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  1. Absolutely useless. This is the business end of the season, we’re devoid of ideas, still Fvckin about with it at the back, have we had a shot?. Bet Chelsea are pissing themselves laughing in anticipation of the cup final.
  2. Couldn't resist, gonna take the mask hit. Any chance of getting picked up by the bus a mile from wembley.
  3. Or, more likely, convincing under 40’s to get a jab by giving them an alternative option that is deemed safer. Although I’d say that a few cases in 30 odd million is fairly safe anyway
  4. Top tip. Salt won’t come out. Rub the bobbly bits on the bottom of the salt pot with the bobbly bits on the bottom of the pepper pot.
  5. That's exactly my thoughts on it. Wish the club would set up screens outside the ground and we all stood there in groups of 30.
  6. I just think it will be, King Power, have a test, get on the bus, sat with a mask on, drop off outside wembley, security check, straight to your seat, sit there for 2 hrs with a mask on 3 seats away from anyone else, out the ground, straight back on the bus, mask for another 4 hours. Not exactly what i'd call a day out.
  7. got on to buy a ticket and then i could only buy one with coach travel because i'm in LE postcode. 4 hours on a bus with a mask on! Nah.
  8. Where do find out how many points you've got
  9. I don't get why they would want to do this. I know it's all very fancy looking and demonstrates their technology but, surely you would need to carry the same amount of fuel to bring it back down as what you would need to send it up, or even more as you would need to counter the approach speed from space as you come into earth's atmosphere, in other words you would need to slow it down from 20,000 mph, which also means it would take twice the amount of fuel/power to get it up in the first place because of the weight.
  10. Watching this, I don’t fancy taking Chelsea on in a final.
  11. If they're using it as a trial for the Euros, they're not going to use tests and vaccines as a condition, they already know that those prerequisites work but they're not very practical for big stadium event. They need to be trialing without those things and see what happens.
  12. Is it?, i thought it was common practice to sack them either because they can't see eye to eye with the squad or their offspring decide to get a good rimming off a Thai prozzie.
  13. In my experience of watching Leicester, those two results will go the opposite way.
  14. A charter for all!! Yippee. So for the 6 clubs almost bringing down professional football, everyone gets an equal punishment.
  15. It’s not though, Man Utd fans want the glaziers out so the club can spend more money, that’s their fundamental argument, they earn the most so they can spend the most, it’s not for the greater good of football, they don’t give two shits about us, we will be the ones that will suffer when we’re seen as just some sort of feeder club.
  16. Quickly followed by 3 back to back titles and a champions league, which coincidentally stopped the protests cos all the protesters fvcked off to fc United
  17. Look, I’m not against fan ownership as it’s done in Germany, although it’s not exactly exciting is it, the same club have won it since 2012, and that was only a brief respite since the 70’s, but what’s going on at Utd feels more like a certain pundit wanting a seat on the board as a fans representative than anything else. If Utd had a 50+1 ownership, the first thing that would happen is the Glaziers would sell up, and the only people who could afford it would be oil monied people who would want to pump money in to put utd at the level of Man City, so you’d end up with the richest club on earth
  18. So if anything then, the Glaziers have been successful as owners of Man Utd as they’ve managed to run a football club and adhere to the rules of ffp.
  19. But what exactly are they protesting about? The problem for Utd is they haven’t won anything of note for years. If they were top of the league and in the cl final, these protests wouldn’t be happening. Their owners, despite anything else, have given Man Utd 1 billion quid and 2 top world class managers, as well as developing the area around old Trafford. They’re businessmen, they don’t buy the richest football club in the world and expect not to make money from it. This isn’t about the ESL, that was the straw that broke the camals back, this is about the lack of success and the fact they’ve no
  20. We’re not. Do you really want 50+1 ownership for Leicester.
  21. 2nd in the league, probable europa final and they’re protesting!!! As a fan what more do you want. Some people are never happy.
  22. Like many people, you do this cos you ain’t a miserable sod.
  23. Whether people like it or not It will be international travel that will cause a possible resurgence.
  24. It’s not the fact we drew, it’s how poor we played, passing all over the place, Southampton winning nearly every ball going into the box, if we can’t break a 10 man Southampton down, what hope have we got in the big games.
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