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  1. They’ve always been loud but often not bought the full end Threads on here about it
  2. Would Cov sell out the away end at the KP... They’ve always struggled to in the past 😂
  3. How many clubs sell out third round cup ties against teams at the bottom of the championship??
  4. They’ve now opened up to J2 of the East stand and P1 of the family stand so basically the whole ground bar a couple of blocks Would it not have been easier to open the whole ground in the first place . Think the club may have underestimated demand
  5. Worth noting Leicester doesn’t have a single Tory MP or councillor and is statistically a poorer city than Liverpool
  6. Applauding Chelsea for winning the Europa League was bad enough
  7. Football was on its arse big time in the mid 80’s. Liverpool were only averaging 34,000 in 1985 despite being in the middle of an unprecedented decade of success
  8. You’d never guess this was the second best season in our history so far
  9. How many times have the Top 6 actually finished all in the Top 6 btw ?? Bet it’s a lot less then people think
  10. We’re the only team that can stop the scousers
  11. The 3-2 at Forest in 2013 deserves a mention First win at Forest in years and took their play off place of them. Also probably kept Pearson in a job , if we’d finished outside the playoffs despite being Top 2 for a large part of the season the calls to replace him would have been enormous
  12. It’s bad enough with all the Nottingham and Derby folk using it
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