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  1. based on this season £15,00,000, last season £75,000,000, so probably average out about £40,000,000
  2. 30,000 chanting "pene pequeno" would be even better.
  3. bet its tiny.
  4. absolute jockey.
  5. do grown adults really get worked up enough over the internet to threaten to quit message boards? is that a real thing?
  6. yep definitely, mahrez can do amazing things occasionally, he can also do a lot of lazy, half hearted stuff, alrbighton can do a lot of committed, 100% stuff and nice stuff occasionally.
  7. all tea is barely tolerable, whatever the colour.
  8. i reckon he'll stay for one more season, just to do the treble under shakey (league, fa cup, league cup), and then go to barcelona for £70 million.
  9. who's this clown? Prandelli: I turned down chance to manage Leicester because of how they treated Ranieri Ranieri guided Leicester to the most remarkable of title triumphs last season but was sacked last month following a disappointing run of results that left the Foxes in danger of suffering relegation to the Premier League. Leicester turned to Prandelli, the former Italy, Galatasaray and Valencia manager, as a potential replacement, but the 59-year-old promptly refused. As reported by Football Italia, Prandelli said: “New Coaches should study his situation. In two or three months, what happened cannot happen. Subconsciously, the team clearly gave less and worked less than it could’ve done. That is why it’s important for a club and directors to not leave all the responsibility on the shoulders of the Coach, otherwise this happens. “I said no. There was an approach, but I immediately said no. You don’t go to a place like that after seeing how Ranieri was treated. You don’t go there. Full stop. Sign up for a 24 Hour NOW TV Pass and watch all of the live football action on Sky Sports “Football management is an extraordinarily difficult, but wonderful job. In recent years there are big changes between the way Coaches and players deal with each other. “For example, Ranieri achieved something extraordinary that could not be repeated. A Coach who wins a memorable, historic title and is then dumped after a few months means someone has to reflect on the situation. “When responsibility is all on the shoulders of one person, he can’t hold it. If that responsibility is shared with the club, directors and players, then it becomes far simpler. “A Coach needs to just be a Coach. When he is asked to do other jobs, it becomes complicated.” Leicester have fared extremely well since Ranieri’s dismissal, with Craig Shakespeare, who has been appointed manager until the end of the season, having overseen four successive victories. Suddenly matters look rather brighter for Leicester, who have made it through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and are hopeful of staying up in the Premier League, especially following the victory over West Ham United today.
  10. "Nasris not happy", which one is he then, Grumpy?
  11. every single one. as well as also being the best in the world in that position.
  12. Dear sky, BT, Virgin Media, You suck, you capitalist pigs, Yours Sincerely.