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  1. I'm starting to agree on no wingers, diamond with ndidi tielemans praet and Maddison and then vardy and iheanacho/Perez up front, forgot the flanks exist and try and pass through them again
  2. kit for next season finally leaked...
  3. I blame bren, this "cute", reserving energy, non pressing vardy is a shadow of the absolute madlad, sprinting around the place, lunging in, pushing and abusing defenders. I'd rather see vardy 1.0 for 45 minutes than vardy 2.0 for 90 minutes!
  4. yes because teams have realised if they defend slightly deeper and get bodies in central midfield in front of the back line, we are physically incapable of playing the quick, slick triangles we were at the start of the season so have to resort to passing sideways and swinging a naff cross in
  5. I'm firmly middle ground, he's a decent young player, okay defensively, great stamina, good at running forwards with the ball but no composure when he actually has to do anything in the final third. He gets undeserved criticism, but the fact he's England's left back says more about England's options than it does him.
  6. I remember Brendan saying something early on like when a player got the ball he wanted them to have 3 options to pass to, now they seem to have -3.
  7. teams have realised that defending somewhat deep and packing the centre midfield in front of the backline means we pass to ineffectual wingers or just pass slowly sideways and swing an aimless cross in. the slick fast triangles to cut through them died at Christmas sadly.
  8. is Ben meadows on this forum, possibly he could...field some questions?
  9. I don't think many people would be overly disappointed with top 7, yes it's not ideal, but it would have represented a good performance at the start of the campaign. I think what we're concerned with is if we extrapolated our 2020 form over a whole season we might actually be in trouble.
  10. so you're saying...we're winning the league next season?! nice
  11. please, please, please for the love of God can Harry Kane or Harry Maguire post a picture of a wolf hunting. something, anything to fire these guys up 😂
  12. The OP is apparently looking for a signed Dennis wise shirt and a Peter Taylor autographed picture as well.
  13. shade

    Corona Virus

    I don't know much about DC but he seems like an absolute maverick, and if there's one thing I like, it's a maverick.
  14. surely we could employ a new physio to shout abuse his wife during the game?
  15. I didn't know covid 19 attacked the hairline like that, save us all please.
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