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  1. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Morgan...play it first time? He takes 3 touches just to control the ball. Not the sort of centre back we need if we’re going over to this style of football I’m afraid
  2. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Well it’s obvious reading other people’s points, he should have been changing things round and putting his subs on 5 minutes into the game
  3. Martin Atkinson today

    Can’t have a former England manager taking a club down can we
  4. Can LCFC finish with 65+ points?

    After that today, no chance. Concentrate on the cup
  5. Are we gonna finish top four?

    Spurs players heads will either drop if they get knocked out , or become blase about the league, if they continue in the CL. Burnley will get 4th!
  6. PALACE (H)..up next.. Thoughts?

    2-3 palace. Benteke to score 2 penos against us.
  7. So the reality is, before bt sport came along, prem games were only on sky and you paid your sky subscription to watch them, now they're on both, for which the customer has to pay 2 subscriptions to watch games. In the future you'll only pay sky to watch prem games, because they've done a deal to show bt sport matches, and i'm guessing you'll have pay 25 quid more. Seems to me we'll be paying more for something we already had in the first place.
  8. Can LCFC finish with 65+ points?

    89 points, nothing less is acceptable.
  9. We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    And in a couple of years we’ll be singing wilfred, Wilfred ndidi is better than kante der der der der der der der der der der
  10. New Right Back???

    Which is what I’d like to see. Instead of blowing a fortune on random players and hope they fit in, why not just bring players through that we know will fit in because they have been trained by us and been around the first teamers so have got to know them. And then add a star every now and then. If young lads know they’ve got a chance at the big time, they’ll try their hardest to get there. Players like chillwell are the stars of the future, I bet within a year he’ll be a 20 million pound player
  11. New Right Back???

    No but, if you ask me, at the moment we've got what looks like a settled side again with players playing for each other. Why tempt fate and rock the boat by bringing in a shed load of players for positions that don't really need bolstering, and have players that are doing well in, which no doubt everyone on here will be clamoring for once the january window opens with the usual itk and ger im in crap. And the reason we were shit the following year wasn't because Kante left, it was because, imo, the players just couldn't get themselves up for it and were all dreaming of CL nights, much like the rest of us.
  12. New Right Back???

    Last time we didn't have competition for places, we won the league.
  13. Would you go full strength against Man City?

    If we could get a few goals early on against palace, then sub vardy mahrez and ibora and play them in the cup, but like a previous poster said, what exactly is our weaker side at the moment?
  14. Ex Player in current squad

    Ben mee
  15. Alien fly by...

    If it’s hurtling towards the sun, then no ones catching the giant dog turd