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  1. 300 grand a week Impact Sub...
  2. Problem was he never fitted in the team/club. He wasn't a player that was screened through the club's normally rigorous filtering process that our recruitment is renowned for. He was just one of Claudio's follies, mesmerized by stunning preseason goal but like many of his purchases: Inler, Benalouane, Musa, Slimani... None of them have that hard working, intense mentality we desire in our players. It's telling that out of all Ranieri's signings that only Mendy is kept because to come back from his injuries requires a strong mind, and is a testament to him that he's an importan
  3. The replies in that thread are all types of salt... That admin must have finally cracked to post something so divisive
  4. The only Peruvian I remember is Nolberto Solano...
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9185819/Leicester-nemesis-Europes-cosy-cartel-proposed-super-league.html Being everyone's 2nd team was so much fun...
  6. To let Odsonne Edouard know that Leicester is better than Celtic, despite what Chris Sutton says...
  7. He bought me and a few mates a round of drinks and had a nice 20 minute chat back when he was here playing for us, at a pub in Wigston. Chatted about the team and players and MON as well as his love of Celtic even then, and showed us his Celtic tattoo. Generally a sound normal guy at the time I met him.
  8. R.I.P. I'm sure Vichai's there to greet you and catch up on the last few years with a V.I.P seat.
  9. Holy Crap! My mind totally forget Rob Kelly was even manager... It seems permanently stuck in remembering him as Levein's assistant.
  10. Looking back at the list of Premier League managers we've caused to be sacked... It's like we're the dreaded 'vote of confidence' in human form.
  11. At least we got a Ginger Mourinho chant from Megson and Harry at least led to Micky Adams first time around... I can't remember a single thing about Worthington's single season.
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