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  1. That var tonight was shit. We all had to stand there waiting to celebrate.
  2. I think a lot of fans need to get over the fact that in todays football, Vardy is unique and when he finishes playing, we're not going to replace him. Every team in the country bar a few exceptions is after a true striker like vardy.
  3. Prefer to play hamza tomorrow and give wilf an extra week.
  4. He's the ideal player for a team that plays down the wings and puts the ball into someone that can head it in the net. He'd also be ideal for a team that have exhusted all their ideas and never appear to score from corners.
  5. The club need to get rid of the priority points system for away games.
  6. Yes, 4 more wins than us, but we’ve just lost to 2 dire teams.
  7. 4 wins, and we’ve just lost to Southampton and Burnley,
  8. We’re third for now, form carries on as it is though and we’ll soon drop out the top four. The big sides tend to be consistent right through the season
  9. Probably every team knows our strengths and our weaknesses now. It’s brilliant having all these super skill full little players but we’ve got no powerful players and we’re getting out muscled in games. We struggle at corners, both ends, and we desperately need a couple of big lads. No coincidence that ndidi being out has more than highlighted this.
  10. Useless. Playing for a draw now....against Burnley ffs
  11. we’re playing shit. Passing is awful,
  12. So in other words, you’ve done naff all apart from talk about it.
  13. Where do you get me choosing not to from? Give me an example of what you have done to stop the icecaps melting!
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