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  1. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    hot balls and cold balls
  2. Kasper Schmeichel

    I cant countenance a bad word said about schmeichel, i don’t use the word often, but dudes a legend.
  3. I think mahrez is just pissed off that nobody actually wanted him apart from Roma with a joke of an offer and Man City as a stop gap at the last minute, in his mind everyone should be lining up making offers.
  4. The "do they mean us?" thread

    genuine question, what can you with 60,000 cold hard ones, every. single. week?
  5. Find Riyad

    maybe one day riyad, one day....
  6. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    dogturd > albrighton
  7. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    in which case they’re aled up anyway?!
  8. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    started at 4am on sunday morning? someone’s aled up.
  9. Does Mahrez have Alien DNA?

    you sure you haven’t got alien dna?
  10. just do something drastic like cap the teams wages, yeah you can pay one player 250,000 a week but that leaves less for the rest of the squad.
  11. Chelsea (A) pre-match

    schmeichel dragovic morgan maguire albrighton silva ndidi iborra chilwell okazaki vardy
  12. Liverpool A Pre Match Thread

    maybe one day we’ll realise that those three behind vardy leave him isolated and rarely do they impact the game, as frustrating as it is, with out current players we can only really effectively play 442 with shinji up front
  13. no, we create nothing for him.
  14. Perhaps the pettiest reply ever on foxestalk?