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  1. Haven't seen this posted yet https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/jamie-vardy-ngolo-kante-claude-puel-leicester-city-sheffield-wednesday-a9104351.html
  2. This is for redditors, but just noticed that the Sheffield United player's arm is totally r/confusing_perspective
  3. Why? This thread is going to end up the same as their thread. Just designed to entice and wind up. So they've taken some of the negative comments in the post match thread to heart. So what? Why do we need to stoke some none event? If you looked at the forum properly and found this thread https://www.s24su.com/forum/index.php?threads/well-played-leicester.74649/ You'd see they're actually very complimentary to us. How small minded do you have to be to get butt hurt from another team's forums? It wasn't that many years ago where we were in the same position, after being out of the top flight for 10 years. Yeah they have people chatting shit about us, forget about it. Every club's forum has pathetic moaning, negative shit spouting members and I'm sorry to say, Foxestalk is no different.
  4. Same thing happens on this board... Even before the season kicked off last weekend. Some people just have lives so meaningless, that a football match which is something that they should enjoy, is the target of their frustrations and ire. A football game is a football game. It's probably why I can't stand Liverpool fans. This whole football is life and death is moronic and has always been. It is a game of football. Some people would critique an under 10's game, lambasting a literal kid and saying they're never going to be good enough, given the way they handle themselves as supposed supporters. It's a total embarrassment.
  5. I like how he took on the responsibility as manager to accept the fault as his and relieve the pressure from Wilf. Not sure Puel would have done the same, as the head of the team, to be the one that accepts the failings and to improve on them.
  6. That was more due to West Brom being idiots. We could have spent 20m+ on him the season before. But hey, who's complaining from the East Midlands?
  7. No, the only thing going around twitter from the Wolves game is the lung busting sprint back into the box to defend. Otherwise, it's possible that it's these highlights. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/1309340/leicester-city-0-wolves-0
  8. Actually being a World class player has its bonuses. We weren't on Mahrez's back, because he produced it on the pitch. Time and time again. If Gray could produce on the pitch as well as Riyad, he would also get a pass from us. The whole needing a Pep figure is a misdirection. Riyad was already showing the World how capable he was before he joined Pep at Man City. That's why they wanted him. So unless Gray shows off being the same calibre of player Mahrez is... He won't be afforded the same tolerance because he hasn't earned it.
  9. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/he-enjoys-inflicting-pain--3222226 I was right...
  10. We had that one guy, Ken Way? Then Ranieri got rid of him. Did we ever get a replacement?
  11. Andy's Instagram is a who's who list of congratulations. I've never seen 1 player have that many other players wishing him well.
  12. The major problem and difference with Puel, that hasn't been taken into consideration is that, he was a horrible man manager that alienated and pushed out our senior players that want nothing more than to give their all for the club. From falling out with Vardy and not even talking to Kingy, it created a negative spirit within the team that we've spent years building up to be positive. There have been those, me included, that thought he'd be good as a Director of Football or Academy. Bringing in the likes of Maddison, Chilwell and Choudhury have been fantastic to our transition. But such a transition needs to be gradual with so many players that we've had since promotion hitting the twilight of their careers and the newer ones having to learn about the ethic of the first team. Brendan understands that there needs to be a blend of youth and experience, up until youth becomes experience. Pearson knew that too. I don't know if, for Brendan, being a small fish in a big pond then going to a small pond to be a big fish and now returning to the bigger pond, is there growth from his Swansea and Liverpool days. He's won a few trophies with Celtic, hopefully that has bred into him a bit of a winning mentality. As much as he talks about being able to be tactically flexible, he needs to be more positive with it. 2 DM against Wolves was set up wrong, IMO and he was too slow in rectifying it, subs should have been made earlier or at least at half time. But he's been someone to make player shine if given a chance, Michu and Saurez are 2 that definitely come to mind. And now he has a plethora of potential talent to try and improve. But the Premier League has once again changed with the money, as well as us proving to everyone in the world, that anything is possible. Whether he can adapt to this age, where we're doing buys and sales numbering in the hundreds of millions. But all the other teams are being sensible and not needing to just sell off to assets just to be able to reinvest. Us selling Maguire for a World record fee and being priced 40m for his potential replacements. These are the new challenges.
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