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  1. Daniel Sturridge, should be fit enough for one game in 4.
  2. I think the problem comes down to it's impossible to police in this country. There's simply not enough coppers, and a similar problem has been created because there are simply not enough hospital beds. Why's that? Government cuts over the years and i suspect the reasons are the need, of channeling funds into other areas. Public sector pensions cost the taxpayer 42 billion quid a year! In addition to paying for a sector that doesn't make any money, where's that little lot coming from, the only place is by reducing other areas of public funding which are deemed as less necessary, or putting taxe
  3. I think it was the latter, unfortunately. It looked like he he didn’t know whether to get back onside or tie his bootlaces. I think half the problem is that he hasn’t exactly got the greatest positional awareness
  4. My back garden’s exactly the same. Main difference, Leicester’s groundsmen don’t have to clean up the dog poo.
  5. That’s a good stat. Proves we’re not a one trick pony
  6. I’d get soyuncu on for fofana and Ricardo for albrighton. Last thing we need is red cards.
  7. Pay as you go. There's a reason the police want them banned!
  8. Buy a nokia 3310, problem solved.
  9. Part of the problem is that if you wear glasses at this time of year you have to wear the mask below the nose because it’s just impossible to see through steamed up glasses. I say if you’re forced to wear a mask over your nose, whilst wearing glasses, you should be entitled to a bit of condensation.
  10. I don’t. If you go on a tv show, there’s a measure of control and protocols in place to ensure safety. Going round someone’s house and chucking your car keys in a bowl isn’t going to cut it.
  11. I used to have a few recurring dreams. One of them, i'm in Australia in the middle of nowhere waiting to cross a dirt road, an artic lorry comes past and the trailers go on forever. Then i wake up. Another, I pull this girl at a nightclub, next thing i'm round a house and there's a few of my mates sitting round, one asks where i've been, i say i've been a nightclub and got a new girlfriend, where is she? and i get a miniature woman out of a jacket pocket, put her on a coffee table and she starts dancing like the woman from tales of the unexpected!! Weird, and it's always stuck with me
  12. It's almost like Boris has been practising that speech about closing all air corridors to the UK for about a year
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