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  1. We still averaged over 20,000 every season in the championship and League 1 , despite high ticket prices Forest were getting below 20,000 when they were struggling in the championship likewise Coventry could barely scrape 20,000 when they were mid table championship Even Leeds were only averaging around 23000 until they started getting good again despite having double the population of Leicester Our support has never been poor
  2. Club are hopeless at advertising. Loads of games made general sale last season often with the entire block next to the away end available, but you’d have never known unless you check the site.
  3. MattFox


    The welcome we’ll get from the Locals as well as the local police force at pride park next season if they go up will tell you the whole “we don’t care” is a load of nonsense
  4. They probably don’t have a choice tbf
  5. The Hazard thing is embarrassing and plays into the media spin that Spurs Bottled the title. Part of me wishes Spurs won that night and we won the league at home to Everton
  6. Would rather it was quieter given some of the awful music they play tbf
  7. Leicestershire and Rutland are both Leicester Strongholds obviously You get a fair few Derby fans around Ashby and Forest fans in Loughborough + the Vale of Belvoir. Theirs also a couple of Cov fans in Hinckley which is about 20% of their fan base. You also have the armchair big 6 fanboys and the “we’d never watch wendyball” rugby brigade. But on the other hand theirs a sizeable number of Leicester fans in Forest towns like Grantham and South Lincolnshire and in Derbyshire towns like Swadlincote.
  8. Never understood why Knockearts goal against Forest isn't on there or anything from the 02/03 promotion season. (Izzet v Grimsby or Wright v Forest stand out) Can only imagine as it wasn't on Sky the footage is poor...
  9. New application to build over 350 flats going in. https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/midlands/Redevelopment-plans-in-the-pipeline-for-former-Foxs-home Shame the club can't buy the land , but I'm sure the new stadium development will blow everything out the water regardless.
  10. If ever you needed proof that we could make an atmosphere without the clappers...
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