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  1. Please explain, i'm genuinely interested.
  2. The government should put that 9 billion in peoples pockets by reducing income tax for a period, if people have money to spend, they'll spend it which will kickstart the economy. Firms could also reduce wage's and consequently employ more people because it's the net that counts to most people. You can't get an economy going by simply paying firms to employ people, although the bbc seem to do quite well out of it.
  3. Careful, they might decides if that's the case, they'll make those illegal.
  4. The whole system is corrupt, right from the top down to the refs and var. Mind, if we win all our remaining game, it won't matter anyway.
  5. So why tell us they do know? Why tell us they're conducting 100000+ tests a day. The red flag to me was when they said this, but also said people showing symptoms could get tested. As if 100000 per day were showing symptoms.
  6. So VAR gets it wrong, but that's still okay. What about any retrospective action towards the results of the games. A VAR error could have decided the CL places and that's criminal. Once the penalty went in against villa, you could see that they virtually gave up the fight.
  7. Just seen the reply and he could have snapped his ankle
  8. Makes you wonder why the fa had to fix the game when you see a shot like that
  9. How in a million years is that a peno. Fernandes rotates onto the defender
  10. Thing is, all the incentives forget one basic necessity in order to work and that's put actual money in people's pockets. Reduce income tax and people will spend that money.
  11. With the latest government proposals in mind, prepare for 10000 over 50 year old knicker stitcher apprentices in the Leicester area.
  12. The only interesting thing this season will be who makes cl, Leicester or Man Utd, and it’s all being set up by the league
  13. Build up soooo slow, having a player sent off makes no difference if you’re gonna let all the arsenal players defend
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