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  1. but with two people standing up front out the game, so we look weak in the middle third
  2. did you see the angle with them running towards the camera? someone post it please?
  3. yep, I thought the same, one angle obvious, the other inconclusive
  4. he should be winning the league at least once every year in my eyes
  5. I wouldn't say I'm a knuckle dragger to be honest and I'm reasonably self aware, I just feel that the vast majority of women involved in mens football, be it presenting, commentating or punditry seem to be inferior to even a low quality male equivalent. It's an opinion, so there's no real objective test we can place on it, I always get the feeling they're there because it's progressive rather than on merit. Sian Massey is there on merit but it's embarrassing how every commentator and pundit has to remark on how good she is literally every time she's on, it's cringingly transparent.
  6. Because they have knowledge of playing against men, women are better placed to comment on women's football. It's not a particularly controversial viewpoint, I've always found the women that are shoehorned in don't seem to be there on merit, it's all subjective of course.
  7. The real question is, should a woman be commenting on men's football when you're literally putting her in front of dozens, if not hundreds of ex professional footballers that are male, purely to appease modern societal demands.
  8. I haven't been this excited by a Barnes since I saw John being interviewed on SKY about racism, sitting in his bed.
  9. Can't help but notice the lack of left wing idiots there, need some for balance surely!
  10. I concur, I might get shot down in absolute flames here but I think Rodgers & Leicester could conceivably be Ferguson & United or Wenger & Arsenal (earlier years).
  11. I won't say anything about Perez but we desperately, desperately need another quick striker that can play on the shoulder, doesn't even need to be that good haha.
  12. strange how everyone focuses on who's the biggest and not who's the best? let's just quietly keep doing what we're doing, of we start finishing in the top 4 every year I really don't care if we're not one of the"big 6"
  13. rating the smell of his own farts. that's a joke, I think he's a decent manager and don't hate him.
  14. the answer is obvious, sack all international football except for one mega world cup every four years, 200 odd teams and it a straight knock out competition!
  15. I think all those bad tackles he supposedly made really knocked his confidence to be honest, whenever he comes on now he looks like a guy who doesn't want to look too keen and eager.
  16. oh god what have I done, ignore me.
  17. if he was as good as this then video then we'd have a player, sadly he's a luxury player without the luxurious input.
  18. fair enough, I've never seen him play, he looked like he was running in treacle and carrying timber to be today but far too early to even comment in fairness
  19. ridiculously early, I'm aware of that, but one thing that you usually need in the PL is pace, I might be wildly wrong but this guy looks like ghezzal V2
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