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  1. I'm not fussed about being bigger, I want to be better.
  2. p.p.s I wasn't in the discussion, I was responding to your criticism of grealish, sweetheart. Rudkin, villain to hero on this forum, suddenly he's turning down players and scouting madders himself, what's happened to the incompetent brown noser?!
  3. youngster in partying shock, what's next?!
  4. think he's caught what chilwell had, the old 'panic in the box and kick it against the defender or goalkeeper as quick as you can' syndrome. chillers is already growing out of it, they're only young, so I'm sure Harvey will in the next couple of months! great young players though.
  5. I'm not crying, you're crying.
  6. I suppose you could argue that you won us the game?
  7. I think he's alright, hes a bit of a wind up merchant but I've met loads of people like him before who just like to get a reaction, I don't even think he does it for his career, I think it's just his personality
  8. nothing jhamez maddizon can't do
  9. oh dear I'll be in trouble then, I paid 1200 for three tickets in the away end that day.
  10. Brendan wasn't impressed at all in last week's press conference when a journo asked him if the lads had been giving Matty James stick and calling him sicknote, so whisper it quietly!
  11. I'd rather see the roof made of 21,081 Jamie vardys to be fair.
  12. it's all ifs and buts at the end of the day, yes in 2 or 3 years i wouldn't be surprised if he went to Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United if we finish 6th and 7th and no silverware, but if we finish 1st and 3rd, win an fa cup and the champions league, then yes, i would be slightly more surprised. let's just see how it goes and enjoy it while it's going well.
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