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  1. jdmoore

    Leicester Internationals 2016/17

    This game is much more entertaining than our crap earlier
  2. I remember earlier in the season kante made a perfect take from behind but got booked, the commentators said that you can't take from behind so how's that any different?
  3. jdmoore

    Vardy and England

    Definitely hit post and out, hits the goalie and goes in. How do these commentators not see that?
  4. jdmoore


    This dickov guy is a bit of a strange one isn't he really? I think what he is trying to say is that he would even prefer someone like Cambiasso in defence over Was because he can pass the ball? Surely when naming players who have had a 'better' season than Was he would be naming Wes, Richie and every other defender we have, but no he says Mahrez and Schlupp because he can't truely say that another defender has played better than him. Dickov just sounds like some twelve year old keyboard warrior who just wants to be different, an emo of the footballing world if you will.
  5. jdmoore

    Shaun Maloney Wigan - Deal is OFF

    Oh dear Ric is not going to be happy about this.
  6. jdmoore


    Seven I think
  7. jdmoore

    Leonardo Ulloa (Brighton) - Bid accepted

    The only worry I have apart from the fee is the fact that the Brighton fan said as they only have on average one or two shots a game, he spends most of the time standing around with his arms crossed.
  8. Isn't he out of contract with arsenal in the summer?
  9. jdmoore

    Huddersfield Post Match Thread 0 - 2

    The only disappointment today is that derby have now scored from goals than us.
  10. jdmoore

    Qpr Post Match Thread 1 - 0

    Why was kasper wearing our away kit?
  11. I think Onions is saying if they go into administration they would be deducted points?
  12. Is Was trying to eat knocky and break Nuge's neck in that celebration?
  13. jdmoore

    Potential January signings

    Yeah he is a dickhead, he went on a stag do in the summer in which Nuge also went, he was giving the big I am and had no respect, Nuge on the other hand bought all the drinks for the normal folk , he apparently admitted he was on stupid wages for what he does!
  14. jdmoore

    Potential January signings

    That was September though.