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  1. brawndo, it's got what the plants crave.
  2. in before the lizzock.
  3. 35,000,000? hahahahahahahahahahaha.
  4. hold up I thought bert was in self imposed exile?
  5. and the entire team also cost less than the 30 million he's banging on about!
  6. surely even businessmen are grown up enough to have the discussion along the lines of "look shakey, we value you at this club, we want you as manager, but if we don't think it's working out would you be happy to step back down to assistant manager, we wouldn't want to lose you as a coach?"
  7. based on this season £15,00,000, last season £75,000,000, so probably average out about £40,000,000
  8. 30,000 chanting "pene pequeno" would be even better.
  9. bet its tiny.
  10. absolute jockey.
  11. do grown adults really get worked up enough over the internet to threaten to quit message boards? is that a real thing?
  12. yep definitely, mahrez can do amazing things occasionally, he can also do a lot of lazy, half hearted stuff, alrbighton can do a lot of committed, 100% stuff and nice stuff occasionally.
  13. all tea is barely tolerable, whatever the colour.