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  1. As in the song, we play from the back, with counterattack
  2. To answer a question like that in this current climate of Islamaphobia, and it is a real thing, is very difficult. The easy answer is to label him as a terrorist and that becomes an end to it but, is he really a terrorist, has he done what he’s done for a political aim? I very much doubt it. He’s an ultra right wing mass murderer with a hatred of Muslims who’s decided to go on the rampage, that’s the underlying reason as to what’s led him to do what he’s done. To me the real problem is that the events in Christchurch, however shocking, will quickly become forgotten in the same way as when we read about some twisted nut job whose gone on the rampage in some American school and shot half his ex school mates and teachers to death because he was rejected and outcasted, which leads onto another point. At the moment we have seen, in our country, a rise in knife crime, and a knife is available to anyone but we also live in a country where guns are banned and we don’t get mass shootings, in those countries where guns are available, you get mass shootings. Maybe the answer is to criminalise the possession of guns to everyoneand have a worldwide amnesty on guns, but maybe it’s too late for that and we’ll just have to sit around waiting for the next mass murder.
  3. Played wolves, but Man Utd look suddenly lacking in quality
  4. How about maguire’s card and playing a euro qualifier
  5. Fvckin rigged, not a pen and offside
  6. With a bit of luck we could put another 12 points on the board before the tough games start, but you never know with us, could win them all or lose them all. I’d be happy with 7th and no Europe though as I think we’ll be in a much better position to play in Europe next year
  7. Queue every parents credit cards going missing.
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