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  1. We punish clubs with points deductions for financial irregularities that have nothing to do with the fans. We batter small clubs at their lowest point yet now it’s too harsh to dock points from the six richest clubs in the country after their second attempted coup on football?
  2. Oh, definitely. but I’m trying not to think about that so I don’t have an aneurysm
  3. Probably more to do with West Ham’s mentality given they do this literally every game
  4. What a massive middle finger to supporters. We’ve spent months under house arrest whilst they’ve been paid thousands to play football with their mates and they think they’re too good to play by the rules they’ve already largely avoided? I’ll probably row back when I’ve calmed down but right now I’m not bothered about seeing any of them in a Leicester shirt again
  5. Let me start by saying I think Rodgers is a brilliant manager but does anyone else feel as if his sides often have a mentality issue. Looking at his history with Liverpool, our semi final against Villa last season, dropping out the top four, and the result today, is this just part of being a Rodgers side or is it nothing to do with him? I don’t think anybody disagrees that we have a mental fragility in big games but I wonder where everyone thinks it comes from
  6. Completely wrong application. It’s worrying how often our tempo is out of kilter with the pattern of the match. I think as a club we’ve been too cocky here. Yes, we have a better team on paper but not playing your best players in this game to save them for just another league game is either madness or arrogance. In perspective, we’re having a magnificent season but this is a huge opportunity wasted and we can only blame ourselves for it.
  7. Went for a mixture of tradition and clubs with potential to be a lot more successful than they currently are
  8. Just came across this and found it interesting. Fans have picked the clubs they would choose to have in the Prem. you can pick yours here: https://www.football.london/premier-league/premier-league-2020-start-date-18083986
  9. Really REALLY frustrating result for us. We’re unlikely to face a worse side than Palace in that first half, and to find ourselves chasing the game in the second half is criminal. City need to be much more ruthless when they’re on top. What's more irritating is that it was so predictable that we'd end up chasing the game. Iheanacho is not good enough to lead a forward line. We should make signing a goal-scoring striker their number one priority in January.
  10. I am so ****ing bored of these types of defeats. Enough’s enough.
  11. Obviously absolutely delighted with the win - I was certain we were going to lose today. I think we played a lot better in the first half than we had recently. We were moving the ball with speed and being much more aggressive going forward. Perez really excelled down the middle (like most of us have been saying he would do for months). In the second half, the zip mostly went out of our play and we reverted to slow, listless passing that bore no fruit as per usual. There is still some really obvious frailties in the team though. Set pieces are an utter disgrace - how we've made no pro
  12. if he doesn’t start demonstrating that he has a plan to avoid these cut and paste defeats then I think he should go tbh That’s my worry - that his stubbornness will endure. But if he shows that he’s attempted something different in situations like against Fulham on Monday and Zorya tonight then he should stay.
  13. This is it. Obviously we’re enjoying an incredible period in the club’s history but when we all know what the team is capable of, it is so frustrating to fall to such lacklustre defeats that have been recurring for months. It’s not through lack of gratitude, understanding or perspective. There are huge problems within this team and Rodger’s tactical set ups - and it is beginning to squander the amazing potential of this team and the results they’ve shown they’re capable of. It doesn’t make you a bad supporter to recognise and be frustrated by this.
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