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  1. I think we've already seen in pre-season that he's playing for a move, and that's what we want. He's got 3 years left on his contract, he's not going to waste them sulking on the bench. He will have learnt a lesson from this, and will know he has no choice but to work hard and look like he's worth £50m. We're in control here.
  2. Woah there I don't pick on foreigners, British people had to suffer my shameless bragging as well.
  3. Why on earth would we do a deal for £35m? These rags are so confident we'll just let him go.
  4. Come on Rudders wake up son
  5. Screw that, last summer I was rubbing it in everyone's faces.
  6. I can't see Chelsea being toppled this season. They're a proper team, very strong in most areas, a quality manager, and they have Kante. Amazing because they looked to have numerous weaknesses last summer, but it seems many of their underperforming players found their feet again, the opposite to us really. Huddersfield will go down, they're just not good enough. The Championship is weak these days, though Newcastle should have enough talent to do ok, and Brighton might just scrape up. Watford look to have gone backwards over the last 18 months and I think they'll go. Palace regularly struggle now so I voted them to be the other team to get relegated. Swansea will also struggle but I think they'll just get away with it. We'll show glimpses of our former greatness (a la last season) but form will be in and out. With us struggling to recapture an identity via an inconsistent style and some needlessly negative approaches to several matches, we'll underacheive and finish somewhere like 11th. I will be pulling my hair out knowing that we are capable of beating anyone if we just had a go and played the attacking high tempo style that won us the league. We'll accumulate 37 central midfielders yet not one of them will be able to supply a creative spark. Matty James will impress early on then spend the rest of the season on Mendy's old treatment table (which has his name carved into it). Our away ends will continue to be shit. There will be a 200 page thread about whether Rachel Riley is truly commited to the club. Spurs will finish 3rd but will once again claim the moral victory and Kane will enter the record books for the world's longest chin.
  7. There are some really over the top comments on here.....because the bloke scored a header.
  8. The thing with the Premier League is, it's not about keeping the ball. You get success here with high tempo. What you need is players who use the ball positively. Yes passing the ball to your teammates is essential but it's not much use if it's going backwards. It's all about finding the balance between getting the ball forward quickly without wasting possession. There is far too much emphasis these days on keeping the ball for no reason (see Spurs fans' comments).
  9. I agree with this. We are in desperate need of a creative central midfielder. Shakespeare set up with Mahrez in the middle yesterday and that may be our only option. Drinkwater is so frustrating, he's an absolutely fabulous player at his best, one of the best English players there is, but he seems to have real confidence issues. The difference in his form from one season to the next is massive. And without him we really struggle in the middle. I wouldn't be against starting James against Arsenal if his form warrants it but it's very telling if he's the best option when he's not played at the top level for almost 2 years now. Unless Iborra and Ndidi can play together of course.
  10. I've not seen much evidence of us playing the style that won us the league recently, glimpses only over the last year. I will be looking very closely at how we play against Arsenal. Let's see if Shakespeare has learnt from his and Ranieri's mistakes last season.
  11. WTF What a bizarre idea.
  12. They're not going to murder you I've mentioned I'm a Leicester fan to a few people and they've pretty much forgotten who we are tbh.
  13. Are we playing the Leicester way or is the tempo slow?
  14. Interesting formation....has potential but my main worry is Albrighton being too deep. We need him to be in a position to put crosses in. Nothing wrong with trying it though.
  15. easily impressed £50 for that...