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  1. Clever idea, make the standing area the current standing area
  2. There's gonna be a crash any minute now
  3. Makes it a bit more interesting than the usual snore fest though
  4. Anti car agenda? Surely the council want more cars to get caught driving in bus lanes
  5. Get yourself to cannock chase.
  6. I think it's just how the game has gone. Young english players struggle to get first team football, unless they're extremely good, just the same as english managers.
  7. Probably employ the same companies that stuck the dodgy stuff up in the first place as wall. This isn't done for safety reasons, this is being done to appease people.
  8. this may help https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/renting-privately/during-your-tenancy/check-your-landlord-has-protected-your-deposit/
  9. That ain't a £30 million goalie in a million years
  10. Saying that,
  11. Starting to try and be clever at the back, they'll fvck it up if they're not careful
  12. Only losing 3 games all season was key to us winning the league, we had momentum from the season before and the team believed they could could beat anyone, that continued till Christmas or just after, then it was a case of other teams having to beat us and teams around us having to win just to stay with us. The first 10 games in the prem really are key to winning it and not, as many people reckon, the period when players are finding their feet and getting match fit, that needs to be done pre-season. And next season, if we can get our shit together and other teams playing in europe, we could have a damn good chance of doing something again.
  13. So his former coach say's he's a no.10 not a winger, we're after a no. 10 not a winger. Why don't we just play him in his natural role.
  14. His spokesperson reckons he paid €26 million in tax in 3 years so he was on about 20 million a year
  15. Go on then, tell me one person in the history of mankind who when lying on his deathbed, blamed his parents for his failed liver as a result of eating sherry trifle when he was a kid.