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  1. I didn't know covid 19 attacked the hairline like that, save us all please.
  2. yes, but you're allowed a weapon of your choice and he's bound and shackled
  3. in a gladiatorial battle to the death
  4. Nigel's been sensationally sacked at half time by Watford and reappointed by Top as assistant TO the manager. incredible scenes.
  5. yeah it's strange the way people are so abusive to their own players, just because they're out of form. measured criticism is fine, but the weird way some posters create a narrative in their head about "his head being turned" and then slating him is bizarre.
  6. get the jokes in quickly though, they're talking about making misogyny a hate speech crime, even @RumbleFox won't agree with that?
  7. yeah I don't disagree with that, polarisation seems rife in all aspects of life these days.
  8. dunno mate, the stream I was watching was saying how poor we were for a premier League team, less so in the second half but still hammering home how uncreative we were, they were also horrified with how poorly we saw out the game. I personally thought we were the dictionary definition of meh.
  9. accomodation included? very generous of you.
  10. at least I'm not on another team's forum constantly trolling sweetheart.
  11. my reliable source says you've lost the word 'the'.
  12. carrying Perez Barnes and maddison in attack, tielemans struggling, chilwell lost it, no confidence, no movement, no risk taking, no composure. (9 words)
  13. if puel had us third in the league i'm pretty sure people wouldn't have been calling for his head, well, I suppose there are always a few complete brainlets, trolls and opposition fans on here.
  14. it's the hand of someone who doesn't want to be associated with the movement!
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