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  1. Leicester and all the Midlands cities in Tier 3
  2. Tommy Wright ( The younger one that scored against Forest !) has joined Leicestershire Police https://www.leics.police.uk/news/leicestershire/news/2020/november/first-day-nerves-not-when-youve-played-in-front-of-60000-spectators/
  3. I’d happily pay £15 PPV to watch the Secret Service remove Trump form the White House
  4. Support bubbles still allowed is one positive in all this
  5. The Tories got 35% of the vote in Greater Manchester at the last election btw. It’s hardly the Labour one party state that people think it is. Would love someone to explain the logic in Boris going to battle with one of the areas that basically made him PM
  6. Haha Least surprising news ever Whats the betting they bring Project Big Picture back in some form saying its that or this
  7. University of Nottingham are running their own Asymptomatic testing programme so the numbers aren’t exactly comparable to other areas
  8. Is Rick Parry a Liverpool sleeper agent?
  9. Greater Manchester has been under restrictions for months and nothing’s changed. Surely a different approach is needed
  10. Chelsea and Spurs have both chartered trains for fans back to London from Leicester after midweek/Sunday games in recent seasons
  11. I’ve had a few drinks and there’s no facts involved here at all but could history be hopefully repeating itself? 2012/2013: First Full Season under Pearson Mk2, we get off to a flyer playing great football but come to a complete collapse in the second half of the season eventually missing out on the final day. Fans call for Pearson to be axed and turn on a lot of the players 2013/2014: We have a poor transfer window doing very little fans moan that we haven’t signed anyone and half the fanbase want the manager gone. We go on to have one of the best seasons in our histor
  12. Agreed and tbf I think all three will stay up. But the hilarity if it did happen would be off the scale
  13. Derby , Forest and Cov for the drop ??
  14. Boris doing another TV statement next week apparently
  15. Running the club on a self sufficient basis has essentially been policy since they rehired Pearson in 2011
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