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  1. Ulloa new contract

    A good manager does not need to see last night's game to know that playing 2 slow target men with little technical ability will not work.
  2. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    Needs to be 3-5-2 as we evidently don't have a midfielder who wins the ball regularly enough. If we continue with 4-4-2 we'll continue to get overrun.
  3. We do now, we didn't used to. What happened to us pressing and trying to win the ball back? I can't see the game tonight but it sounds even worse than Saturday so I would assume we're still not doing that?
  4. Nige is Shakey and Walsh. So we'd be replacing Shakey with Shakey. Remember being bottom of the table for 6 months? I don't fancy that.
  5. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    This really. It's not about winning stuff, it's about being excited watching your team. If the the team plays rubbish, negative and passionless football then the fans will be miserable even with a decent mid table finish. Football is about entertainment and excitement. The only match I enjoyed watching so far is the Arsenal one.
  6. Everton, Huddersfield. Possibly Newcastle and Stoke as well. Maybe even West Ham. That's right, we could finish behind 2 promoted clubs. We should be better than most of them, but we aren't. They are better tactically and are playing with more motivation.
  7. Ryanair

    I'm flying with them tomorrow, my flight isn't affected...so far. They are a crap airline and I seem to get far more turbulence on their flights than others. But they are cheaper than others most of the time so needs must.
  8. Yeh I'm not buying that on this occassion. Paddy Power were quite a funny and a bit 'edgy' a while back. Now they're trying way too hard and failing miserably. Some of their more recent adverts have been shocking and the initiatives like 'RIP Football' and this have just fallen flat on their faces.
  9. The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    The issue is we have signed a player who can't get in our squad. Someone has screwed up again.
  10. La Manga - Inside Story

    I have to agree with this. Not really sure how this could possibly have affected his career. He wasn't accused and the players were found innocent. He was probably knocked back because he wasn't good enough but they didn't want to hurt his feelings
  11. Papers never know what they're talking about so I'd make nothing of it. We're the people who watch our team week in, week out and we know we're capable of far more than that. The media always undervalued our quality when we won the league and have much lower expectations of us than they should. Some of our players need to have a look at themselves in the mirror. Not good enough.
  12. Some really disappointing marks in there for me. Mahrez the best of a bad bunch. I question the manager but also you'd have to say there was a serious lack of passion from the players. Sometimes I really don't think they want to be here. They played it like a friendly. Okazaki and Slimani were particularly awful when they came on.
  13. The concern is, if he's told them to up the tempo and press them, then they're not listening to him. If he's not telling them to do those things then we will be in a relegation scrap and he should be sacked straight away. Results this early in the season will never be the be all and end all, but the performances since Shakespeare took over haven't been good enough on the whole. Playing badly in one or two matches happens. When certain aspects of the performances are continually bad (i.e. our lack of tempo and intensity with and without the ball, playing with 2 central midfielders who don't impose themselves on the game, poor substitutions) then it is a cause for concern. We need to take a rapidly different approach to future matches or concern will grow and grow. At the moment there isn't much to suggest anything other than continued, steady decline. As with before the season I predict an underwhelming finish with us rarely entertaining, with a serious possibility of relegation within 2 or 3 seasons due to stagnation and no long term plan.
  14. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    I'm surprised how many people are happy with a draw. We've won 1 game out of 5 and if this club has any ambition (especially considering where it was 2 years ago) then we need to be demanding victories against newly promoted clubs. That's not a disrespect to Huddersfield who are clearly no mugs but in our 4th Premier League season and with the size of our support comparatively we should be quite a bit further along than they are. That's regardless of the fact we won the league and got loads of champions league money. When in fact, yesterday I found myself saying at half time 'we should be pressing high and playing with tempo....like Huddersfield'. And then I thought - 'like Huddersfield? We were doing that 2 years ago, everyone wanted to emulate us, what has happened?'. When we were taking throw ins in our own half they were pushing onto us and marking our men so that we had to throw it long and make it a 50/50. We used to do that. Towards the end Gray was praised by Birtles for closing their man down and making them take a throw in in their own half. Yeh that was all well and good - so why then did everyone jog into their own half and let them take the throw in so easily?! We were an absolute disgrace yesterday, not one aspect of that performance was acceptable. There was no pressing, no tempo whatsoever, no intensity, no quality in possession, and no effort frankly. The players looked like they didn't care one bit. Part of me thinks they need someone to come in and give them a right good kick up the backside. Some of them are too comfortable with their contracts and place in the team. We were walking for most of that match and had settled for a draw long before the final whistle. We knew we'd be weak with King in a 2 man midfield but the very least we could do is try and compete. We were desperately lucky to come away with a draw and all the result does is paper over the cracks with some people, though for me that's a pretty poor result. As for the poster towards the start of this thread that said 'win your home games, draw your away games, you'll do alright' - well that is total rubbish. I absolutely hate that saying. First of all we've already lost 2 away and 1 at home so we need to make up the points for those games. You're never going to win every home game and you're likely to lose some away so that ridiculous hypothetical points return is not going to be at all relevant to anyone. And 2 away losses and 2 wins gives you more points than 4 draws anyway. Stupid cliches like this need to get in the bin.