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  1. What are you listening to?

    B side
  2. The joke thread

    Why? Did the mrs give you the 20 quid then!
  3. Girl, two, recovered from car in river at Cardigan dies

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not finger pointing or anything and obviously this is a tragic accident, but leaving a car on a slipway into a river with a baby in the back must be one of the dumbest things ever. The parents must be inconsolable.
  4. Girl, two, recovered from car in river at Cardigan dies

    But surely not on a slipway into a river.
  5. that's right, but i didn't actually realise that spastic wasn't a medical term any more, my ignorance eh.
  6. There was, it all changed when joey went on blue peter.
  7. Luke Shaw

    A failure at man utd and doesn't do the job he's been asked to do, allegedly, all for 50 million quid, why would we want him?
  8. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Stitch up, after they scored the ref spent most of his time pointing at his watch because of their time wasting, then blows at exactly 1 minute. FA need the big clubs in the semis. I’ve also noticed just lately that teams can almost stop the game at 87 minutes because they’ve sussed that is when the officials decide how much injury time is to be played so they can get the board ready and pass the info to the tv channels.
  9. FA Cup 2017-18

    Fixed, 3 minutes of injury time yet 2 minutes stoppage at 87 minutes.
  10. Six Nations 2018

    Blimey, England are shite at this game
  11. Spuds and Semi finals at Wemberley

    Who gets the home dressing room
  12. Technology, Science and the Environment.

    And then it all gets chucked in landfill, but at least we feel good about it.
  13. Radiator Leak

    Fookin rapid response team https://www.screwfix.com/p/radiator-vent-blanking-plug-chrome-2-pack/40972?tc=FT4&ds_kid=92700020953277963&ds_rl=1249799&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249481&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImbCClNvx2QIVyhXTCh3zVAaoEAQYASABEgLpuPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNi9z5nb8dkCFZJuGwod_wMCRQ
  14. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    Lets see how the arsenal fans get on in Russia then, bit of a taster for the world cup.
  15. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    Maybe so, but not as a protest against Putin.