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  1. does anyone know why some beers keep a really good head but most don’t? is it choice of ale or is there more to it? obviously I understand piss like budweiser won’t keep a head. not just headkeeper glasses either is it?
  2. Adrien Silva

    he’s working pro bono.
  3. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    why are people so passive aggressive? the guy was amazing for us, and moved to a bigger club to try and further his career, he’s got one life, he needs to live it. good lucky drinky.
  4. Do we need/want a whole new regime?

    not really, i never read the comment before i vote, why would anyone do that?
  5. Ryan Giggs?

    looks like a black sheep to me.
  6. Graham Potter, Ostersunds FK - would you take a gamble?

    no hagrid, i can’t be.
  7. Next City Manager?

    oh for fuchs sake.
  8. Rudkin

    a supporter of the club, like that little fat lad up at newcastle?
  9. Come Home Nigel

    i was neutral but watching those videos and seeing the beast in his natural habitat ive got to say, fućk it, come back home nige.
  10. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    yeah, it’s not great but I wouldn’t start personally abusing the man, or making degrading pictures, it’s weird to me, do people actually act like that in real life? i just feel like quite a few people are either trolls or let the internet anonymity go to their heads, can’t they just post something like.... ”i’m disappointed in shakes, i thought he would be better than this, his tactics are negative and sadly I think we need to look elsewhere”
  11. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    genuinely shocked at the vitriol on this board, and i’m not even an emotional beta kind of guy. this is a man who has put everything in to this club over his time here, and who the vast majority were glorifying a few months ago praying he got the job. i question the mental aptitude of some of our fans when I read some of these comments, it’s like angrily calling your mum a stupid tw*t because she overcooks your steak.
  12. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    how is it a sweet? chocolate isn't a sweet, never has been, never will be.
  13. Ian Stringer Q+A

    thankfully haven’t had to hear anything from this guy since we got promoted to the premier league.
  14. Kante 'sell on' Clause

    no they didn't
  15. I suspect the players have become mentally weak since the title win, they’re timid, fearful and negative, it wouldn’t surprise me if shakespeare is tearing his hair out.