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  1. I think Boris has made an almighty fvck up by coming out with that. Whether or not it’s true about vaccines working, he should have told a white lie and said they made the difference, I’ve had three 20 odd year olds ask me at work today why they should have a vaccine if it’s lockdowns that are the reason less people are catching the virus.
  2. I think the fact they're one of the one's actually open has attracted a few unsavory characters.
  3. Monday, the pub up from me was rammed, apparently night ended with a fight and the police turning up, Tuesday, about 20 outside, last night 4. I think the reality of sitting with a cold pint, wrapped up in a winter coat has kicked in.
  4. If you have to sit outside with a cold drink in the freezing cold it's not a pub either, it's a park bench with a can of white lightning!
  5. Who calls a caterpillar Cuthbert?
  6. Yes, because the vaccine's only going to last a year, then we need to start again.
  7. What’s Japanese horseradish got to do with it.
  8. Hope Man City get a hammering. Sick of watching a billion quids worth of players bore the shit out of football.
  9. Defund the pol.....socialist leader of the blm cos she's spending all the funding on her property portfolio.
  10. U.K. 4.2 million cases 127000 deaths france 5.1 million cases 98000 deaths. seems to me that if we were wrongly reporting by 23%, those figures would be about the same.
  11. Hasn’t this been the case since very early on and the reason we have such a high death toll compared to other parts of Europe
  12. So why did they shut down all the outdoor stuff in the first place then.
  13. I’ll give it six weeks and the pubs will all be shut again. Just drove past my local and it’s rammed outside, no distancing whatsoever
  14. Most definitely, the king power will be a theatre off noise!
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