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  1. Professional football without fans is Fvckin boring.
  2. These Liverpool players never get booked for professional fouls when arsenal break
  3. I’d take him. When he’s on form he’s an outstanding player.
  4. I bet his mrs sings All i wanna do when i wake up in the morning is to see your eyes Fofana Fofana
  5. Yes, but the more air time given to klopp and his strop, the less air time given to players like mane who should have been sent off last night. He’s not dumb.
  6. He won a lot of headers in defence, thought he played very well
  7. Tielemans is on a yellow and a warning though
  8. Man City are probably the only team you don’t want to be trying to play out from back.
  9. How can you play a back 5 and still get dicked by wingers
  10. Shocking marking. How can you not have an eye on someone like Mahrez
  11. All a team needs to do is just keep blasting it at the defence. Chances are the ball will hit an arm and it’s almost a certain goal.
  12. It’s not that difficult is it. 90% of people pay by card, security cameras, post a fine out.
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