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  1. Casinos ,Theaters and everything that was due to open tomorrow not happening now
  2. Spanish Islands now added to the no travel list.
  3. Was he even at the game yesterday?
  4. We don’t have the resources to compete according to the man that’s paid more than every manager except Mourinho and Pep. Does anyone really think Top, Whelan and co are going to be impressed with this woe is me Attitude given how much they Invested in getting him to the club as well as bringing in his best mate Congleton. If we wanted negativity we might as well have stuck with Puel it would have saved us a few quid
  5. Talking the club down in order to gloss over the fact we’ve crashed and burned since Christmas Pretty poor form really
  6. Really can’t see him working with the owner they’ve got up there. Would be a disaster from the start
  7. 22 years outside the top flight 😂😂
  8. Been out and about in London and Brum ( Don’t live in the restricted zone!) for work stuff this week and this idea that things are getting back to normal is nonsense. Central London especially still feals like it’s in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
  9. Rodgers record in big games was always pretty poor at Liverpool and Celtic
  10. They’ll probably me more journos looking for trouble than any actual trouble tomorrow. The reputation also damage to the major pubcos of getting this wrong is to big and most seem to have followed the guidelines to the extreme. Theirs a big difference for the likes of Wetherspoons between getting hounded on twitter by students who don’t really matter and getting hounded by the Daily Mail/ one of the ITV morning shows that hit a demographic that actually do matter for consumer facing businesses
  11. Let’s face it theirs something deeply wrong with this football club The switch from electric form to Barron slump has happened to the past 4 managers. Include the large winless runs under Pearson and it’s the past five
  12. Sunday Times saying Leicester could be the first place to have a local lockdown !
  13. Not having 40,000 whinging Brummies is an actual positive
  14. Cov fans all out last night celebrating their “title”* Idea that this isn’t going to happen in Liverpool on much greater scale when they win it because they’ve moved a few games to neutral venues is farcical
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