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  1. Winning in the pouring rain. Oh, how I've missed you.
  2. Dear Brendan Learn how to fire a rocket up players asses!!!
  3. Away to reigning champions that have quality throughout... Disappointing but fair result. Wasn't good enough today. Our press hasn't been as good last few weeks. Also definitely need some more top class attackers to get the goals and not just rely on Vardy. That's probably all our game needs, a better attacking force. Roll on Liverpool.
  4. A bit of a rehash of stuff that's already been posted by Statman Dave and the like. We've been saying for months that we're a blend of Liverpool and Man City with our passing and pressing. Still... It's always nice to get videos explaining systems and tactics for non Leicester fans or those that don't get to watch us play.
  5. Watford are going to have to hire Steve Walsh as well to find them some actually decent players!
  6. Buying a goal scorer in Jan would help.
  7. I'm so taken in by my City bias that I'm going to flat out refuse all opinions on other players, like a Boomer. And on this voting day I shall agree with Mr White and plump for Jamie as Player of the Decade too. Vote Vardy!
  8. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato... Your boys took one hell of a beating!
  9. There is and always will be hidden gems tbh. It's just needing the scouts to find them. Vardy and Mahrez is our evidence of that.
  10. OMG! I've found an English version. The chorus is the part that you all want to get to, to understand why I want a montage of Caglar headers.
  11. And give away all our FT super tactical secrets created by our top minds???
  12. Is that because they'd actually feel bad about selling knock off merchandise of a big Thai owned company or I'm just romanticising it a bit much and everyone is pretty much a glory supporter?
  13. The main thing about it was to use Vardy's and Iheanacho's pace to give us a more attacking threat. Liverpool aren't the best at defending as us, despite having VVD, we've had more clean sheets and less goals conceded than they have and if it wasn't for a stupid last minute mistake, we'd have had 1 point and taken 2 off them. But defensively we're even more solid than previously. There's going to be a goal against them somewhere, hopefully more than that. If Perez and Barnes were more clinical I'd be alright but considering the blossoming strike partnership that seems to be able to put chances
  14. Brand Leicester is the game in today's world. This is 21st century football now. And the key component in the rises of Manchester Utd and Arsenal was the Premier League's rebranding. And title wins and cups continously is what let those brands prosper. It's what helped Chelsea and Man City become a known brand across the world. There are other parts to it sometimes like a star player or super attractive football and mostly constant European football to build the brand among the elites of the game. As it needs to be accepted really, it's not the same old game of yesterday. Clubs are big b
  15. I'm not Rodgers either but in my head, 3-5-2 could potentially hold a key to beating Liverpool. 3 at the back to nullify their front 3, 2 wings backs against their 2, 3 in midfield to match that up and 2 quick strikers in Vardy and Iheanacho to play as a pair, get at their defense and run into the channels, as seen against Villa and Everton. The sacrifices would be Barnes and Perez for a defender and Kel. Not sure about the 3rd defender though... Probably Fuchs. All this because I saw the formation graphic... Edit: It might be the reason why Kelec
  16. This shithousery of this admin! Definitely a win
  17. By responding you put yourself into the discussion, darling. And where have you been this past decade? We've not mocked Rudkin in years since, you know, our entire team of players is now practically wanted by every other club in the country because our he and the rest of our club were clever in their signings. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/maddison-grealish-leicester-aston-villa-3625940.amp Here's the article about choosing Maddison over Grealish. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/jonny-evans-leicester-graded-
  18. There's partying and then there's making a twat out of yourself by getting so ****ed off your face you're having pictures taken of you passed out. But hey, I'm not John Rudkin who rejected Grealish and chose Maddison over him, in part due to THAT exact lifestyle. Guess I missed the part where our clubs youngsters got plastered all over the national media for being utterly shit faced. Everyone can have their opinion on Grealish. Mine is that he wouldn't fit into our squad and dressing room no matter how talented he is. P.S. This is the Maddison thread.
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