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  1. The mans a dick. How much did he cost Utd
  2. Out of interest, could their yid army chant be heard on tv?
  3. I thought it was the string of decisions against us that led to a better than usual atmosphere, which goes to show that bad refereeing is not such a bad thing.
  4. I think turning all the traffic lights out of the ground and out of the city to green, as they do at hull, would be a good idea
  5. Imo it doesn’t work. Yes the technology homes in on the minutest detail that can be analysed to the nth degree but the whole point is to clear up an obvious mistake. Our goal was an obvious mistake so it got that right, although the Lino should have spotted a player a yard offside anyway, their goal wasn’t a clear and obvious mistake so it was wrong. Although it benefited us it was still 50% wrong! And that’s pretty crap. All the talk of tolerances is still pointless as there is still a line, that I assume would be bigger to allow for discrepancies, and it’s the edge of the line that would then be up for discussion
  6. Must be really sickening when you stick 8 goals in and then you look up to the stands and see that half of your fans have gone home
  7. Looks like the dearest cheap rucksack in the world.
  8. https://goals2.vidstreamup.com/player/html/LYloGfs4hr?popup=yes&autoplay=1
  9. If the hole in the ozone layer was caused by CFC gasses, why was it in one place? Science sees what it wants to see depending on the funding.
  10. We need to win tomorrow, we can't just keep getting beat ffs.
  11. You believe what you want to believe and i'll believe what i want to believe.
  12. I can't honestly think of one new technology that will replace the worlds energy needs and, although everyone seems against it, nuclear power is the only viable solution, so if you want to be the next multi billionaire, start digging for uranium.
  13. And if they don't, then what? There is a point when someone else can no longer be blamed.
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