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  1. Leicester winning the league it one small step for man one giant leap for mankind
  2. Are you serious, we’ve got two scientists with eyes on the sides of their head telling us what to do, an American president who turns orange to blend in with his surroundings and a little old lady as head of state who is actually changing into a Komodo dragon in front of our eyes, and you’re doubting that there’s such a thing as lizard people
  3. You never know, it might reduce it to two, that’s 30% less, or 30,000 per 100,000. They can make a graph that we all understand then.
  4. Thought about this the other month at wickes, whilst queuing outside. What’s the actual difference between queueing outside, apart from it being a bit chilly, and queueing inside at the till?
  5. They stopped us playing any sort of football, always a man in front of schmeichal so we couldn’t counter, going down for every challenge, I think even Moss gave up on the yellows in the end. Goalie should have saved that though, probably lost a contact lense.
  6. Same here, once I found out streaming’s not illegal, paid for a vpn, bought a hdmi lightning adapter and watched it on the tv through l I v e p l a y e r on iOS. No buffering or anything as I swear isps can shut down or throttle back the streams on the fly.
  7. If vardys injured and none of the other strikers ain’t up for it, get rid at the next transfer window, whatever the cost.
  8. Don’t know what Bruce was playing at, should have subbed the goalie. He could hardly walk let alone dive around . Man U smelled blood once he got injured. Should have played for the draw
  9. Or go fishing, just got back, Fvckin froze but completely forgot there was a problem in the world till I switched the football on and noticed the etihad was a bit more noisy than it normally is and realised the sound is fake.
  10. And, it’s actually his job to keep himself match fit. He may not be Match sharpness, but he should be fit.
  11. Maybe why it was tested out in Leicester, it’s hardly full of anarchy is it. Once they locked down in Leicester the government probably thought that everywhere else would play ball.
  12. I was trying to work out if that's a limerick or a chant.
  13. Top signing. Expensive but a breathless player.
  14. Hospital patients, not admissions.
  15. What are the actual numbers of covid patients at LRI, just interested not trying to stir it.
  16. Especially when the data is being analysed on a daily basis. Trying to predict anything from that graph is impossible, it could start to drop again tomorrow, but we won't find out until tomorrow. You can't predict the future based on one event in the past.
  17. Mate had to go the Infirmary last weekend after breaking his wrist, says there were 4 people in a&e, was in and out in an hour with x-rays, had 2 doctors looking at him and the nurse was saying she had hardly anything to do. Don't know if it's true or not and maybe a&e is treated as a separate thing.
  18. Course it does. And it's gonna be interesting to see public reaction over the next few weeks and the counter reaction from the authorities.
  19. There’s also a fairly good chance the wind will blow it away.
  20. I’ve been going to a few Saturday non league games, couple of mates and a few cans, good laugh. Cup game this week, shilton v ellistown, support local football.
  21. And no recognition whatsoever. people on the tills have been helping to keep this country running and probably more at risk than anyone simply because of the shear numbers involved.
  22. This is all only going end in tears with a modern Jarrow march.
  23. Would be better if itv we're allowed to do it.
  24. So streams aren't illegal? where's the info for that.
  25. His logic isn't quite right is it, unless there we're 120000 positive results.
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