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  1. It’s bad enough with all the Nottingham and Derby folk using it
  2. “We Don’t Care About Leicester “
  3. Puel has the squad right. He just couldn’t manage it and his tactical approach was completely wrong for the reason players we have.
  4. King Power haven’t pumped any money into the club since 2013 We are a self sufficient business.
  5. Money allows us to keep our biggest players or only sell them at a price that benefits us . Theirs plenty of things to moan about the way it’s changed the game but you can’t deny it’s given us a better chance of competing than we’ve ever had before.
  6. The Tigers catchment area consists of the entire East Midlands and much of the west They run buses from all over the shop and theirs always more Tigers fans on EMT services on their matchdays than City fans on ours Their just a rugby team that happens to be based in Leicester
  7. Tigers have a turnover of around £20 million we turn over close to £160 million They are probably as close to Leuven financially as they are to us Could see King Power being interested in the new hotel and the retail side of things but not sure what they’d get out of the actual sport
  8. Secures the long term future of King Power if true
  9. MattFox


    “We Don’t Care About Leicester “ example 378 https://mobile.twitter.com/nottslivesport/status/1132379559691788288
  10. Bigger Club and Bigger Fanbase so always going to be shown more Even when they were finishing 7th and 8th they were on TV every week
  11. MattFox


    Warwickshire is all Villa , despite Coventry being the county town. Cov really don’t have a catchment area
  12. MattFox


    We’d get 30,000 for a Saturday 3pm home game in the championship against Forest and they’d fill the away end at the KP Likewise they’d sell the city ground out for a Saturday 3pm game against us Coventry rarely sold the full allocation at the KP despite us taking thousands their and we’d never get 30,000 against them in the championship
  13. We still averaged over 20,000 every season in the championship and League 1 , despite high ticket prices Forest were getting below 20,000 when they were struggling in the championship likewise Coventry could barely scrape 20,000 when they were mid table championship Even Leeds were only averaging around 23000 until they started getting good again despite having double the population of Leicester Our support has never been poor
  14. Club are hopeless at advertising. Loads of games made general sale last season often with the entire block next to the away end available, but you’d have never known unless you check the site.
  15. MattFox


    The welcome we’ll get from the Locals as well as the local police force at pride park next season if they go up will tell you the whole “we don’t care” is a load of nonsense
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