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  1. So what are people’s thoughts about labour now Rachael Riley’s getting sacked for ripping Corbyn
  2. Man Utd have a bloke who makes them up and gets them going in that pub near the ground
  3. That's pretty good. Get it going.
  4. That'll work, seeing as everyone who's over 25 has a car and doesn't travel on buses in case they get stabbed by an under 25 year old.
  5. Educating people on migration and colonialism obviously means that in the eyes of the labour party, people are wrong with their thoughts on them. So in other words based on the fact that the majority of people who voted for leaving the eu probably voted that way because of what they saw was happening across the eu with merkels open border policy (lets be honest), migration is a bad thing and the labour party need to tell us why it was a good thing, and because of how this country had treated third world countries around the globe by enslaving the locals and bringing them under British rule 300 years ago was such a bad thing to do, even though the Belgians, Danes, French, Portuguese, Russians, Spanish and Swedes were all up to it at the benefit of both their nations and the nations that were colonized (IMO). Or am i reading it incorrectly and the Labour party feel the colonisation of Europe under the rule of the EU is a good thing as we're all much better off for it.
  6. I find part of Labours manifesto in immigration a bit condescending. "Educate people on migration and colonialism". No thanks i'll make my own mind up on that.
  7. What about Gareth Bale when he was at spurs.
  8. ???? We weren't champions a quarter the way through the season were we, much as sheffield ain't a top 6 side club a quarter the way through the season and we're not a top 4 side a quarter the way through the season, and if we do end up top 4 at the end of the season we still won't be classed as a top 4 side until we have done it on a regular basis, not, how you infer, one year on the trot.
  9. So by your logic, Sheffield Utd are a top 6 club. I think not.
  10. You know what i mean, man utd are classed as a top 4 club, we're not.
  11. When we’ve won countless trophies, won the league a few times and have 60000 fans at home games every week and done all that for 30 years, we may become a top 4 club. Until then we’re a bit, too new
  12. Could be the biggest fvck up in football history. Half the players want to leave and the other half love Pochettino. Imagine if he went Utd and took half the team with him. OGS the next manager to get sacked
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