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  1. How old's her boyfriend?
  2. It comes down to funding. The research centres and universities would have done studies on world wide pandemics etc and no doubt put their recommendations to the government, that doesn't cost anything because it's already funded. The government department involved would have probably sat round a table and looked at the data and said, right, in the event of a global pandemic we're gonna need 5 new hospitals with morgues, 100000 ventilators, 100000 intensive care beds, 50000 nurses and doctors, 500,000,000 masks, aprons, visors, gloves etc and we're gonna need all of that stuff in readiness just in case Or, we could just pray we don't have a pandemic. How do you think that meeting went? One other thing. We see all these stats and all these graphs and forecasts, projections etc, which no doubt paint a terrifying scenario, so all of these models must have been worked on for years with a lot of time and effort (and money), but when it comes down to it, it's all useless data because the whole point of predicting something like this is so we are able to react to it, which we've obviously not done, or been able to, so in the end , it's pointless.
  3. Because, in normal circumstances, the country doesn’t need 100’s of thousands pieces of equipment. The problem has come from our dependency on Chinese medical products, but things are changing behind the scenes as you’ll probably see in the media over the next few days.
  4. I suspect we were dissuaded from wearing masks was so the supply could go to where it was needed most, ie the nhs. Proper masks last all day stopping chemicals, vapor and dust getting in, well they did whenever I’ve had to wear one.
  5. Greggs haven’t sold them since Taylor Fletcher panic bought the entire U.K. stock.
  6. Don’t mind the reference to our proper rivals obviously, but the rest. Nah
  7. Don’t like chants that have a reference to another team
  8. If that's the case we're all fvcked
  9. Thing is, you never know if videos like this are set up as a warning
  10. Surely people from China won't be allowed to travel to other countries for a period of time.
  11. This is the most important thing. They should divide the country up into areas and take a relative amount of samples from each area to try and gauge how many people have had it. There's no point in just taking a sample from a certain section of the population.
  12. Just finished watching this last night. Amazing. Someone i know recommended the louis theroux docu on him from a few years back.
  13. Uk citizens returning home.
  14. Does that include ours?
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