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  1. Take off the blue tinted specs and if he’s got any sense he’d go to spurs
  2. Same reason why vardy passed the ball to Tielemans the other week. Verstappen ended up one position above gasely but could have handed him a podium and possibly still ended up in forth
  3. Who said it was boring? But verstappen still could have gave Hamilton a proper nudge at the chicane or the hairpin and given his team mate a podium, something i suspect, having never played on one so can’t talk from experience, doesn’t happen on a PlayStation, but does in real life, Schumacher v hill, senna v Prost being two examples.
  4. Why doesnt verstappen take Hamilton out and give his team mate a podium
  5. Personally I think we’ve been used as a shop window for Monaco. Loved to be proven wrong but if his agents touting him round to every team going that can afford the fee then it’s pretty clear what’s happened.
  6. That explains his vitriol towards Leicester then. I didn’t think that lot cares about us
  7. I suggest we should go for George best. Shit hot player back in the day, we could resurrect him from the dead and build a team round him.
  8. A couple of years ago i was in the car park and got talking to a guy who was standing next to bentley 4 x 4 which had took my eye. Nice car...not mine i'm just the driver...oh right, who for...some chinese people who are investing in a new stand... Now make of that what you will, but i suspect that's how the new stand will be funded.
  9. I thought the planet would end up being inhabited by monkeys riding round on horses with guns.
  10. He's worth more to monaco than tielemans is.
  11. You have to consider the human element though. Silva is right for monaco as much as tielemans is right for us.
  12. I’m guessing Lottery numbers
  13. It’s turned into the spurs forum with all this net spend bollox
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