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  1. Not necessarily as Brendan was behind Suarez staying an extra year before going off to Barca...
  2. I'm not an Apple person but if it doesn't appear through your browser, you may have to download Twitter. Although our social media does post some stuff on YouTube as well. So this is the video that Twitter is linking. https://youtu.be/OM11w4iM4po
  3. Not watching as I'm currently out but why is Flint not playing if we want goals? Top goalscorer... Or are these last few games for experiments?
  4. It was Howard Wilkinson for me!
  5. Shame he never did it whenever we had about 5 Steve's at the club
  6. The 3 Paddy's. Kisnorbo, McCarthy and Gerrbrand. What horrible Levein flashbacks...
  7. The money bandied about in the top echelons of the game are totally unfair and clubs clamouring how it ruins the entire pyramid are totally correct and valid about the current modern situation when it comes to finances... But is that really what Nottingham Forest fans are referring to? Are they heck! They thought the fridge man would bankroll them back to the top 15 years ago, so it's not about the financial disparity. Allthat thread is a bunch of old boys glorifying their years on top "back in teh day".
  8. It's not even harking back. They just can't let go of their glory period. Progression, evolution and change are alien concepts for people that don't realise the turn of the millennium was over 20 years ago.
  9. You... Replied to yourself... ...
  10. You stole that from Jason Bourne off Twitter
  11. 499 isn't enough for the attendance but I think the talk was the Women's allowing standing around the pitch so the the 499 is just the number of seats.
  12. Guess the punishment for having a party is over and we can have our top scorer back, banging them in... Thank God!
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