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  1. I’d imagine the bulk of our season ticket holders are on around 300 points tbf If you’d had a ST since promotion and gone to no away games you’d be on 300
  2. Most away games made all season ticket holders or members last time we had fans in the grounds. I think a lot of people give up without looking tbh.
  3. I’d be amazed if any more than 1500 tickets actually made it on to public sale that day tbf.
  4. Just wait till we get to a European Final and inevitably get allocated 15,000 tickets in an 80,000 stadium...
  5. Even the royal family are condemning this 😂 Has there been a bigger PR disaster in history?
  6. Johnson and Johnson Vaccine has been paused in the states Similar issues to what they found with AZ
  7. Because it’s easier to enforce what goes on outdoors than what goes on behind closed doors and they were being ridiculously cautious. I hope any future enquiry comes down hard on the government for shutting kids playgrounds and banning outdoor sport though.
  8. There were more excess deaths last year than any year since World War Two
  9. Shouldn’t really be going out on the piss before a game COVID or no COVID . Just stinks of unprofessionalism
  10. There’s probably as much chance of winning the lottery as catching Covid in an outdoor setting
  11. Astrazeneca isn’t going to be used on under 30’s
  12. The rules allow me to have workmen in my kitchen fixing my boiler ,who probably visit dozens of houses a week. But relatives who have had both vaccines and have been at home all year can’t even use my toilet. You really have to make your own judgment on these things at this stage
  13. Outdoor transmission is basically non existent. You could put a day festival on tomorrow and the impact providing everyone was sensible on transport etc would be minimal to non at all
  14. Glastonbury cancelled again this summer. Might be a bit premature but suggests to me we won’t be having mass gatherings first half of this year 😔
  15. Meant management responsibility, classroom teachers can earn up to 42k as long as they pass an upper pay range assessment
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