just watched them do it. Terrible defending, nothing to do with quality.
  6. That’s not for us to decide is it? There are professionals at the club whose job this is. Their time should be dedicated to finding someone who believes in entertaining football that is committed to scoring goals and worth watching. Someone who is suited to the club and the English game. He doesn’t have to be well known, he doesn’t have to have managed in England, he doesn’t need a track record of keeping teams up - and they don’t realise this. He just needs talent and he needs to like football. Their philosophy is what’s important. I mean, how have Leeds ended up with Bielsa and we’ve got this depressing twat?
  7. Kitchandro

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    If you mean by our owners then fair enough, our last the last 2 managers were surely only appointed to punish us. It’s been a real chore watching us since then.
  8. Kitchandro

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Do people think before they write things? This makes absolutely no sense at all.
  9. Kitchandro

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    No people are serious, which says all you need to know about people. As shit as Puel is, we actually finished higher under him last year than we did under Pearson.
  10. Kitchandro

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    The problem is we just don’t have a game plan. We have some tidy players, but no intention to score goals. As I said the other week, if you’re relying on the ball falling your way then you’ll struggle. Our wins under Puel have been largely in games where we’ve looked poor. As have our losses, of course.
  11. Well it's not nonsense, it's been categorically proven down the years, this year's world cup included despite what the media would have you believe. Players like Rashford, Dier & Alli had no business playing football at the World Cup but guess what, they play for big clubs. Meanwhile Vardy constantly sidelined for years despite having world class form and has essentially been forced into international retirement because he knows he is never going to be treated equally. Don't get me started on the farce of 2 years ago. It's been going on for years and still goes on now.
  12. Kitchandro

    What if watford do a leicester

    So our achievement would have meant less if everyone thought we were twats? I couldn't have cared less what other people thought. The only external bits I enjoyed was the media having to pay attention to us and all those Italians invading the city on the day of the Everton game. Remember these same people that lauded us for winning it couldn't have cared less when we were in danger of going down the following season and they don't sympathise now we're back playing regressive dog-muck football that doesn't produce goals.
  13. Everybody going on about Sane - 'why is he not getting in the Man City team?', 'why wasn't he in the Germany squad?' Well it's probably because he's been shit since March, if anyone has bothered watching him in that period.
  14. Kitchandro

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Maguire often forgets it’s not a dribbling competition.
  15. Kitchandro

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Ok so we were gifted a goal but we’ve shown nothing after. Where’s the tempo gone and why aren’t we pushing up the pitch? It’s like we’ve got 10 men. Puel is so negative he makes a defensive substitution (Amartey for Maddison) when we’re losing. Are we playing for the narrow loss? We’ve looked toothless today but apparently that’s ok because we’ve passed the ball around the back a bit and put the odd tackle in. Creatively we are piss poor.