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  1. It’s Man Utd that are afraid to match the price and it’s nothing to do with the cost, it’s the fact that Man City will match them, whatever they bid.
  2. There might well have been, but surely someone with any morals isn't going to use that to force a move.
  3. I don't believe that maguire has okayed that statement to come out, i think it's the media bringing up something from the past. Imagine if the deal doesn't go through, what's the rest of the squad going to think.
  4. One things for certain, Maguire's stock has risen considerably. Maybe that's why the rumours have been allowed to escalate. Pep, when asked about Maguire replied "Leicester player" which gave me the impression that Man City had made an offer but were told he's not for sale, end of, which would also go for Man Utd.
  5. Just heard the Maguire chant the england fans were singing. He drinks the vodka he drinks the jeagar his heads f**kin massive Pretty good i thought.
  6. You're dead right, but what if sean from enderby was a bookie or who had a mate who was a bookie and consequently stood to make a lot of money from basically bull shitting.
  7. ITK's should be held accountable where fake news is spread and betting is involved. I wonder how many people (who are daft enough) have stuck a few quid on a transfer based on what they perceive to be news from a reliable source.
  8. He’s one of the best attacking midfielders in the world but because he has to cover the defence as well as pushing forward he ends up wasting his strengths. Why Utd can’t see this is beyond me.
  9. I think that’s what’s more important than your centre back is the quality of your defensive midfielder in front of the defence, Kante showed us that, the bloke made morgan and Huth look like world beaters ffs, Ndidi is getting there and to me is showing that this is becoming the most important position in the premier league. Maguire May go to Man Utd but I suspect he won’t do that well as they’ve not strengthened in the DM position. There’s a reason why their defence always looks suspect and I don’t think it’s the quality of their defenders, I think it’s the protection from midfield that’s lacking.
  10. It also shows 1 the gullible 2 the couldn’t give a shit 3 the football manager 4 the serious 5 the “I’d sell my soul to the devil for a quid” 6 the when’s the season start cos transfer windows are soooooo boringg
  11. Man Utd couldn’t, so what hope have we
  12. Actually if you search for one of his followers followers who coincidently also has 1.3% body fat, you may find out who he is.
  13. Probably get away with it because some of their customers appear to be blind.
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