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  1. Let's have a films thread.

    2001: A Space Odyessey There's about 15 minutes worth of plot, and when I say plot I mean some not even half-explained story with no conclusion, which is essentially the director's half-arsed attempt to justify his artsy fartsy 2-and-a-half-hour cinematography experiment that is fine for a home movie but a bit of con for people who are wanting to see a film. I mean there are slow films and then there are slow films. People do all this research trying to find out what the meaning of this film is, but I don't think Kubrick had any idea himself. I can imagine for people watching it in a theatre in the 1960s it was visually stunning and even groundbreaking at the time, and the subject of space was so mesmerising that films like this were all the rage, but it's not a piece of cinema that has stood the test of time at all. For anyone who's watched any decent modern films, this just doesn't compare in terms of entertainment. Though, I do accept the presentation in some of the iconic scenes is very impressive, and it does well to reinforce my feeling that space travel is an extremely frightening thing. If you can view it in an artistic way and you're interested in it's influence in cinema and popular culture then it's probably worth seeing once. But it's not fair for it to be included in these lists of greatest ever films on nostalgia alone, because on so many levels it's just a complete bore and will do nothing for probably 70% of normal people.
  2. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Limp and half arsed second half. I haven't seen as much of Man City as other people - but today they weren't that special. I don't accept this apathetic attitude where we should just expect to lose. If they were unbelievable then fair enough, but they weren't. Their work rate is very good and they defended well, but they didn't excite me at all. We never really gave it a go today which is disappointing. The lack of changes in the 55-70 minute period was annoying. The 2nd goal was brilliant but the 1st was very soft.
  3. Man City Match Thread

    Are we gonna see another sub or are we just happy with this?
  4. Man City Match Thread

    Man City are actually boring me to tears.
  5. Man City Match Thread

    Apathy rearing its ugly head again on this forum. These aren't that special today, we've gone to pot since the 2nd goal. We need to change this game on a tactical level.
  6. Man City Match Thread

    We aren't winning the bell back, same old story.
  7. Man City Match Thread

    It isn't, you're just saying that because some pundits have said that.
  8. Man City Match Thread

    Time for a change
  9. Man City Match Thread

    Think people are overrating that Man City performance. They didn't do all that much. They may be a great side but we don't look totally outclassed today. The goal is poor, if we'd have conceded that against Burnley no one would be saying it was a great goal. We just went to sleep.
  10. Man City Match Thread

    Well there is someone to blame because the run wasn't tracked. Good half but that was a soft goal.
  11. Man City Match Thread

    Simpson ffs
  12. Man City Match Thread

  13. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    The old classic is to say they're saying something else that sounds like it. As an 8 year old you just accept that explanation.
  14. Dementia and Football Link

    An awful lot of people have dementia. Sounds like crazy talk to say it's to do with heading balls. Even if it is, are thousands of players just going to give up their careers on health grounds?
  15. It was fine until the shocking rap music. No Schmeichel or Vardy so clearly we need a couple of new threads in the transfer forum.