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  1. Winning in the pouring rain. Oh, how I've missed you.
  2. Dear Brendan Learn how to fire a rocket up players asses!!!
  3. Away to reigning champions that have quality throughout... Disappointing but fair result. Wasn't good enough today. Our press hasn't been as good last few weeks. Also definitely need some more top class attackers to get the goals and not just rely on Vardy. That's probably all our game needs, a better attacking force. Roll on Liverpool.
  4. A bit of a rehash of stuff that's already been posted by Statman Dave and the like. We've been saying for months that we're a blend of Liverpool and Man City with our passing and pressing. Still... It's always nice to get videos explaining systems and tactics for non Leicester fans or those that don't get to watch us play.
  5. Watford are going to have to hire Steve Walsh as well to find them some actually decent players!
  6. Buying a goal scorer in Jan would help.
  7. I'm so taken in by my City bias that I'm going to flat out refuse all opinions on other players, like a Boomer. And on this voting day I shall agree with Mr White and plump for Jamie as Player of the Decade too. Vote Vardy!
  8. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato... Your boys took one hell of a beating!
  9. There is and always will be hidden gems tbh. It's just needing the scouts to find them. Vardy and Mahrez is our evidence of that.
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