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  1. True but he left 2/3 into the season for them which is the root of their ire. But I wouldn't have liked to imagine the reaction our fans would have had if Mahrez had left during a January window.
  2. Unfortunately as Southgate is such a bottle job himself, he'll inevitably continue to base the England team on the Spurs bottle jobs, as he has done for years. A winner Southgate is not.
  3. Does that include ours in the Mahrez thread?
  4. Saw this and had to share. Wait till the end
  5. Worked it out. Desktop view. Closed Captions. Auto translate. SETTINGS. Change auto translate language. Edit: I wouldn't recommend unless you want a brain aneurism
  6. It still only autos to Dutch for me. Browser and app
  7. But it's the same with Soyuncu, Evans Tielemans, Maddison. All these clubs claim they should be playing for them even though they were all linked to these clubs before hand. It's not our fault their recruitment policies are genuinely shit and they didn't dare take the risks and spend the money getting the players they were linked to. When the likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd keep claiming that they had them scouted and they'd be the right players for them... Well they should have put their 'HUGE TURNOVER' on buying them in the first place. They really don't see how much of a joke they are in the modern day.
  8. Are all these ex London club players just brain dead? *checks league table for us and Spurs*
  9. Should never have christened the bus "La Manga"
  10. I've been pondering this for months now and with the way we play dual 8's they are practically interchangeable. But as far as differencea go, the only slight ones I can tell personally, is that Youri has an ability to see a pass where the real top class players do that's 1 or 2 steps ahead and play it. Maddison is more of a creative dribbler that likes to go into space to create something a bit more unexpected. So for me, Tilly likes making space. And Maddy prefers to occupy space. But it's getting pretty marginal with the way things are passing and moving. Hahaha we're all more or less on the same lines of opinion
  11. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1203299/arsenal-news-unai-emery-sack-manager-brendan-rodgers-leicester ****ing hell Merse! 40 million for our manager? Definitely check yourself back into rehab.
  12. Considering our recent track record of buying young players, if he doesn't get Erling Haaland in, then he's a bald fraud!
  13. Mine was earlier this year with the Youri/Kim Kardashian "He's here and he's perfect" tweet. Not that I can be bothered to go hunt for it.
  14. Or use our status against lesser clubs and bid for Aubameyang to provide proper cover for Vardy
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